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I regret transferring this from my DSi now. I could have had it on both systems now

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Only if it has a backlight, built in rechargeable battery and plays GBA games.

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Nintendo needs to kill the 'Wii' name from their next console for consumers to take notice of it and take it seriously.

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I don't think so. I'd rather stick to my 3ds for on the go gaming. Nintendo cannot compete with the giants. Plus they will obviously charge for their games and there are countless games for free on android and ios. Nintendo would fail miserably. Only their first party games will be worth it....and then again it will have to distributed digitally and we all know Nintendo cannot do online good yet.

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I have played and finished Brave Fencer Musashi on the PS1 and this Zelda is nothing like it. In fact both games are worlds apart

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Nintendo and their naming of their systems are a joke. As long as it doesn't have anything linking it to the Wii, it should be cool. Many people are still confused by the WiiU, and they should be. Nintendo should have called it something different and it would have been more successful.

I can only hope they will call their new console something cool, but I see something like Wii U Plus or Wii U Mii or something comical like that. Folks at nintendo has a weird since of humor.

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My question is about items because some of them are very valuable too. I heard you cannot transfer items to bank. Can anyone verify this?

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First time I entered the Lorule...I was like..shit this game is going to be hard, but after getting some more hearts, sword upgrade and tunic, the game became really too easy.