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I love this series, but you should definitely start and play in order because I think the first one is still the best. If you don't like the first, then you don't really have to keep going.

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My preview will go up tomorrow, and yes, it's coming out September 14 so very soon!

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It's the internet... it's full of people who have nothing better to do. :P

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I wrote a preview about it here.

I actually really enjoyed it :) It's like a mix of Pokemon, Spectrobes and Dinosaur King.

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I would just play V. You don't really have to go in order anyway, and V is more interesting and easier to get into.

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Cool! This was pretty fun when I played it at TGS :)

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Megaman games are repetitive and the graphics are so outta date...From what they wrote, it doesnt look like htey totally screwed up. If u like the game, then sure go ahead and like it, who cares about ratings -_- it's someone's opinion, so why u trippin?


Well, its simple. If they give it low reviews, some people will avoid buying it, which means less sales and which means that there will be less chance of sequels. See where i am getting at?

You're assuming that everyone who purchases a game will actually read a review beforehand and be influenced by it. A lot of people read reviews, but not everyone makes their decision based on it.