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I agree with you but thanks to torrents and wise friends I know where to spend my money. In this terrible economy we must support only games that are worth it.

You should check out reviews to get a first imperession but only trust what other gamers say about games not the reviewers. Especially the ones in mainstream media. None of them are in touch with reality.

The 6.3 the gaming community gave this game is the correct score. I hope you will be more careful from now on.

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Sounds like someone is mad he can't beat the game.
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You can tell the GOW series has fallen from grace when you see posts like this.

Surely, a true GOW game deserves a much better troll than this sad sack of crap.

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Thinking there might actually be a link between this story and demon's souls. The lady in it looks like maiden in black, and at 1:05 it looks like the mouth of the old one. Call me crazy.RubiksGenius


She looks nothing like the Maiden in Black. She is probably the new Astraea/Rhea we are going to be forced to kill in the end. And that looks like a cave. The mouth of the Old One was huge not to mention his body.

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Unless you are in NG+ you will not see any change. Those Black Phantoms have tons of health and can 1 shot kill you.
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Maybe you should let Netherrealm know I think they would love it! I hope the fact Cole is in SFXT won't affect Sony's decision.
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@istuffedsunny Good to know! But what PC can run it flawlessly without being an overkill?
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Cyprus (but I can import)


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Hello everyone,

I want to build a desktop powerful enough to seamlessly record PS3 gameplay in 1080i (through component cable). I will also use Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects to edit those videos.

So far I have bought Hauppauge's HD PVR recorder but my knowledge on PC hardware is limited so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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If it ain't broken don't try to fix it.