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NEXT GEN: Give us Digital Game Rentals!

By now everyone knows the deal with the Xbox One and PS4. There's no point in me ranting or reharshing what is/still being said because if you're reading this, you already know what's going on.

This blog is about one thing I would love to see on the next gen consoles; Digital game rentals.

Microsoft was heading in the direction of a total digital future with their console, but we all knew how that turned out. Since they cannot eliminate hard copy used game. Maybe they should implement a system of digital game rentals were we pay a set price for game for a certain period of time. The money we pay would go directly to the developer/publisher. Even Sony could adopt a system like this. It will make a lot of games accessible to a lot of gamers and we can all enjoy them for a fraction of the price instead of paying full retail to own a game. 

Adopting a system like this is a lot better than the elimination of used games, always online and only digital purchases. Not everywhere in the world has access to gamefly or those other game rentals stores. Having an online rental store will cause games to reach the masses and to be honest, I think developers will make a lot more money this way because sometimes people want a taste of the final game instead of some rubbish of a demo that plays nothing like the final product. Maybe even after the rental of the game, you can purchase the full version at a slightly discounted price. Think about this concept, it's a win-win for gamers.

Obviously some games will be worth full retail based on replayability and content, but let's be real here, we are all gamers and we've all purchased games at full price and then thought to ourselves "What the F*ck is this garbage. Did I just buy this $hit?"