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Boston and Morphicon

Hey all.

I would like to start off by saying that my thoughts and prayers go out to those involved at the Boston Marathon. I came across some of the raw footage of one of the explosions going off. It's pretty terrifying from what I had seen.

For those that live in the area or have family and friends there, I just hope you are all right.

Anyway, I am hoping to go to Morphicon this year, but I have a question: Anyone live near the Columbus, OH, area? I ask because I may have to look into rooming with someone for that first weekend of May. If any of you don't have a problem having me as a roommate, give me a shout and we'll see.

Hope you guys are doing fine!

Oh! I started my second playthrough of Bioshock Infinite and loving it. :) Highly recommend it! And expect a video review of Star Fox on the SNES real soon along with the announcement of my new YouTube channel.

Catch you all later!