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My X360ELITE... Officially died :(

RROD stroke the poor thing when i was playing my favourite Arcade game... My warranty expired on the 22nd and yesterday was the 26th so you know how bad i must feel right now:P


Guess I'll just stick to my good old PS3...

I'm officially 56K-free and back home!

Hi! It's been two months since i last posted a blog here, because i didn't have enough time (Exams arent' easy that's for sure...) to do anything!!:( But now exams are over, i'm back home (ItalyFTW!) and i'm using high-speed!!:D:D!

I came back last night to tell you the truth,but i was too exhausted to even turn my pc on...anyways,i'm fine now and hope you can forgive me if i was a bit absent during these last 2 months.

BTW, when i was in the airport i brought MGS4! (I was also planning to get GTAIV but they were out of stock....... guess i'll get it either tomorrow or in a few days). MGS4 is by far one of the best games i've ever played, and makes me feel like the real NEXT-GEN has just started!! I'll be writing a review after i finish it.

Anyways i'm glad to be back,and hopefully i'll go through different experiences other than going to foreign countries, because it's really tiresome to leave your comfy home a lot...oh well, atleast i'm chilling here, for about 2 solid months so who cares about the future right?

EDIT: I've also changed my Banner, avatar and Signature! What do you guys think? O_o

"TeH Slow InterNetZ" : The Last Chapter

Well,Spring break is over, so i'm back in Iran again,so that i can finish my studies for the next 2 months. I came back last night, Aril 2nd to be exact. This is the last time though, because hopefully in the summer i'll come back for good. Well, i'm still going to be using the dreaded slow 56K connection:cry:...but hey,its better than not having Internet at all right...right?

Here are some pictures i took of Iran during this week!!

Hi ppl!:D

I've just uploaded 10 new pics of Iran,which i took with my cell-phone this week,since some of you wanted to see'em on my last blog.
BTW,i'm sorry if they're kinda small...i had to reduce their size so that i could upload them (connections over here are slow:cry:)

Here are some pics of a park i went to on monday:

View from my house:

Other pics:

My kitty!!

That's all for today folks,i'll try to send some more in the coming weeks.Don't forget to comment:wink: i'm in...Iran??!

Hello friends,its been a long time since i could finally post something here on GameSpot...

well i guess some of you have been wondering where i ran off to,well...its a pretty long story,so i'll try and shorten it up for you guys.
So all of a sudden i wake up and my dad tells me he has some company work to do outside of Italy (The country in which i live)
and decides to take me and my mother with him...they didnt really tell me where we were going,fearing that i would freak out and not come with them!

So,Here i go and change school again,an italian school...but in Iran!:shock:
Well i'm still in Iran right now,but until 2 weeks ago my enternet speed was as slow as 28.3 freaking Kbps!!!
so i couldnt do anything but visit the site to get my level up
and recruit some users for my union...but recently i switched to 56k,which is a bit less slower and allows me to write blogs and posts
on forums,although its hard for me to post pictures,and i cannot upload videos...

BTW,i gotta say this country ain't that bad,the company my dad works for got us a fancy house in the rich district of the capital and plus with the change i euros we also got a 64 inch tv to play my X360 and PS3 with (too bad i can't go online with them here)
I'll return on March (High-Speed FTW!:D),as for a vacation which i don't remember the name of now...

BTW,enough of me...How are you guys doing?

I can't send random connection's too slow:cry:

Just got Assassin's Creed! Here's what i think of this game...

So yeah,i woke up yesterday and decided to buy this game...and i gotta say i'm glad i did,this game is well worth the 60$:) Here's a small review showing the Pros and Cons of this game:

+ Amazing technical lay-out,letting you climb and jump through roof-tops and buildings easily.

+ Huge detailed world consisting of three main cities connected though deserts and roads.

+ Gorgeous graphics and gestures.

+ Sweet Soundtrack and voice-acting featuring full lenght voices for all characters.

- Great story only to be ruined by the confusing beginning of the spoilers,but still:cry:

- No Fullscreen setting! I hate widescreen!! The two black stripes always makin me dizzy...

- A few glitches here and there,but nothing serious.

I gave this game a score of 9.3 (Go below to my rantings to see it)

So there you have it folks,i hope this review has helped a bit:)


Never bow!

Always strike first :lol: