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If my characters are gonna be deleted over and over, can't they at least give me the option to skip that intro? I mean, *beep* dude.

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 Joel sacrifices the human race to save Ellie, lies to her about it, Ellie's crushed that it was all for nothing, and then she accepts the lie even though she knows on some level Joel is full of crap. Would you like to see more of Joel and Ellie? Or a new scenario with new characters? Personally I've grown attached to Joel and Ellie(mostly Ellie tbh) and I wanna see what happens with them next. Give them a trilogy and then switch to new characters as I think this universe has a lot of stories to be told.

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Do they have behind the scenes videos on regular copies of the game or only on the special edition? Because I haven't found any of them and I got the regular edition.

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Ocelot's voice actor sounds so familiar to me. Anyone have any ideas of who it could be?

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Seems like everywhere I look, all I see is people yelling and crying over David Hayter not voicing Big Boss this time around. As someone who has played and loves the MGS series, I have no problem with David Hayter not playing Big Boss. Love him as Solid and Naked Snake, but he should have been gone after Guns of the Patriots. Furthermore(bring on the hate, if you haven't already) I'm excited that Kiefer Sutherland is playing Big Boss in Phantom Pain. 

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Who do you think it would be? I only ask because(I don't remember exactly where) I heard in an interview with Rockstar that you would/could be able play as the villain. I remember the last time I heard this was when Heavy Rain was coming out and when you played it,spoiler alert, it turned out to be none other than one of the four main characters, Scott Shelby. I really hope Rockstar doesn't pull this, because I really like Michael, Franklin, and Trevor so far. And I would hate to have to kill one of them at the end of the game.

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I'm gonna have to say Michael. He's like if Robert De Niro's character from Heat went straight. I love it.

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Lets say you and a friend buy a PS1 classic that has two player on it. Can you play each other on the Vita?
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What the topic says. I'd like to read something that sort of like Dark Souls. I guess it would be in the medieval horror fantasy genre. Anyone know of any good books like that?

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Is there a way to unlock them in the tv listings? I've been looking for the music that plays during the Memories boss battle bu I don't see it anywhere. 

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