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New platinum trophies

Just got platinum trophies from skyrim and mass effect 2 after lots of gameplay hours. Also cleared Tokyo jungle 100%, there's just no platinum trophy in game.

As for movies I just watched the new batman movie few days ago, and I really liked it, overall awesome trilogy. Bane was pretty kick-ass and I really liked when he did that famous scene where he breaks bats spine. Guess I'll now have to play some arkham city riddler challenges.

Back from Japan

Well I'm back from awesome trip to Japan, visited lots of beautiful temples at tokyo,kyoto and osaka (and also nintendos hq and 6-floor game stores ;) ) and I also brought some games with me, like tales of vesperia for ps3, tokyo jungle and mobile suit gundam extreme vs. It is a little difficult to play these games since I don't understand or speak japanese, so if anyone knows how to unlock more animals at tokyo jungle please let me know.20120617199.jpg

Only in Japan

Bought bunch of psn games

I decided to buy some dlc games from psn for a change, so I ended buying megaman: maverick hunter x, nhl 3 on 3 arcade, capcom classic collection both reloaded and remixed and darkstalkers chronicle: the chaos tower.

I've always wanted to try out a darkstalkers game so I cant wait to try it out. Also the capcom collections seemed to have pretty good games included like strider, captain commando, the classic street fighters and many more. Then on top of that I downloaded remake of megaman x and nhl 3 on 3 arcade which I have played with my friends, it's just so simple and fun to play.

So now I have something to play for a while.

Got Final Fantasy XIII-2, Monster Hunter 3

I just bought Final Fantasy XIII-2 from gamestop, cant wait to try it out. I'm just not sure what to expect, wish they have improved some of the flaws in FF XIII like not getting gil after battles and the absence of free world-exploration (until the last part of the game).

Also about a month ago I showed monster hunter 3 to my friend (which I haven't played in a while) and he got the idea that it would be cool to play it together online. Since he doesn't own a wii-console, I called my cousin and he let us borrow his Wii. Then we found a cheap used monster hunter 3 and there you go: I now have two Wiis in my room and two mh3:s. And we have played A LOT. Almost every evening for couple hours and once a week for longer our play time after a month is about 90 hours. :shock: Maybe that's a bit too much for one game?

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone!

I just opened my presents and I got two awesome ones this year: Batman arkham city and Skyrim for PS3! Now I'll have to check them both and decide which game to vote for gamespot's game of the year-award.

Meanwhile I got my fifth platium trophy from dead nation, which was one of the games I chose after sony gave up those free games after the hacking incident. Also i'm just one trophy away for getting mass effect 2-platium trophy but I'll think i'm first gonna try these new games out.


Pre-order umvc3, battlefield 3

I just went to gamestop and pre-ordered ultimate marvel vs. capcom 3. Eventhough I was pretty mad when it was first announced just half-year after mvc3 was out, I decided that I could buy it if I'd get a good discount by selling the old mvc3 at the same time. Since ultimate-mvc3 was already being sold with a discounted price, after selling the old mvc3 in exchange and using my 10€ promotion-card which I got while buying Battlefield 3 few weeks ago, the total price of the new game was just 16 euros! Well, that deal is good enough for me.

Yeah I also bought Battlefield few weeks ago, great game eventhough made by swedish... However because of all the studying I haven't got much time to play it so i'm just a 13 level. The gameplay is nice and all those vehicles and destructible environment makes the game pretty awesome. Maps only support 24 players but that actually doesn't matter (well maybe in the biggest maps) because playing online is fun and works just fine even with only 24 players.

inFamous platinum trophy

I finally found all those damn blast shards and got mine fourth platinum trophy :) Previous three were from resident evil 5, assassin's creed 2 and tekken 6.

Bracket screwed, Whitebloodsun

Well that's it my bracket is done for, nobody left :( Just really hate that duck still being around....

I also noticed that Whitebloodsun's profile seems to be banned, so if he makes a new profile let me know and I'll add it back to my friend list.

Bracket so far

Well it's been two rounds and so far i have total of 43 points. I've lost 7 battles in both first and second rounds, that's not so bad for first round but in second round that means i lost almost half of battles.

It sucks that Issun (great sidekick, made all the best and funniest comments in okami) lost already in first round to Midna although my personal favourite is Tails, he's simply the definition of a sidekick. Also that damn cube eliminated Rush which was predictable since it got so many votes in pre-voting.

I'm sure gonna laugh if that dog really beats Luigi...

R.I.P lokomotiv yaroslavl

As you might know, just about hour later from my blog post about nhl 12, Russian khl-team lokomotiv yaroslavl's plane crashed killing the entire team and crew expect for one aboard. My deepest condolences to the victims and their families.

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