Here's why I've had enough of XBOX (Microsoft)

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Charging for everything! RROD! When I first bought my 360, I did a ton of research and knew that I'd be prepared for the RROD. I bought the Best Buy replacement plan. This brought my purchase of just the console alone up to about $450 - $470 +tax. Within 6 months of the original purchase I was using the plan for a replacement. I ended up getting another one 6 months from that point and then another 6 months from then. After another 6 months then Best Buy said they don't cover it anymore. I was left with nothing and had to spend another $400 on an XBOX after just 2 years! Well, at least the price had dropped to $300 at that point and I was able to buy just a 60GB Pro 360. FInally this one lasted but did have some issues also. Luckily I was able to trade it in to get a 4GB Slim for some extra cash. I've had to pay so much money on consoles and have dealt with such a hassle. over that time. No way a customer should have to deal with that. On top of that, I found out after the fact that the 360 didn't have WiFi. I don't know, to me that was just a given. I thought I'd buy it, plug it in and be able to play on my internet connection, like Wii and PS3 and PC. I was disappointed to find out I had to pay another $100 to buy a wireless router and an adapter. I eventually had to buy a long ethernet to run through my house when the adapter died. I tried a $100 Microsoft Wifi Adapter ($100 - talk about a ripoff) and the adapter didn't even work. Luckily Gamestop was cool with me and gave me credit so I could buy a game instead. I was happy enough they were cool like that but the thing was worthless, honestly HD-DVD add-on. Completely worthless. Got owned by Blu-Ray which was conveniently built into the system. give me a break with that $100 add on crap Worthless headsets that break all the time. I bought their Quick Charge kit when I bought the XBOX and those batteries don't last very long. Finally much better when I just got rechargeable Energizers. Would've been much more convenient had they had a rechargeable pack built in like PS3 controller. Paying all this money for XBOX Live. It's like paying a subscription just to use my XBOX. It is a ridiculous fee. It was perhaps reasonable when XBL started out but at this point in 2013 it's ridiculous. XBOX Live would even ban me for trash talking to people. When I first got on Live I thought it was really entertaining to trash talk the other team. In Gears of War, it was great to rub it in after killing someone you were in a fight with. Whatever maybe I said some profanities but I'm not one to go crazy or start screaming in the mic nothing like that. Microsoft started banning me just because they were getting a lot of complaints. They say they have an outside service deal with complaints and ban people. I was suspended for up to 2 weeks (may have been longer) and was unable to use any form of XBOX Live. Absolutely ridiculous. It was all for the same reasons just voice communications complaints but as time goes on they stiffen the penalty. If you're there long enough obviously you'll have a lot of past complaints. That really pissed me off. Some trash talk and you get banned like that? After just paying $50 to pay online. I literally just renewed my subscription on that name. The Arcade and XBOX Originals are terrible. If you go to play an XBOX Original than you get signed out of Live. How stupid is that? I want to chat to my friend while he's playing through the same game. They sign you out though. Can't see if your friends sign on and want you to play a game with them. Who wants that? It's ridiculous how they're constantly in your pockets. PS3 doesn't charge online. You can buy one game and do all you want with it for years. 360 you buy one game and will need to pay $50 a year to play it online. Absurd. When I grew up I didn't have a lot of consoles or a lot of games. I borrowed from friends who had all the games and all the consoles. They were how I got to enjoy these things. I was able to borrow games better than any that I had. XBOX is taking that away entirely and charging for every simple little thing. It makes me remember back to when I bought the Original XBOX and found out I needed to pay $30 for a piece that would allow me to watch DVD's. Seriously? PS2 you could watch DVD's or play music if you wanted. PS2 was 10000000x better than orignal XBOX> I really like the XBOX controller but that's it. I've had enough of their nickle and diming people. $10 to change a gamertag and all this crap. My friend had his account banned because of a payment error. XBOX didn't have anything they would offer him and he lost a ton of games he purchased through XBOX. They are an absolute disgrace. I supported them for being a North American/USA based company over Japanese, but enough with that garbage. I've had enough of M$. If Sony starts to follow them on that path and charges for online then I may not buy either of them.