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Off to Morphicon!

That's right! I'll be going to Morphicon this weekend! :D I'm really excited about this because this will be my very first furry convention. :)

Anyway, it'll be a nine-and-a-half hour drive since I'll be picking someone up in Tennessee to carpool with considering how gas is expensive. I'll be rooming with a friend who lives not too far from the convention site, so that's very convenient. :) At the con, I'll be sporting off this badge, so I'm sure I'll be very easy to find. :P

Other than that, I'll be sure to post my journal regarding the con along with another journal about what I've been up to. I think I've purchased close to 20 games between my last update and now. Crazy, huh? :lol: Out of all of them, Jade Empire for the Xbox and Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors for the DS has gotten a lot of my attention. :)

With that, I'm going to try to get some sleep. Hopefully, I can keep my excitement level low about it. ^^;

Until next time! This is Eddie the Wolf signing off. 8)

So it's official...

Osama Bin Laden is reported dead. I have to say that I'm very relieved to hear this.

That's about it.

Take care, everyone. A journal update from me will come soon.

Much Needed Update Part 3: Art, Florida, and Games

Hey all!

The updates conclude as I discuss on what I'm currently doing in art, how my trip in Florida was, and what I have been playing recently.


Let me say that I've been rather slow on drawing lately. I recently did do a couple more sketches, and they will be uploaded on my Deviantart and Fur Affinity profiles soon. I know I must try to get into the habit of Photoshop. Now that I have myself a Livestream account I hope that it will help me get more active in doing art. Other than that, I need to pace myself if I want to take on commissions in the near future. However, drawing a bit recently has helped get back some of my motivation. :)

Since we're on the subject of art, I bought The Art of Street Fighter when I was in Johnson City back in January. It's a great book to have for fans of the Street Fighter series and for those who appreciate concept art. :) I'm actually going through the book as I read some of the artist's comments. It's interesting to read their thoughts and processes that went behind their ideas for the series.

Lately, I have been getting into manga again, and it's not Astro Boy. With Borders closing its stores, I managed to pick a 3-in-1 volume of Rurouni Kenshin. I enjoyed the anime so much that I figured I would have fun reading the manga. So far, I've been hooked and am currently finishing up the second 3-in-1 volume before moving on into the third volume. Besides that, I have tried to catch up on reading books by finishing up The Ultimate History of Video Games. As of now, I had just read that by 1993 kids couldrecognizeMario and Sonic more so than Mickey Mouse. :P That's something, huh?


My sister wanted me to come with her and her friends to Florida for her spring break. So I obligued to go, and I had fun for the most part. :) I only went to the beach once and ended up getting sun burnt. I would like to have gone into the water, but it was way too cold for my liking. :lol: While we were there, I was able to see The Adjustment Bureau and Rango. Both were very good movies, but Rango was the movie I enjoyed the most. :) It's definitely not a kids movie, so smart movie goers shouldn't have a problem watching it. As for The Adjustment Bureau, I was surprised that it was based off of a Philip K. Dick story. I've not read any of his works, but the last time I saw something based off of his stories was Minority Report (which I really enjoyed).


Now that I'm back home, I've been missing the nice, warm weather over there. Before leaving, my uncle was kind enough to give me his original Xbox. :) I only have a few games for it, but he will try to find the rest that he had for them. Right now I have Madden 2003, NHL 2002, Halo, and Mark Echo's Getting Up. With that here are the games I've been playing starting with the Xbox games.

NHL 2002 (Xbox) - I'm not going to start with Madden since I already have the Gamecube version of it. As for NHL 2002, I'm not a huge hockey fan, but this game is kind of fun once you work out the controls.

Halo (Xbox) - It's actually nice to have this game in my possession. I remember enjoying it while playing some co-op with my uncle when he first got his Xbox. It may not be pretty to look at now, but it's a good enough game to come back to every now and then. It's probably one of the few games that I can go back to and play again.

Mark Echo's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure(Xbox) - I know it's a bit strange of me to own a game like this. However, I've heard some decent enough reviews about it to give this game a try. I actually got hooked into it, and I think it's given me some inspiration to actually create a new character based on the game's theme. If you liked games such as Jet Grind Radio, it may be worth your time.

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS) - This was a game given to me for Christmas by my good friend hart704. I managed to finish the game in January clocking at 13 hours and 44 minutes with 997.9% completed. This was one of the few games I actually wanted to complete everything from start to finish. The game was very fun to play, and it's nice to have another Castlevania game in my gaming library. The only complaints I had were that the characters weren't that interesting, the level design in the later half of the game seemed a bit derivative with the earlier levels.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (DS) - This is probably my favorite game of the Layton series so far. The brain teasers are much more challenging than the first two games combined, and the story is a big improvement over the second game. After completing 168 brain teasers with 21 hours and4 minutesof gameplay, The Unwound Future is a worthy sequel. Now to finish up the downloadable puzzles.

Sonic Colors (Wii) - I have to say that playing this game actually made me feel happy to be a Sonic fan again. :) There were times I felt the game was a bit unforgiving, but I really liked how challenging the game was. It was surprisingly short, but I didn't mind it at all. Overall, I found this to be a very satisfying Sonic game, and I may go back to grab all the special rings I missed.

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (DS) - I haven't progressed much of the game, but I'm slowly working on it now and again. Just a lot of leveling up.

Chrono Trigger (DS) - Slowly working on a side quest in the game before tackling the final boss. I need to find the motivation to get that side quest and the main game done.

Secret of Evermore (SNES) - I've only played a couple of hours of the game. So far, it's pretty interesting. The gameplay is that of a Secret of Mana game, and I don't mind it at all. It was a bit confusing to figure out how to use the alchemy in the game, but it's pretty neat once I got the hang of it. Right now, I need to level up a weapon according to a strategy to take out a boss in a swamp area of the game. Yay for leveling up... ^^;

Super Mario World (SNES) - A friend and I got together to see how much we could complete the game. We managed to get 92% completed before the data got erased. ^^; Oh well. I guess we'll come back to it another time once we've recovered from its challenging levels. :lol:

Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 2 (PS2) - I bought this for my cousin's PS2 after I found it for $10 at a K-Mart. I got it because I was curious how Fatal Fury was. Well, it was a bit disappointing because I mostly button-mashed to see if I could get a hit with the opponents. It was then that I turned down the difficulty and chose Mai as my main character. ^^; The volume includes Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers. Out of all the games, I found Special to be fairly balanced compaired to the other two games combined.

Medal of Honor (PS) - This was another game I found for my cousin's PS2 at a Play N Trade in Florida. This game was actually fun to play despite how outdated it was. I managed to play the first campaign of the game before leaving Florida. If I get a PS2, this is one game I will definitely take back with me. :)

Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike (GC) - I bought this atthePlay N Trade in Florida and have only tried a couple of missions of the game so far. The aerial combat is what you would expect froma Rogue Squadron game. The on-foot combat can be a pain at times, but it's not as difficult as one would make of it. Still, I hope to get some fun out of it. It even motivated me to go back and try to get gold medals in Rogue Leader. Unfortunately, I got frustrated with the Hoth level that I just turned it off. I've even looked at YouTube videos of it and still have a hard time with that level...


I wanted to close this segment by saying that my dad now has work. :) He had been out of work since the beginning of September 2010, and now he's found a job thanks to a recruiter. I'm very happy for him. Hopefully, I can have that kind of luck as I try to look for work.

Anyway, I hope everyone's spring is going well for you.

That's all the time I have for now. This is Eddie the Wolf signing off.

Until next time! 8)

Much Needed Update Part 2: At the Movies

Hey all! I know I said to look out for my next blog on Monday, but I got caught up in playing a couple of games I bought as a combo pack. That will be discussed next time. :P

As I mentioned in the previous entry, I will touch on the movies I have been watching these past couple of months. I have had the pleasure to take the time to sit down and catch up on movies I've missed out on thanks to Netflix. Before that, I recently went with a friend to see Unknown in theaters.

-Unknown (Rated PG-13) - I had some interest in watching it after seeing a few TV spots for it. When my friend and I saw it, we weren't disappointed. We admitted that the story was predictable as almost any action thriller would be, but it was very engaging and entertaining. The premise maybe similar to The Bourne Identity, but I found Unknown to be far more enjoyable than Bourne. Fans of thrillers and Liam Neeson may find plenty of enjoyment in this movie. (3 out of 4 stars)

By the way, is it me or does it seem that after his wife died Liam Neeson is starring in much grittier roles?

With that question out of the way, here are the movies I've watched so far whether it be on DVD or Instant Watch.

-Inserts (Rated NC-17) - Yes, I happened to see an NC-17 rated movie. Why, must you ask? After my family and I watched A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey, I wanted to see what a particular actor in the movie had done. If anyone has seen it, Bob Hoskins (Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) played as a couple of characters in the movie. It just so happened that Inserts caught my eye simply because of the rating. :P It turns out that Richard Dreyfuss was involved in the movie before Jaws was released. Seeing his name in this movie interested me even more.

There is a trailer of the movie. I didn't bother to create a hyperlink for it because the end of it made it questionable whether to give it an NSFW tag or not. If you are interested, it's available on YouTube.

Now before anyone asks, this is technically my second film of this nature. The first one was Fritz the Cat... which I could care less for now (the interest in that movie was because I had watched a documentary of Robert Crumb for a film course). With Inserts, the movie has a couple of scenes that do give it the NC-17 rating, but everything else is just focused on how messed up these characters' lives are. I will give credit that the actors do a great job in this movie, and the way it's filmed makes you think that it was meant to be a stage production. Other than that, I can't really give it much of a recommendation because it just seemed to drag 15-20 minutes too long. (2 out of 4 stars)

-Risky Business (Rated R) - I finally got around to seeing this movie after hearing it from a few of my friends. Also, I was in a bit of a Tom Cruise kick and wanted to catch up on some movies he had done. I actually thought it was a very funny movie, and I really enjoyed it. :) The dialogue was witty, and the characters were very believable. If you're a fan of teen or coming-of-age movies, this one is worth checking out. :) (3.5 out of 4 stars)

-The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Rated PG) - The family wanted to see the movie, and I agreed to watch it with them. At first the movie was fairly entertaing, but Nicholas Cage's performance and the story's climax kind of dampered my interest in the film. The actor who voiced Hiccup in How To Train Your Dragon was pretty funny in his role in my opinion. Everything else about the movie is pretty much your typical Jerry Bruckheimer produced movie, and that depends on how much you like his movies. (2.5 out of 4 stars)

-Duck, You Sucker (Rated PG) - Rated PG? I think this film was misrated. If you ask me, this movie is more R rated for its violence, brief nudity, and strong language. Besides that, this is another good Sergio Leone film. Rod Steiger and James Coburn are a great pair for this movie, and Leone's $tyle for huge, facial close-ups and historic accuracy of the film's time period (the Mexican Revolution) never disappoints. Newcomers of Leone's films may not welcome it with open arms, but this historic fictional film of the Mexican Revolution's brutality is well captured thanks to its great cinemotography. It may not be The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but it's worthy Sergio Leone movie. (3.5 out of 4 stars)

Commando (Rated R) - I remember I had a couple of people online tell me to check this movie out after I had watched Eraser a while back. Well, I gave it a shot, and wow! This movie has its share of cheesy one liners. :P Overall, it's your typical Arnold Schwartzenegger action thriller with plenty of gun fights and explosions. :lol: It's an easy recommendation for Schwartzenegger fans. (3 out of 4 stars)

-A Clockwork Orange (Rated R) - I had been told that I should watch some of Stanley Kubrick's movies. After Dr. Strangelove, I wasn't sure because I couldn't really understand its satire. However, A Clockwork Orange has had my interest for some time. I think part of it had to do with the trailer playing Wendy Carlos' arrangement of William Tell Overture. I got with a friend to watch it, and... Well, it was quite a movie. :P I can't really say that it was all bad, but I can't say it was all good either. The main problem I had was the movie's focus on a dystopian future (was never a fan of the subject matter) and the character's enjoyment of sex and violence. I can understand the ideas the movie brings, but I didn't get any satsifaction of its overall direction with them. (2.5 out of 4 stars)

-Best In Show (Rated PG-13) - This was one of the Christopher Guest movies I wanted to see. It's a rather silly mockumentary focusing on people and their dogs, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is how most owners are about dog shows. :P It may get a bit obnoxious at times, but I enjoyed this movie more than I did with A Mighty Wind. (3 out of 4 stars)

-Sixteen Candles (Rated PG) - The was the only John Hughes directed movie I could think of that I haven't seen yet since everything else he's done is mostly produced and written by him. I'm probably too old to be watching this movie, but I actually had plenty of laughs from watching it. :P It's another movie for fans of teen and coming-of-age movies. (3 out of 4 stars)

-Top Gun (Rated PG) - I recall seeing bits and pieces of the movie but never sat down to watch all of it even though I own the soundtrack. :P I have to say that this was a pretty decent Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer movie. The story may not have aged well, but the aerial dogfights are the main highlight of this film. Overall, it's worth watching every now and then. (3 out of 4 stars)

-Rain Man (Rated R) - Before watching this movie, I didn't know how well I was going to respond to it. The reason is that my sister is autistic, and it was almost difficult to watch HBO's Temple Grandin, a very heart-warming movie in my opinion. However, this was another Tom Cruise movie I missed out on, and I was quite impressed with his and Dustin Hoffman's performance. The movie really struck a chord with me because I could relate to Cruise's character and his relationship with his autistic sibling. In a way, it was a sad movie, but it didn't bring close enough to tears as other people have stated after watching it. (3.5 out of 4 stars)

-Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Rated PG) - It had to happen at some point. I figured I would give the first movie a shot, and I guess it may be the last time I ever watch it. Why? I found it to be such a boring movie. If you ever plan on watching it, it's worth to see Douglas Trumbull's visual effects shots... when it's not dealing with extended, upclose shots of the starships. The other half of the movie does pick up, but I felt that it extended a bit more than it should. (2.5 out of 4 stars)

-Days of Thunder (Rated PG-13) - Other than another Tom Cruise movie I missed out on, there really isn't much to say about it. It's simply Top Gun gone Nascar. The only thing positive about the movie is its music score which reminded me of Daytona USA's tunes. :P (2 out of 4 stars)

-The Wild Bunch (Rated R) - This movie isn't your typical American Western. It goes to show that Sergio Leone isn't the only one who knows how brutal the West was. The Wild Bunch is supported with a very strong cast of actors, and many of the action scenes are worthy of rivalling Leone's Westerns. (3.5 out of 4 stars)

-Romancing the Stong (Rated PG) - I remember watching bits and pieces of this as a kid. I came across it again knowing that this was one of Robert Zemeckis' earlier movies. It's a very light-hearted action adventure movie, and I was fairly entertained by it. (3 out of 4 stars)

-Joe Kidd (Rated PG) - There isn't much I can say about the movie. It does have it's moments, but it's not enough that I thought it was weak compared to Eastwood's earlier Western roles. (2 out of 4 stars)

-Full Metal Jacket (Rated R) - For a Stanley Kubrick movie, I found this to be fairly decent. The first half I thought was pretty well done, but the second half could have been better since everything seemed to be slapped on together when the soldiers are fighting in Vietnam. Other than that, I wouldn't consider it to be a great war film. There are far better movies than this. (2.5 out of 4 stars)

-The Shining (Rated R) - Finally! Here is a Stanley Kubrick movie I actually enjoyed! :D I'm not a huge fan of horror films, but I found this one to be pretty good. Jack Nicholson is so great in this movie he actually spooked me a few times. :lol: The cinematography and the music score really help set the tone. (4 out of 4 stars)

-Band of Brothers (TV-MA) - My parents and I sat down to watch this miniseries on DVD. I know it's not a movie, but it really feels like an extended one. There were times when I had difficulties watching through the episodes, but they were well worth it in the end. This is definitely a miniseries worth watching to appreciate and understand what these men went through during World War II. (4 out of 4 stars)

Goodness! I started around 6:30pm, and it's now 11:01pm. XD I didn't think it would take me this long. Then again, this is probably what I get for not updating on a regular basis. ^^; Oh well. Next time, I'm sure my game and art discussions won't be this long, but we'll see. :P

Thanks for reading this rather long list of movies I've watched so far! This is Eddie the Wolf signing off.

Until next time! 8)

Much Needed Update Part 1: Life in General

Whoa! Looks like I completely skipped out on January and February on letting you all know how I've been. As you can see, I have been alive and well. I mean that's a given seeing how I've been a bit of a lurker lately. However, there really isn't much to say at the moment since I'm still looking for work. It honestly hasn't been easy to find a job these past couple of months. :( However, that doesn't mean that I have given up all hope that something will come my way. All in all, it's just been a bit more stressful since I feel that I'm expected to find something to do now that I'm done with school. For the time being, I try to help around the house whenever I'm asked to. It may be annoying at times, but at least it keeps my mind off of other things.

When the year started I went back to Johnson City to see friends after a couple of weeks I was with family in Florida. I was there to help out with a group who always did security work for a Christian convention in Gatlinburg. When the event was over I was stuck for nearly a week due to snow, and I was just about ready to come back home. :P It does get a bit tiresome when you're stuck at a friend's house with nothing to do except wait until the roads are clear enough for me to drive safely home. That way I won't have to worry the folks. :P Once I arrived back, things became a bit difficult and frustrating after I've filled out application after application from places that my dad was kind enough to find for me thanks to saved searches via emails. Even if I were to find an entry level in my field of study, they expect the person to have some experience such as shipping out a AAA title or spending a few years doing a certain task in another field. It's ridiculous I tell you! Just going through these applications can be a bit depressing because you don't know how long it will be before you are called for the position. Plus, it's even harder to find work in my area because there just aren't enough jobs available that I can apply for even if I don't get my dream job right away.

With that said, I am thinking about taking commissions... that is if I get out of this art slump that I'm in. ^^; Plus, I have some pieces that I would like to get out of the way first before I try to take commissions. If I do offer them, they won't be anything fancy like a simple sketch for one character and then charged more for another character and some flat colors, etc. Right now some extra pocket change wouldn't hurt. :P When I'm not drawing, I'm either playing video games or catching up on movies I've missed out on. Lately, my gaming has slightly decreased as I continue to watch more movies thanks to Netflix (gotta love it).

Even though things have been depressing for me, there have been some very positive experiences. During the last weekend of February, I was able to meet with SomeOddGuy at his house to play some games and do a small collaboration. Before that, he took me to a Play N Trade in his area. There were a few Dreamcast games that caught my eye which I so want to buy right now. :P For those that are into importing stuff, this store did have a couple of Japanese copies Soul Calibur, King of Fighters: Dream Match, and Virtua Fighter (subtitled Remix if I'm not mistaken; will have to look into that).I was also able to go to a small fur meet in Chattanooga. The aquarium has their discount during the month, and the group decided to take advantage of that. :) It was actually fun to meet other furries in my state even though there were fourteen of us. A picture was actually taken of us courtesy of the aquarium staff, but I think it's best that I don't share it with you guys. :P Speaking of, I have yet to upload photos from my graduation on Facebook! That goes to show you how scatter brained I have been. :lol:

If it seems that I'm ending this blog so soon, it's because I am. There is more to talk about, but I think it's better that I split it up into different parts. For now, this is just an update on what's been going on for me. The others with have their own blogs. The next one will be on the movies that I have seen so far (a few Stanley Kubrick and Tom Cruise films will be discussed). The following blogs will be on what games I've been playing and how I am coming along in my art. Be sure to look out for the next one on Monday.

Anyway, I hope your year has started off well and is better than what I'm having to deal with at the moment. :P

You guys take care and have a good one! This is Eddie the Wolf signing off.

Until next time! 8)

Have a Merry Christmas!

Hey all! Hope you guys have a safe and a Merry Christmas! :D I'm going to be gone for a week and will be in Florida. I may pop up since we'll be bringing a laptop with us. However, I may not be active while I'm on vacation. I do plan on gaming and drawing while I'm with the family for Christmas. :)

So I hope you guys have a fun holiday weekend! I'm sure I will. :D

Before I go, I want to share you a song.

Yappie Feet - Deavid Soul

I've been getting into that song thanks to Jet Grind Radio. :P

Until next time, this is Eddie the Wolf signing off! 8)

P.S I'm now a graduate of ETSU!!!

I Am Graduating

That is correct, everyone! I am now set to graduate this Saturday, December 18! :D I am very relieved that my portfolio presentation went well enough for me to pass the course, and that was actually the last thing as far as finals go for me. I will be enjoying the last few days I have here at ETSU before the senior portfolio exhibit and ceremony (I'm in the 10 am service). With school out of the way, I can move on with my life and do other things. :) In other words, I have free time on my hands before I either find a job in my field or go to a graduate school (which I will be taking a semester or two off before attending).

Before I say anything about my recent activities, I want to take us back before Thanksgiving. It was still in the month of November, and it was during the week of our portfolio mid-term. I was one of the first few to present what I had so far including my case study. I was a bit ill-prepared when presenting, but it seemed that they had liked the work I had. So I had received some feedback on what to changes to make and so forth. One of the big issues was the color scheme of my website which the faculty members could not stand. However, they were still willing to help out whenever I needed their assistance.

Thanksgiving came in no time at all, and I took a much needed break from school work. My family and I went to see Disney's Tangled which I thought was a surprisingly good movie. You may laugh at me for watching it, but I didn't think it was all that girly. I mean it was accessible enough that just about anyone could enjoy the film. So I would give it three out of four stars. Aside from Pixar's movies, this has to be Disney's best 3-D animated movie so far even though it borrows some elements from previous Disney princess movies. Before then, I acquired three movies between the time I came back from my fall break to the Thanksgiving break.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - This is without a doubt my favorite John Hughes movie next to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. :) I found the "Those Aren't Pillows Edition" at Walmart for $9, and I spent some of my birthday money buying it. No matter how many times I see it I still get a good laugh out of it. There are only four special features in the DVD which isn't much compared to the "Bueller... Bueller... Edition" of Ferris Bueller (I think it had a couple more features). Still, it's a high recommendation from me to anyone who enjoys a good holiday laugh whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The Terminator - Over the summer I had bought a used copy of Tron from Mr. K's Used Books and returned it back because the second disc would not read on any DVD player. I want to say it was replaced with something else, but I digress. So I received a slip that would allow me to get a movie around the same value price I had bought Tron being $5. Well, I had a growing interest in obtaining the first two Terminator movies. With The Terminator, I was only able to find the bare bones edition even though I'm sure there is a special edition version with plenty of DVD supplements. I did, however, look online for easter eggs of my copy of The Terminator. What one will find is a selection of interviews spread out in various menu options but will only see still images scrolling with audio running throughout. That's kind of sad if you ask me. Nevertheless, it's a great movie for what it is.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day - This is probably my favorite of James Cameron's movies. I enjoyed watching it via Instant Watch on Netflix (as with The Terminator) that I had to get it as a complimentary movie with the original. I've read online on how to see the original theatrical version. After I watched that version, I had come to like the special edition version more because of how much character development you see compared to the original cut. That is actually saying a lot if you ask me. There is actually a third version, but it's just another scene and an alternate ending which is a tad bit lame to some extent. Later, I will sit down and watch the second disc and see what features it offers. Overall, the movie is another high recommendation from me. :)

As my final portfolio presentation approached, I was hard at work on revising my website along with finishing up my case study. So you could say that stress had really kicked in as soon as I got back from the Thanksgiving break. This time I was better prepared when I presented myself to the faculty. I was really dreading doing the presentation as I had been all semester long. Even though I had some feeling of passing, I was almost certain that I wouldn't be able to graduate. However, it went well than I expected. I mostly received feedback, but I was happy to have been done with the presentation. My attitude actually changed that day as I was commented by how much happy I seemed to be. To hear that actually put a smile on my face. :) How could I not when I am set to graduate?! :D I still may have done better with my presentation, but that's okay. What matters is that I'm moving on. Anyway, here is my website if any of you are curious to see what I used for the final presentation.

During the time of working, I did borrow a movie from one of my friends.

Fargo - This is my second Joel and Ethan Coen movie (Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? being the first), and I'm not sure what to say about this movie. I've heard good things about it, and I've been curious to see it for some time. I guess you could say I was expecting more from it. What Fargo turned out to be wasn't so much of the story being told but how all the characters acted. That's something I can appreciate from a movie, but you can go so far with it you tend to lose what you are trying to convey in a story. You see I didn't know if I should take this movie seriously or not. Those are the types of movies I tend to have a hard time comprehending with. Overall, I think the movie was different in some ways that I'm not used to as a moviegoer. However, I do give props to how well each actor did their roles including Frances McDormand. Her character was probably my favorite. (3 out of 4 stars)

After the presentation, I spent a day with a couple of friends and watched a Christmas movie (Scrooge) and a couple of Christmas specials (Huh-Huh-Humbug 1 and 2 and It's A Miserable Life 1 and 2). I'm sorry if the videos are reversed, but that's the best that I could find them. ^^; After that I watched two more movies.

Burn After Reading - After seeing Fargo, I was curious to see this one since one of my friends had it as well. I was willing to give another Coen Brothers movie a try, and it was decent for the most part. It's another character development movie, yet I found it a tad bit more enjoyable than Fargo character wise. However, I did not find it all that great. It was funny at times, but I think it lost its steam at least halfway through the movie. (3 out of 4 stars)

Casablanca - Now here is a movie I thought I would never find myself watching, yet I had wanted to for some time. I have to say it was worth sitting down to watch it. This is one of those movies you can never really remake in this day and age. Anyone who thinks it's possible should really rethink their words. Casablanca is definitely a timeless movie that just about any moviegoer should see in his/her lifetime. :) (4 out of 4 stars)

Whew! Now how about onto drawing and gaming real quick? I will be opening commissions and art trades, but it may happen after the Christmas season. There are actually some things I would like to get out of the way before I commence on the commissions and trades.

As for gaming, I recently got hooked onto Counter-Strike after my roommate gave me a copy of the game. So I've installed Steam and have enjoyed playing in a couple of servers with "GunMatch" in the title. I never thought I would be addicted to it, but I actually am. XD So you will me playing it every now and then. If you'd like, you can ask me via PM/Note to give me your Steam username AS LONG AS I know you well. Other than that, I did manage to pick up some old, used games from G2K Games. :)

Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) (Christmas present for my sister)
Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast) (another Christmas present for my sister)
NFL 2k1 (Dreamcast)
NBA 2k1 (Dreamcast)
Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast)
Contra Hard Corps (Genesis)
Secret of Evermore (SNES)

Yeah, as if I didn't have enough gaming to do already. :P

So I guess that will do for now. It's going to be really strange to walk on that stage and be a graduate. I think that feeling is starting to sink in slowly though. In the meantime, I will enjoy this last week I have here at ETSU. :)

Thank you all for your support during my four-and-a-half years of college. It has meant a lot to me. :D

Until next time! This is Eddie the Wolf signing off. 8)

P.S. I did some revising to my Christmas Wish List. Be sure to check it out in case you'd like to get me something. ;)

2010 Christmas Wishlist

Hey all!

I've been seeing these pop up lately on deviantART and such, so I thought maybe I would post one up myself. :)

Anyway, I don't expect any of you to get me anything from the list (even though it would be nice), but it doesn't hurt to dream about it, right? :P So here we go!

1. A Playstation 3

2. SomeOddGuy will be giving me Bangai-O (Dreamcast)

3. The Social Network soundtrack (less than $10 on Amazon)

4. Inception (DVD)

5. Street Fighter Art Book

6. Any gift art of my characters: Eddie the Wolf( ref 1, ref 2, ref 3, ref 4), Lucy Martinez (ref 1, ref 2, ref 3), and Raul Xi (ref).

7. One-year subscription on DA (mine is running out soon)

8. A plane ticket to go to a furry convention (will have to think on which one to go to first)

9. Philip Glass: Etudes for Piano

10. Spirited Away (DVD)

Until next time!

Other wishlists (in case you would like yours advertised):

23, Very Odd Age

I think it's a very odd age to be in. If you ask me, 22 is the best age. :) Anyway, my birthday was on October 17, and I want to thank any and all that wished my a happy birthday (I got one PM about it on here with a couple of early birthday wishes here and there). Anyway, it was quite an eventful fall break for me.


-I got in a small accident 10 minutes away from the house. No one was hurt except for the driver in the Nissan getting a small gash above her left eyebrow. She was treated when an ambulance came by, and we both drove off. Her car's back bumper got some scratches while my car's front bumber was pushed down a bit. The bottom right blinker is cracked but still works.


-I met with a Tennesse fur from Fur Affinity. We had lunch at a mall's food court and walked around through stores like Gamestop and Hot Topic. We hope to meet later on hopefully after the semester is over. He's the sixth online person I've met overall.

-I received an early birthday present from one of my friends. It was Rayman 2 for the Dreamcast, and it was a shame I didn't have the system with me. Instead, we had fun playing a bit of co-op on Lego Star Wars II for the Gamecube throughout that evening. :)


-I went with my mom to Kroger to get some food for the birthday meal (baby back ribs with mashed potatoes and corn). A car in the parking lot had been fuming smoke after we had entered store. I later found out from a police officer that the car had probably overheated.

-After a great meal, I got with another friend, and he treated me to see RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous). It was a very funny movie with plenty of good action scenes despite how over-the-top a few of them were. The cast was great except for a couple, but it was worth watching. :) (3 out of 4 stars)

-In the end, I received some money for food and a commissioned piece from dissonantblack. :) I couldn't think of anything else I would like, but there's always Christmas. :P


-After filing in the accident report with the insurance company, my dad and I went to Walmart and Office Max to look for some card stock paper before I went to where my autistic sister goes to high school. I met with one of her teachers to discuss about my expressions card game, and she was really thrilled with what I had shown her. So the plan is to test the game out when I come back for Thanksgiving break. By then, I should have the game completed. However, I must be certified in order to do that for research purposes or else I'll get into some trouble. So I plan on going through some process online and take a test for it.

-I took my sister home early, and we had McDonald's (I need one more Monopoly piece for $1,000,000) and had Marble Slab. After we arrived, the friend that got me the Dreamcast game came over, and we played more Lego Star Wars II before heading out to see The Social Network. I have to say it was a great movie, and I did see it again later in the week with my roommate. There may have been some things in the movie that were really true, but it did get the point across really well. I can definitely see this movie getting plenty of Academy Award nominations for this year, and I actually would not mind owning it on DVD along with the soundtrack. :) (4 out of 4 stars)

Now I'm back at ETSU and just waiting until the Thanksgiving break rolls around. I actually have a website up for portfolio, but it will eventually go through some changes before the semester is over. Right now this is what it looks like. :) I just need to figure out how to get rid of the GoDaddy ads. ^^; And before I saw The Social Network a second time, my roommate and I saw Jackass 3D the day after I came back on campus. I did laugh pretty hard while watching it even though there were a few parts in the movie that made me really uncomfortable. It may not have been as funny as Jackass: Number Two, but this one was decent to watch in 3D. (3 out of 4 stars)

Anyway, I shall leave you all with a couple more recent art uploads of my wolf warrior, Raul Xi. :)

Raul Walking
Eddie and Raul Sparring
Color Collab of Raul Walking

You all have a good rest of the week! This is Eddie the Wolf signing out. Until next time! 8)

P.S. ETSU recently had a power outage due to a severe storm, but the power's up and running now.