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Gaming and Mobile purchases planned this Year

The year has now started, but I'm preparing for purchases I am going to make later in the year.

3DS - Budget $200 - Finally going to get one this year because of Pokemon X/Y. I have decided to go with the 3DS XL. I know how nintendo is with the redesign and upgrade of the hardware. I have also learned NOT to believe anything they say because last E3 Regi announced there will be NO resign of the 3DS, but, 3 days later the 3DS XL was announced, so this year, I am waiting until August or September before making my purchase because the new Pokemon game has a worldwide release in October

New Android OS Phone - Budget $200-300. I'm going with a mid-range device. I am very particular with the specs. At CES I saw a lot of mid range phones with the specs I want. Mainly Quad-Core, Tegra 3, 16/32 internal memory, expandable memory, must have gorilla glass, a large battery (over 2000mAh), the latest Android software and a screen size between 4-5 inches and less than 1cm in width. I currently have the Xperia Play and I am satisfied with it, but it's just an emulation device and it's clear to see, that's what it was create for because it excels at it. However phone features and performance really lacks...especially battery life which usually dies after 3-4 hours of Playstation gaming on the lowest brightness setting.

New Tablet - Budget $300-400. I currently have an Acer Iconia A200. It's a 1GH dual core, Tegra 2 device so performance isn't the best, but it's workable. The main reason I got this tablet was because it was affordable and has an actual USB port built into the system. I am unsure if I'll get another Android Tablet (obviously Tegra 3, Quad Core and 10 inches) or make a change with a Windows 8 tablet.