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DualShock for me

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I see no point to it. I go into each game that appeals to me knowing nothing but the name and the cover art. That journey of discovery is, be it experiencing the game first or trying to get into the developers head and observe the design later on, is a big part of my enjoyment

It's like when you were a kid and played a game for months and thought you knew everything, but still always had that sense of wonder throughout because of the inherent mystery a game presented. The Internet ruined this feeling for me because once you're here, you know everything is revealed in solid fact and all mysticism is gone instantly. Sure, you can restrain yourself from it, but still there's that subconscious thought that in the end you could always look up whether you're missing something or you're 100% complete. So yeah, you could say that we're all jaded in that sense i guess, but if you ask me, using the aforementioned approach works wonders in restoring that old sense in some capacity

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@BassMan said:

To dumb down the gameplay would be stripping away what makes these games so great in the first place. It would be taking away their souls. ;)

The games aren't "smart" to begin with. They simply rely on trial and error, rinse and repeat. The games aren't about skill (any more than most games), just the players threshold for abuse and their patience.

I hate it when Souls fans' act like they're better gamers than other players out there, and tell people to "git gud" and similar bull poop.

Once you get the hang of the mechanics and notice enemy telegraphs they really don't.

Where did you read these skill boasts? YouTube? Regardless, these games were never purely about excessive difficulty.

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I had the fortune of owning multiple systems to game on in my childhood, specifically PC, Megadrive, a bootleg SMS/NES and a bit later PS1.

Quake II, Redneck Rampage, Tomba 2, Tekken 3, Gunstar Heroes, Contra Hard Corps, Track & Field, Battle City/Tank 1990, Syphon Filter, Soul Blade, Diablo, original Prince of Persia, Another World, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Little Big Adventure, Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider... all have a nostalgic spot in my mind as a result (among some other games) although the PS1 stands out as that's the console on which I really started completing games.

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My MOBA days are over but I've had my share of great fun, and I definitely had the most fun with SMITE.
Loved the perspective, the theme and the slightly more challenging gameplay

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I like it a lot more now that a few days have passed since I initially beat it

I still think the second half of the game is better than the first, the level design improves significantly. I'm disappointed with the shift of focus from reckless melee to careful bait & kill gunplay and as a result a bit of the original game's spirit is lost because of this. I despised the Soldier/Hawaii levels, they brought the pace to a grinding halt and felt like a different game entirely; however, everything past them got progressively better and culminated with an fantastic final level. The soundtrack is once again excellent and matches the onscreen action and tone perfectly.

Overall, it's a game that I really like although I wouldn't consider it great, due to some questionable design decisions. It's definitely Hotline Miami, its soul remains intact thanks to the great presentation and excellent storyline faithful in theme and tone to the original

EDIT: My favorite character here gameplaywise was Tony, due to his one-shot punches. Storywise though, probably Richter or Pardo

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Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun
Warcraft: Lord of the Clans
Jazz Jackrabbit 3

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I dislike almost all BioWare games, so if you ask me it wouldn't have been such a pity.

I'm sure other devs would've had room to thrive, namely Piranha Bytes, Larian, Troika etc.

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Car Combat, definitely
Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 in particular