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I want to return to reviewing.

Hey Guys,

Long time since I have been on my GS profile. I miss this kind of stuff so I might as well get back into it. I want to do a few reviews on here and I have quite a few games to review to since my departure of Gamespot. I also have been using IGN and Kotaku for my gaming news so it will take a while to get back into the community. I see that some of my friends from years back have not deleted me so that is good to see.

As for changes since then, I got a new Wii since my old one bricked last year. It is a shiny black one now with none of downloadable games on it, unfortunately. However, the year was also good because a new system has joined my family finally: Nintendo 3DS! I love this new portable device that Nintendo has made, especially the new circle pad on it and the 3D mode that I enjoyto play in.In 2010, The newonly newest addition to the collect was a swipe out of Xbox 360s, from the old whiteone to the slim Xbox 360 with the Kinect.

I am still updating mycollection of games so I can be aware of what I got and also so people can check out my currect game collection. I will also work on some reviews, too.

Until next time


Hey look, it's still here!

Hello Everyone,

woah, pretty sweet to see this profile is still ticking. I love that feeliong of coming back the old to see what's what. So, what has been up for me? Not too much, working on games still, but focusing more on school and work than on my hobby. I will probably go ahead and update this beauty, especially since it connects to facebook now...sure, people hate how everything is doing that now, but heck, that's awesome in my book :P



It's Back

Hello everyone,

My Xbox 360 returned on thursday, Sept. 11 in fine condition. It runs smooth and even has a slightly quieter engine to it. I played a few games on it before returning to my PS3, which I need to finish a few games on before going back to Xbox 360.

Welcome back, Xbox 360

Dark Sector (PS3) Impressions

During the summer months, I was in Target looking through the clearance video games when I spotted Dark Sector for a rather fair price of $19.98. Now, I know the game is generally findable at this price, but this was a new shrink-wrapped copy of the game, so I figured it was a wiser idea to purchase it that way. Besides, I had not purchased a new Playstation 3 game in what seemed like months. For those wondering, no, I did not get Metal Gear Solid 4 as I am not a fan of that series. anyways, I have been working through this game rather slowly as I only pop it in once and a while.Not because I am working on countless other games, but because it actually gets a little boring after an hour.

Dark Sector is pretty much Russian take on Resident Evil 4. You got the zombie-like enemies, the infected giants, an over-the-shoulder camera, a storyline that is no where near clear in the beginning, and the game is seperated into chapters. However, this game does a ton of tinkering to the RE4 formula, with the ability to aim and walk, plus the glaive adds a new level to both combat and puzzle-solving. The glaive is the tri-bladed throw weapon that you get very early in the game, and automatically takes over as the most important tool in your-inventory.

Of course, why you get the glaive is not very clear. You see,you get infected when you fight this bad guy, who appearently is a traitor. However, the infection doesn't completely take you over, only your arms is effected. Your arm is what sprouts the glaive then. The best part about this is that as soon as you get it, you are like a god at precision with it and you also can throw it really fast. So, apparently, the infection gives people super-powers, but at the same time, kills them. Sounds almost like...every made-up infection ever created in games. So, that leads to why this game gets me bored: The storyline is non-existant so far, yet what does exists, is really dull.

So, yea, it is pretty easy to understand why Dark Sector was passed by, which is a shame since I was looking forward to playing this someday. I will get to the ending of this game at some point since the screenshots of later parts of the game seem to show a more interesting story coming up. Maybe my opinion will get an overhaul later, who knows. As for now, I would say get it on 360 for some easy achievements. (I keep unlocking in-game achievements on PS3 and I don't know how...)



Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (PS3) impressions

Hello Everyone,

So, I got Mercenaries 2: World in Flames on Playstation 3 yesterday, and I have to say, the developers really didn't do anything different with this sequel. The title features barely anything new outside of location since Mercs took place in North Korea during the fall/winter period, while Mercs 2 takes the series to Venezuela, a very hot tropical setting.The other change is in story, which features a slightly deeper plot thanks to the characters actually having ,er, character.

Besides the location change and a slightly deeper story, Mers 2 plays identically to the original, all the way down to were there is no new game mechanics. Yep, no cover system, now difference to cars exploding, no new weapon system, nothing. The only difference I can think of is supply drops and airstrikes now cost money and oil, instead of just money. Also, you can now have your helicopter pilot steal supplies that you tag in combat and smoke out for him. But really, they don't do anything different from the original Mercs since they are only additions, rather than tinkerings in gameplay. Sure, they added that button mashing game for stealing vehicles like helicopters and tanks, but really, everybody has to add that somewhere in there game these days...

However, the game is still rather enjoyable once you get past how undifferent it is and truly look at it for what it is: Mercenaries in HD. Everything you loved about the first Mercs(the explosions!) returns with more color and more effect.The music also got a nice upgrade of tropical sounds,but it still has that Mercs feel to it, and the characters mentioning their exploits in North Korea is also a nice touch.

Overall, the game is alright so far, but I probably would not reccommend a purchase to those who haven't played the original and loved it. Maybe when it gets to that sweet spot of $30, then I would dish out the dough, but other than that, this is pretty much a skip for the holiday season.




This final one is for Tiggerboy

Yea, they aren't that great, but hey, I was bored so sue me...

Alone in the Dark Contest Winner

Hello everyone,

despite last blog's very grim news, I am happy to say that I finally recieved my contest winnings from Blog Critics. To clarify:

(Click to Enlarge)

The image above is a screenshot of the winning page with a quick edit from me.:) I was super happy to have won this game since A) winning a contest is awesome and B) I would never spend over $20 on this game. Anyways, here is what I won:

So, yea, now I just Xbox 360...

It finally happened...

So, I was playing The Simpsons Game on my Xbox 360, when all of a sudden, it freezes. I turn my Xbox 360 off, and when I boot it up, my fears are realized:

It has three red lights. The moment every Xbox 360 owners fears to happen everytime they turn it on. It is a horrid symbol of disgust and frustration. The moment you see it, you started to have many images in the brain, such as that dreaded call to Xbox support, where they put you on the line with alex, a computer that never seems to understand what you are talking about. After getting through to him, he puts you on the line with an Indian guy who, no offense, doesn't speak english very well, especially for a telephone conversation. He also never spells your name correctly, so you go over the spelling like 15 times with him until he finally gets it. Then you repeat this step with your address, serial no., and so on. Once all is said and done, the only thing you have left is an empty space on your shelf...

(Image quality brought to you by Motorola V3m)