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First works

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Check out my first three photoshop works. They were made in 7.0 with all the basic stuff, so don't insult me.


Finally!!! Level 6!

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I'm finally level 6! And I've created my union. Sort of. I have to convince Vik and Brett to log on and join. Otherwise my union will never start. And that will stink.

The gamers here

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It seems that on most of the boards of this site (and GameFaqs, but that's the same board) I'm severely low on knowledge of the game. I guess the fact that I haven't beaten most of the games has a little effect on this, but even so, I find myself to be quite inferior. I'm only a real veteran on one or two boards. Also, generally when I say something on a board, the people that are extremely good at the game start throwing insults like crazy. Also, the abbreviations on some of the boards (e.g. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction) are quite hard to understand.