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Settings...are bugged!

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I seriously cannot, for the life me, remove that avatar. It's like a plague. Don't know how many times I've mashed that "Apply" button, and the link to the image magically shows up again. It's honestly getting to me. If I can't fix it, I'm starting a new account.

Hello fellows. New day today. Been awhile. I feel like I'm writing the same blog I wrote last...year.

Well, things haven't changed much. I've matured, that's for sure. I read through my blogs and reviews and I swear I just see a child. I'm 18 now, and my outlook on things have...bloomed. I was around 13 when I first joined Gamespot...

My love for games never changed. Grabbed a Vita and 3DS and love both to death. Been playing some Skyrim and Soul Calibur V on the ol' PS3. Replaying Persona 3: FES. I'm having a grand ol' time.

I guess I'll make a new account if I can't change any of my settings. New blank slate, like a rebirth. My friends are all probably gone. Anyway, I'll leave it at that.


Forget the new account, I got settings down. Guess I'll stick around with this. Ha.

I probably will just go through with that second account. Sorry. Add me if you want. New account is esgallad. Stupid name, I know.

June 7th ARGH!!

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I'm sure everyone is enjoying their last final days of school until summer (unless being tortured by exams and tests), and I bet a lot of you are already enjoying summer break. Though, for me, school will be starting at June 7th. The ironic thing is, E3 starts at June 7th as well, so go figure, I'ma miss a live stream. D:

Oh well, not much I can do. Anyway, just wanted to say level 31 yay~
And one more thing.

Not sure if you know, but it's been 2 weeks since I got my import I've been wanting for awhile. What was the import? Mother 3. It's Earthbound, basically for the GBA. I've been fighting through this game for quite awhile, and it's really an amazing game. I plan on writing a review of it soon once I finish the game.

Oh, and I also plan to do a speculation between Lucas in Mother 3, and Lucas in Smash Bros. Why? I don't know, just some things that struck me very interesting. Lucas in Smash Bros is actually my main, yet I barely had anything from him besides the fact he was from Earthbound. Watching him and his actions in Smash Bros, it made me import Mother 3 to learn much more from him. Though, is this small essay of Lucas something you guys wanna read? Tell me. :3

That's it for now I suppose.
Thanks lovelies. ;)

Reliving my childhood.

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About 2 years ago, the only time I probably go and turn on the T.V. was for my game consoles. I barely watch anymore T.V. since I feel like I don't need to anymore. Besides, I'd rather just watch cartoons if I was going to watch T.V.

So earlier today, my sister was flipping through channels and for a split-second, I saw a picture of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory, and immediately I yelled STOP and told her to go back.

Cartoon Network was showing Dexter again. From there, a lot of this nostalgic memories just came back as DeeDee pushed the red button to Mandark's "HA-HA-HA"

That wasn't the end of it. They started showing Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, First season of Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, and holy crap, there's even a Powerpuff Girls Z (I swear, look it up).

I remember I stopped watching T.V. right after they finally ended Fosters. And they showed that too. Just amazing.

Anything for you that brings back nostalgia? Doesn't have to be cartoons or games necessarily. I'm sure we get a lot of our nostalgia from games.

As always, thanks for the read my little bitty lovelies.

Judgement Day. Thoughts?

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So lately, there's been a buzz about May 21, or Judgement Day around here. Philippines is particularly heavy in religion and a majority of us Filipinos are Catholic. Anyway, I've noticed that Judgement Day is being tossed around here quite a many times. Almost every other billboard or poster I see says:


I was never one to ever believe in any of this, like 2012, thinking that the movie for that was mostly for eye candy than stating anything that has not already been said about the Mayans. For some reason, this is different. Almost everyone I have talked to about this subject, they all agree that Judgement Day will happen. It's gotten to the point where it was featured in the news here with pictures of burning homes and flooded houses. There were bringing in theories like why the earthquake happened in Japan, and the recent earthquake in Spain, I believe.

I wanted to ask for your thoughts. I understand if your not of Catholic or Christian descent, but I don't know. I'm like in the borderline of believing it, or not believing it. Do you believe in it? If you do, why? And vice versa if you don't. Thanks for the read lovelies. :)

It's super effective!

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I took the entrance exam at an international school and passed it with flying colors.~
Got myself a 95%. And that right there puts me in the highest degree of honor roll offered in school.
Signed up for Summer School, because it was required me being a new transfer out of the country and all.
Yessir, things are looking up to the brightside.

Anyway, on my free time, I should put up some reviews for games, since I covered tons of games during my absence.
Monsters you trap in airtight balls, Stories about ghosts, Some book that travels you back and forth in time, the list goes on and on and I shall put in some time for some reviews.

Oh, and today for some reason, I gave out tons of money. There is a lot of poverty around this country, and I couldn't help but offer some help for the ones less fortunate. I calculated about $100 in total I gave out. I feel all fuzzy knowing these people are able to eat tonight.

Anyway, that was my day. April 15th, 2011.

Oh, and my Photoshop skills seem to worsen as well. :P
I'm looking at the Black Rock Shooter theme I got going on, and I'm not as nearly good as I used to be.
I'll keep the theme for now. ;)
Take care lovelies.

Who the hell is this guy?

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Miss me? No? Great!

It's me again. D:
Save the boos and hiss for later. :D

But yeah, I think I'll come back to Gamespot, since I really nothing else to do up my alley.

I've been gone mainly for reasons unknown. Naw, I'll tell you.
I'm here at the Philippines! Yeah, folks wanted to stay here, so here we are.
Quite diverse here. It's like Uptown Run-downed New York. Only smaller.

Anyway, I'ma try to be a bit more active, as I really have nothing else to do.
It's still hilarious to go to instead of the usual.

Take it easy buddies.
Or people I can call buddies...

Could care less about the new releases.

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Black Ops or Brotherhood, I have no intention for getting any of them this year to be honest.
I don't know, I suppose First Person Shooters being released every other 4 months is not my thing.
Only thing I'm looking forward to is MVC3. Now, that I want.

Anyway, school has been pretty good. I'm keeping everything in there in hopes that all goes well.
Speaking of school and FPS, kids at school just won't let the hype for Black Ops die. Like, all I hear
is getting that last second kills and RC w/e cars.

Oh right, Happy Turkey everyone. :D
Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving and good luck to all of you beating the sales that Black Friday. XD

Before I leave, a good friend of mine jujuace84 has a GS account. He doesn't have much friends so I'm here helping him out everyway I can. Help out if you can too. Add him and JuJu will be a happy camper. Many thanks. :D

And in the Daylight, we could hitch hike to Maine...

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I went to go see Matt & Kim when they visited downtown San Diego. I have to say, they were quite amazing. They were really cool with the fans. Throwing out free shirts and all. I got a chance to go see them as they exited the House of Blues. It was quite surreal talking to them. I was shocked how humble and down to earth they are. I definately love them. :>

As for Gamespot, I really have nothing to say. Go find me in Facebook if you want. I really have nothing at all to say.
Uhm, what you all plan on doing on your weekend?

Me? I might grab a bottle of vodka and replay MGS4 on Extreme mode.

Oh right, that game was quite amazing. I know I'm 2 years late, but it was worth it. :D

What a relief!

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Phew, that was really really close.
Apparantly in this new school I go to hands out progress report every now and then. Just like a quick snapshot of your grades and where you are right now. I was completely worried about my grades were at right now, since many of my teachers docked me down points on assignments I never got a chance to do (because I'm a new transfer and all). My grades?

Physics A-
Computer Arts A+
Psychology B+
AP US History A
Calculus A
AP Literature A

Main reason why Gamespot has been in the bottom of my to-do list is working my butt off to maintain my grades. I am sorry really. D:

And it's funny how Curtis_Bundy asked to be the leader once more in the union. I know my leadership was only temporary, but I did little to nothing since I never was here. I bet Curtis was like, "GIVE IT BACK YOU SLACKER!" or something else along the lines.

Anyway, I'm off. Love to stay, really. But Physics test coming up tomorrow. Gotta study.
Junior year bawwwww! xD

First Baseball game and the FilAm Festival

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So today my uncle has invited me to go to the Padres game here in San Diego. I didn't really like America's favorite pastime so coming with fresh eyes might be something new for me. Turns out it was great. They also were celebrating the FilAm Festival (Filipino American Festival). Those who were Filipino got a free shirt and bobblehead. At the beginning of the game, the Jabbawockeez were supposed to perform, but unfortunately they weren't there. Instead, we get Leah Salonga, which is a famous singer at the Philippines. She was okay. I never really listened to her but nevertheless, was good. Then the game started, but unfortunately, Padres lost. It was great. Every corner, there were fans throwing punches at each other. Security seemed so exhausted by the end of the day.

I guess the whole point is that you should really try new things. It's just the many things to enjoy in life.