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Nobunaga's Ambition

I leveled up today to Level 15 "Nobunaga's Ambition". I finally passed 4000 posts and got 170 friends. I also beat Kingdom Hearts on Beginner Mode in 25 hours. I'm trying to beat it in Standard now and I'm almost done with Standard. I also have Spring Break next week, April 10 - April 14. Now I'm trying to get to Level 16.

Kingdom Hearts II !!!!

I finally got Kingdom Hearts 2 !! I've been waiting for this game for one year !! I also got the guide which is kinda big . I am on the 4th day now and I am Level 5. This game is really great !!

I'm a Ring KING!

I leveled up to Level 14 "Ring King" today. I achieved many things while I was level 13. I got my 3000 Post! I also got 155 friends ! I also got promoted to officer to several unions. And while I'm Level 14, I hope to reach my 4000 post. This week Kingdom Hearts II is coming out, which I am really excited about. I am getting it either on the 28th or 29th. If I can't get it on either of those days, then I'll get it on the 31st ! I really can not wait for this game. I also can't wait for Final Fantasy XII, I think it's gonna be a great game.

I'm Toobin' !!

I leveled up to Level 13 " Toobin'" today. It took about 8 days. Now on to level 14. I currently have 13 friends and 2461 posts. I am still accepting friend requests even though it doesn't say so in my sig. I also got a couple of new games this week. My little brother got Sonic Riders and I played it for a while. It's kinda hard and kinda fun. And I'm about to get Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence tomorrow. I saw that GS gave it a 9.0 and I hope it will be as good as GS says.

Level 11 !!

Oh yeah !! Today I leveled up on Gamespot. I am now a Level 11 " Atomic Punk " ! It's been 49 days since I've made an account and I'm now a Level 11.

Which Resident Evil monster are you?

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The Resident Evil Monster Test
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