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Star Fox Video Review

After putting it off for a good month now, here is my video review for Star Fox on the Super Nintendo. Polygons galore, everyone! :D And it's all in it's Super FX chip glory. lol

Star Fox Video Review Link

The next review will be Tetris for the Game Boy followed by Vectorman on the Sega Genesis. Let's just hope another cold doesn't come my way. ^^; That's the last thing I want to happen while in the middle of doing a review. lol

Anyway, I want to thank any and all that have seen the first three reviews thus far. :) Over the weekend, I plan on uploading these videos to my other YouTube channel. By that time, you'll all know where I'll be doing these reviews. It's going to take some more time before I have an icon and graphics art for that along with the Twitter and Facebook accounts dedicated for it. Yeah, I'm going to have to set aside some of that time to make it all look decent. At least an idea for what mascots I will try to use for it. :) You'll see soon enough!

Before I head on out, I want you guys to know that I'm still looking for someone to room with during my stay at Morphicon for that first week of next month. If push comes to shove, I may just have to look for a room myself. We'll see.

Have a great day, everyone!

Until next time! Eddie the Wolf signing off!

Bonus Video For Your Enjoyment