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This was just added, and I haven't made an announcement yet as we're still putting on the finishing touches. Unfortunately this is US only (sorry everyone else!) Don't be alarmed when it disappears for the month of E3, you can bookmark the link now if you want to listen to it.

After E3 I will talk more about it, but for now, enjoy! :)

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Im sorry i have to vent about this im so ****ing mad

i loved Jody. for YEARS i lovd jody. and now I find out shes going out with some actor. she did a feature on the 3ds and it was just like i kept asking her to do and i was SO HAPPY. but now this. Its like a stake through my heart. SHE WAS MY EVERYTHING and now i find out shes going out with some guy. WHAT DOES HE HAVETHAT I DONT? HUH? NOTHING. i sent her messages again and again, no reply. i dedicated blog entries to her, NOTHING. and now i know why. i really really thought she was different from all those other girls but now i see she isnt

girls are all the same,just out for ****ing money and ****

whos with me


Wait, who's that guy? How come I haven't met him yet?!

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Yes when you beat the game, you unlock the story content from the first game but with the updated gameplay mechanics and overworld.

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Are you in the US? There are currently deals on amazon for Heavy Rain, I've seen it get to like $40. So you'll be saving some money there... if you don't mind waiting, prices of games will always drop within a year.

But like everyone's been saying, HR is a wonderful and totally different experience that is worth it completely. But there is very little replay value. LBP2 on the other hand if it's just as good as the first, you'll have a blast for many more hours. So it depends on what you find worth it... the amount of time, or the quality?

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This was fun :) we'll have to try to beat the computer again :p
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The first Gears is a bit harder, and they toned down the difficulty in casual for the second. It's a lot of fun though, if you can, have a friend play with you coop! It makes it much easier and more entertaining I think :)

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What? you guys don't want to play some random racing games in SC2? Or Centipede? (that custom game was pretty fun btw)


I'm up for any kind of multiplayer match. I suck so I'll need someone else to protect me ^_^ 

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What's his name? I spoke with Russell Brower so I'm assuming he worked on his team?

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The score is just a number, and it fell under the category of "good." But read the text, and if you want what you like in there, then this game could be a 10 for you. It's definitely worth playing for any Golden Sun fan, just don't expect anything ground breaking :) It's a solid and fun game.