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Eddie and Lucy were watching both Babylon and Provehito in the distance. Their eyes switched focus between the two fights happening. Lucy was the first to break her gaze and asked, "Shouldn't we be helping them?"

"We should, yes," Eddie said. "However, it seems that they have it under control."

The wolf looked to where Babylon was fighting and said, "Go over to where he is and keep an eye on him! I'm going to see if Provehito might need a hand!"

With a nod from Lucy, the two set out to help their friends.


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Heat was starting to bog Eddie and Lucy down a bit. The wolf's jacket was already off as he huffed his way to catch up with the group.

"Whew! Man, it's hot," he said. "I didn't think this place would be so desolate."

"Yeah," Lucy panted. "Let's hope we can get out of this heat soon. We don't want to risk out health like this." 

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7:30 Eddie's Apartment


Lucy stirred in her bed before waking up. She could smell something sweet coming from the kitchen. Once she got up, she followed the scent and saw Eddie fully awake. He had prepped himself some pancakes and was about to take a bite when he saw the lioness walk around the corner. "Ah, you're awake," he said with a smile. "I prepared you some breakfast as well."

He pointed over to the stove where there was a plate of pancakes waiting for Lucy. With a giggle, she picked the plate up and went over to the table Eddie was sitting at. "So how did you sleep?" he asked.

"I think I was having an awful dream just now," she said after taking a few bites of her pancake. "After hearing about what's going to happen, I saw how the world may end. Everyone was suffering..."

Eddie nodded and placed a hand on hers saying, "Don't worry. We'll figure something out. I'm sure whoever will be leading to stop this force will have a plan. All we have to do is just be patient."

He gave her a smile before continuing with his breakfast. Lucy smiled as well while the two enjoyed their meal together. 

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As the conversation ended, Eddie turned to Lucy and saw that she was lost in thought.

"Something on your mind?" he asked.

The lioness focused on Eddie and sighed. "Just this whole situation of some powerful being coming to attack us," she said. "I never thought something like this would happen after the Great War."

"Situations like this are never pleasent," he said as patted her shoulder. "As long as we work as a team, we'll figure out some way of stopping."

"You're right," Lucy said with a smile. "How about we head on back to the apartment? I'm getting rather tired from all this excitement."

"Yeah, we're all going to need the rest," Eddie chuckled as they left the trade show heading back to the apartment. 

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By hearing what Jasmine had to say, Lucy turned to Eddie and asked, "So... Is it true? What she said, is it all true?"

Eddie gulped and looked at his ring. He then looked at the lioness in the eyes and said, "It is. When I was knocked out. Someone spoke to me."

He held the ring in front of her and continued, "This ring is my way of communicating to that being that spoke to me earlier today."

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When the ring was mentioned, Eddie felt that all eyes were on him. He even lifted up his hand to inspect it more closely. The dreams he had kept coming to him as he pondered over on what other potentials the ring might have in store.

"But for now," Carlos began to announce, "let us all enjoy each other's company!"

That said, everyone gathered around the buffet table to enjoy Foggy's famous pizza.

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