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ShenlongBo's Back!!

Soooooo, this news is late sinking in, despite the fact that I found comments from him on my blog last week. Hooray! I couldn't be more exciteder! Everyone should go read his blog over and over so he feels special and doesn't go away again.

Seriously guys, get moving!

So, it's been a while.

I haven't been dead or sleeping or hanging out with cool real world friends I'm too mean to share with you guys (:P). I've been frantically applying for everything in sight that looks like it might be a law school.

Ever since October's LSAT things have been kind of up in the air, am I applying this year? Am I applying next year? A financial obligation came up that I had absolutely no way of clearing on my own, and that put the brakes on pretty firmly and I had kind of set aside the idea of applying this year... but then things cleared up (aka, my dad decided it was important enough to step in and keep me from drowning in my own insolvency).

And the long and short of it is, I am now officially a law school applicant. I'm hoping someday soon I will be able to say I'm a law student...

That day is not yet. :P

But now that the stress of the actual applications, the chasing down transcripts and birth certificates, the prodding of scatterbrained philosophy professors who are dawdling on writing letters of recommendation, the composing and recomposing and re-recomposing of application essays is over, you should see me around here a little more. At least I hope. ;)

A Very Merry UnBirthday to Me

And thank god it's over. 26 wasn't a birthday I was particularly looking forward to, but something about the actual event was... well to say it was a letdown would at the same time be an overstatement (wasn't expecting anything) and an understatement (was a complete and hideous drag).

Cleaned my room so my landlord wouldn't see how disgusting it was when he came to work on the furnace today, then worked all day at the office. The day was freezing cold... drove home in the sleet to an empty house, a few friends dropped by briefly, then I watched TV on the DVR and went to bed. Whoo.

So I'm 26 now, officially the age my mother was when she was finished with having all her children. Officially the age that my teen-years mentor finally gave up and got married. Officially more than halfway through my twenties - the decade in which I'm supposed to figure it out and become an adult. *twiddles thumbs*

Alright, so I have a few mental issues to work through. :P The last few days have been kind of miserable on their own, without all this birthday fuss layered over the top. Things with my landlord are not what one would call ideal, my personal life is (as usual) somewhat wrecked, and the everpresent financial crisis is still with me.

And finally, to add insult to injury at work today I had to quote infertility benefits (I work for a health insurance company) to a woman younger than I am! Way to feel young!

Feeling Blah

There's nothing more depressing than realizing the most promising guy you've met in years by now is probably dating a woman who is twice his age instead of you.

Well, there are possibly a few things more depressing. But I'm having trouble coming up with any just now.

Gas Under $2! Hurrah hurrah!

My budget has just been gifted with an additional 40 bucks or so this month, by virtue of gas prices dropping like a rock. On the fourth of July when gas peaked at $4.26 here I don't even know what it cost to fill my tank, because I honestly couldn't afford to try it out. At this time last month it cost me $40 bucks to fill my tank. Friday when gas was $2.16, I filled it from fumes to fullfullfull for $29.

Now that it's dropped to $1.97 it'll be even a little less! You know that's a cumulative drop in less than six months of $2.29! Incredible.

This is a huge relief. Long may it continue.

Wikipedia and Conversations with Shenlongbo

So this has been an interesting week. My roommate (as I'm sure you've all heard until you're ready to vomit) is in medical school, and last night was her white coat ceremony. It's basically an intro to the medical profession where they're ceremonially presented with the white coats they'll be wearing on their clinicals and other such doctory events. It's a BIG DEAL and so I dressed myself up and went to it. It must be very meaningful to the participants, but to everyone else it was very much like a college graduation: long, pompous, and boring.

On my way home after the gala (which lasted until ten or so, then there was a reception and drinks) I was so darn tired that I called up Mr. Shenlongbo since he lives a few timezones west of here and I was pretty sure he was awake. I needed a good conversation to keep myself from falling asleep. Fortunately, he wasn't busy and as we often do we were soon having a lovely chat about grammar.

I'm a grammar nerd.

Anyway, let me run this by you and see if you find it as silly as Shen and I did. Apparently there's a new part of speech in use by the US military... or rather, a new name for an old part of speech. Remember those things called adverbs? You know, the ones that often end in -ly and give a more precise flavor to verbs? Yeah, those. Apparently the term "adverb" is too difficult to understand, since they've been redubbed "modified verbs". Modified verbs!? wtf? I could see modifiers of verbs, since that is after all what adverbs do... I could see modified adjectives even, since if you take off the -ly suffix most adverbs become adjectives. I'm not sure how you could spin "quickly", "neatly", or even "expeditiously" into verbs of any kind--modified or otherwise. Bah. Silly military.

In other news, it's been pointed out that one of my reviews is quoted on Wikipedia! :D I feel like a fancy pants reviewer... like someone who gets paid, but without the paid part. See here, here, and here. You know you wanna.

Back from Eastern Mass

...I've been informed that Boston is something of a misnomer as I was in fact going to a location in the Greater Boston Area but not Boston itself. So indeed, I have returned from Eastern Massachusetts.

The LSAT is over and done with and it's back to the same old same old of daily life. Hopefully that means I'll be showing my face around here a lot more. I've missed it in my rush to study. I've also been working two jobs while studying, so that takes up a fair amount of time even now that the test is over with.

For those of you who'll be curious, I don't get scores back on the test for a few weeks... 4-6 to be imprecise. I feel pretty good about how I did. There weren't any questions I was completely at a loss on and I didn't leave any sections unfinished, so I'm hoping I did pretty well. We'll find out I guess.

I did have a pretty hard time finding my car after the test. Boy does that make one feel like a dunce! :P

Well peoples, how's the week been for all of you?

Last Week Before LSATS

If you don't see much of me in the next week or so, just know I'm bent over a book somewhere with my brains cramping in my head.

Taking the LSAT on Saturday and then going to Boston to blow off steam on Sunday. Should be back to normal normal on Monday or so...

Wish me luck!!