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Now for my E3 '10 rant

Now that E3 is over time for a little rant.

Firstly the press conferences

Microsoft - Crap. The worst I've seen from them. Hardly anything we didn't know already. Kinect is a cool concept, but the games don't appeal to me at all. Gears 3 and Halo Reach looked decent but that's about it

Nintendo - Great. They redeemed themself from past conferences. Zelda and Metroid looked great, but the show stealer was obviously the 3DS and its line up of games

Sony - Great. Killzone 3 looked cool, but what really took the spotlight was Twisted Metal. I could care less for the 3D games but their motion control games looked a lot better than Microsoft.

Overall winner: Nintendo followed by Sony and then Microsoft.


Now my top 5 E3 picks. The list was long, but I cut it down.

5. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
4. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
3. Mortal Kombat
2. Dead Space 2
1. Twisted Metal

I'm back...kinda...

I'm kind of back on the site. I will be around a lot during the E3 week, much like I used to be long ago. Then I'll vanish again.

What I've been up to lately?

Went and saw Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. It was surprisingly a good movie. Not perfect, but I did enjoy it. I've been forced to look at the first two Twilight movies because most of my friends are crazy about the saga and they are planning a massive gathering on June 30th when the third movie opens...meh

I finished Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper after a few weeks of playing. It was an okay game, but the puzzles were ridiculous. You can simply get stuck for hours on them. I had to choose between two great games to play next, Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption. I went with Alan Wake and I'm not disappointed. I'm only like an hour or two into the game though...

My novel is going along fairly good. If you want to know what it's about read my last blog entry. I'm now up to 40,000 words and I'm a turning point in the storyline. I can take it in two possible directions: focus heavy on character development with a romantic side story or I could just dive into the main storyline and start up some political conflict that would lead to a war. I'm still not sure where I'm going to take it.

I hope I wasn't forgotten

It's been well over a month since my last blog so I decided it's time I break the drought and take a little time to say what I've been up too lately.

When I first joined GameSpot way back in 2003, I was working on a novel. I actually came up with the ideas and started working on it originally as comic way back in 1997 when I started high school. The ideas eventually evolved and I switched medias. I worked on the novel now and then throughout the years just plotting out some stuff or jutting down ideas, but I did no major work on it. At the beginning of this year, almost 7 years later, I decided to revive it and get serious.

I've been hard at work re-working everything from the ground up, basically starting from scratch. I am very proud to say that the month between my last blog and this one; I made a huge progressive leap with it. I set myself a goal; 50 000 words (which should give roughly 200 pages). Today I managed to cross the halfway mark and hit 30 000 words but that may not be the half way mark for my novel, but a half way mark for my goal because I have yet to reveal the major plot and I'm still working on the events that would lead up to it. Overall I have a strong feeling I would hit somewhere between 80 000 to 100 000 words

So you may be wondering, "What's the novel about?"
In short: It's a fantasy/suspense saga (yes there will be more than one book) about the gods and their politically unstable rulers. A senior manipulative god defected and started a revolt against the established democratic system causing a war to break out among the gods.

I don't consider myself an author of any kind. I just want people to read about my ideas and fall in love (or hate) with the characters I create. One thing I'm stressing on heavily is character development. I don't think I will blog with any further updates on my novel until I'm finished with the re-written first draft. I'm aiming to complete it by the end of July and touch up everything else by the end of August.

Splinter Cell: Conviction completed

I got Splinter Cell Conviction yesterday and I finished the game today. I wasn't expecting to finish the game that fast, but it was pretty straight forward once you get the hang of the gameplay. It was a short but awesome experience. I spent somewhere between 5 to 10 hours on the main storyline.

For those who played past Splinter Cell games, this one wasn't totally different, it was just an update of the series. The stealth was toned down and the action gun fights were more frequent. Stealth was still the best way to play the game, but you can still go in guns blazing and survive. Two major changes you'll notice is Sam moves a lot faster and you can no longer pick up or move bodies. The executions and interrogations were sweet! And the visuals were some of the best I've seen on the Xbox 360. This game may not be worth the full price tag, but it's a well deserved 5 to 10 hours of gameplay

I also noticed GameSpot doing some changes. I really don't care but all I have to say for now is 'meh'

Happy Birthday to me!

I actually forgot today was my birthday. I woke up this morning and was reminded by my mother. If I had remembered I would have taken the day off because I have to work this evening...oh well, I'll save my birthday party for weekend coming


How old am I? 25. Quarter a century. Yea!

I guess I'm not the only one!

I wrote up a review for Final Fantasy XIII. Then I browsed other user reviews on GameSpot and I was surprised to see quite a number of users who shared almost the same or identical opinions I had about the game. I have do some minor editing to the review later today or in the week (depends on how my time flow) but the score will remain the same.

Major Nelson's Gamertag got hacked. Serves that ****er right let him deny the hacking problem all he wants now! Maybe this will be wake up call microsoft needs to secure Xbox live accounts. As a paranoid precaution, I removed my GT from the every site I use. The last thing I would want is to loose it again.

I've also started playing Deadly Premonition. I have to admit for budget title, I'm actually enjoying this game despite it's major flaws :?

In order to recover from Final Fantasy XIII, I'm hoping to start Resonance of Fate or Eternal Sonata soon.

Surprises and disappointments of 2010 (Q1)

With so many hyped anticipated games failing or turning out average/mediocre, I decided to do this blog highlighting some of the great games as well as disappointments of 2010 so far. Depending on how many games I play, I may do this quarterly. There are still quite a number of hyped titles, Alan Wake and Splinter Cell comes to mind, but let's just hope they can live up to expectations.

These are only the games I've played from start to finish since 2010 started

Superb Games

  • Bayonetta - First new game I played of 2010 and it blew me away. This game set the bar for future releases and is clearly a strong GOTY 2010 contender

Almost but not quite

  • Bioshock 2 - Great game, but it's too much like the original and that is both a good and bad thing
  • Mass Effect 2 - Another great game, but it plays more like a shooter rather than RPG. Most of the RPG elements from the first game were removed and there is less replay value than the original.
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Another sweet game, but it lacked the intensity of Modern Warfare 2.
  • Sonic and Sega Racing - Not into cart-like racing games, but this game was lovely and a lot of fun both by yourself and with friends

Missed by a mile

  • Final Fantasy XIII - Huge disappointment. The most linear RPG I ever played. This game was a de-evolutiuon of the Final Fantasy series and not worth it.
  • Dante's Inferno - Started off superb, but mellowed down considerably towards the end
  • Alien vs Predator - Alien & Predator campaign was okay but the marines was garbage. Overall a huge disappointment
  • Dark Void - Another huge disappointment. Repetitive, poor controls, ugly graphics, horrible AI, almost zero story, very easy. The worst I've played for 2010 so far.

Finally completed Final Fantasy XIII

I finally finished up the storyline in Final Fantasy XIII. Overall I clocked about 75 hours. The first time I reached the final battle was around the 50 hour mark and I was demolished by the second to last boss. I took some time after that and upgraded my weapons and accessories as well as max out all my characters main roles. I also did quite a bit of the missions but eventually some of them got too dificult and I needed to beat the game so I can continue to upgrade the characters (you only unlock Lv 10 upgrades after you beat the final boss)

Overall the game was good, but it was still a huge disappointment for me. I really want to do a review for it and I will have to find the time to do it in the next few days. I really don't know if I will continue playing the game now and attempt the other missions, because the game is now a grind for stats and that severely takes away from actually enjoying the game. I had intentions of 1K-ing this game, but like I said before, I hate stat grinding.

Other games I plan to play soon:

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Metro 2033
  • Resonance of Fate
  • Deadly Premonition
  • Pokemon SoulSilver (NDS) - I actually started playing this already. I'm about 4 hours in.

Final Fantasy XIII not up to the hype

I haven't been online much lately and to make things any worse, I managed to get Final Fantasy XIII over the weekend.

I didn't get the full package of course. I was just able to borrow the first 2 discs for the Xbox 360 version from a friend who does game reviews for a local newspaper. I still have to wait after the 9th to get my copy but my anticipation for the game has calmed down.

I'll get straight to the point. I have mixed feelings about the game and it wasn't what I expected.

I completed the first disc in just over 9 hours and that includes fighting everything at least once and looking at all the cutscenes and movies. I'm currently in the second disc where you get access to all the team members and you're finally able to build your team...and this is about 25 hours into the game.

The game so far is extremely linear. You cannot possibly get lost. All you really have to do is press forward. Even the cities are structured in the same linear pattern. You just have to pass through.

Visuals are excellent and the combat and power up system are simple to learn however the combat gets a little repetative after some time using the same team. The majority of the early game, your team is split into 3 groups and you control 2 members at a time. One exhausting part was the start of the second disc. The dungeon just keep going and going with the same pair and no end in sight, this for me was the most repetative part of the game.

Storyline is intact and excellent so far although you'll be confused at the beginning of the game, things are explained as you progress. So far the game is more like an interractive movie with RPG elements.

Almost here

Less than a week until Final Fantasy XIII is released...yeah! I honestly cannot wait. I even have some sick days reserved and I will be taking after the play Final Fantasy of course (unless I actually get sick :P)!

Then just a few days after Final Fantasy 13 there are two other RPG/stratagy: Resonance of Fate & Supreme Commander 2 These three games will probably keep me occupied for quite some time...or at least up until the summer :P

The above games are just for the Xbox 360. If I had a PS3, I'd have to add Heavy Rain and God of War 3...those two games look sweet! Makes me wish I had more time to game these days or I would buy a PS3 just for those two games!