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Overview of the Rig

I am extremely happy with everything I have got for my pc and will be putting it together tomorow as the last parts arrive. The total of the pc comes to £785 around the same amount i spent a few months back on a pre built which had an i5 and 5770( I got lucky and it was faultyso got a refund)which goes to show if you put the effort in finding parts yourself (plus help from people on the site which i am greatly thankful for)you can build a much more powerful computer plus satisfaction of building it yourself. Specs- AMD Phenom II xBlack Edition 965- XFX 5870- Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4-Corsair XMS3 4GB - Corsair TX 650W ATX SLi - LG GH24NS50 24x DVD±RW. I will hopefully be adding another 5870 some time early next year. I will post pictures of the rig when complete.

And the rig is complete

Ok just ordered the last parts of my rig. Motherboard,psu,ram and dvd drive. Im very happy with everything i have got and think i have got a great deal on some of the components.

Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4

Corsair XMS3 4GB

The build of a Gaming pc

For a few months I have been thinking about buying a gaming pc. After consideration I have decided to build my own as it will be more cheaper and alot of more satisfying when complete. I am going to be building it up over the following months and will hopefully be done before christmas ready for The old republic next year and a whole load of other games shooters like arma 2 and rpgs etc.

Today i bought my first part. The case! Antect 902

£56Antec 902

Fallout 3

Let me start off by saying the main story line is short and sweet, its fun and kind of interesting but in my opinioun Fallout 3 is all about the side quests and exploration. I had countless hours just wondering the monsterous wasteland searching high and low for new weapons, npc's and hidden items.There are plenty of vaults,towns and other every day places such as super markets and houses to explore, with plenty of enemies ranging from huge super mutants the size of houses to your "run of the mill" outland raiders.The combat system is genious, the mix of open play shooting and being able to use the V.A.T.S system is brilliant. Want to slow an enemy down? Ok shoot his legs and watch him limp patheticly towards you while you line up a shot to the huge mutants head, then proceeding with one shot to take his head clean off. I found fallout to also be humorous in places as well as action packed exploration greatness. For example one side quest you end up getting high and engaging conversation with a talking tree who has a group ofpeople who worship it!Madness. Thens theres the DLC, Fallout 3 has 5 pieces of great dlc each with an additional 10ish hours gameplay including new quests,wepons and enemies to encounter. You can make your character your own with the great leveling system where you get to pick perks as you level and spend points in different sectors like strenght anf intelligence you can create and assassin like character where you can sneak about or to even a gun ho tank who carries mini nukes and rocket launchers. All in all fallout 3 is one of the best western rpgs out on the market today and the most fun i have had in a game this year.