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Deviantart and FurAffinity Pageviews Coming Up!

Hey all!

I have two pageview milestones coming up, and I will be offering free sketches (mostly anthro) for the first one to catch either one. So if you get one, that means you can't get the other. Plus, previous winners (you know who you are) aren't eligible. That's how it goes.

So all you have to do is take a screenshot and send me a PM/note on either Gamespot, DA, or FA.

I may be cutting it close on DA since I'm less than 40 away from reaching 40,000 pageviews, but there is a better opportunity with FA which I'm less than 200 from 5,000.

Anyway, here is my Deviantart page and my FurAffinity page. And best of luck to all participating! Just remember the rules. :) Also, do note that I do have trades to finish, so it'll be awhile before I tackle on both sketches for the winners.

An update of how I've been shall come soon.

Game Acquistions From Late March 2011 to July 2011

As I mentioned in earlier blogs, I did say that I would list off all the games I have acquired since late March. With the recent purchase of a PSN downloadable game, here are all the games I've bought in no particular order.

-Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (For a visual novel game, it was really well made. I liked it so much that I had to play it multiple times to get all six endings. :P8.5/10)

-Crazi Taxi 2 (Much more challenging than the first game. This may take me some time to get used to the city's layouts along with how the cab drivers handle. 8.5/10)
-Daytona USA (I have yet to play it since I bought it.)
-The King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999 (I'm very unfamiliar with the who series, but this was quite fun... despite how cheap this game's final boss was. 8/10)
-SoulCalibur (I'm really happy to have this one! :D In some ways, I enjoyed the sequel a lot better, but this one proves that it's still a dominant fighting game for the Dreamcast. :) 9/10)
-Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer (I used to have this game when I originally had a Dreamcast. Now that I play it again, it would have been nice if they had updated the graphics and frame rate instead of being a straight port of the N64 original. 8/10)

-BioShock and Oblivion Bundle (I played this bundle every night when I first got it as I switched between games. :P I hope to get back and finish BioShock at least. As for Oblivion, I know I'll be enjoying it until Skyrim comes out. Even though I'm not into western RPGs much, this game really sucked me in, and it's way better than Morrowind.)
-Super Meat Boy: Ultra Edition (Most of you know how much I enjoy platformers, and I've heard how great this game is. Man, they weren't kidding by how hard it really is. All frustrations aside, it's a pretty solid platformer with lots and lots of challenge.)
-Counter Strike: Source (I got this as a gift via Steam. It's a huge improvement over the original Counter Strike game, and I've enjoyed it almost non-stop with the GunGame matches I used to play on the original game. 8.5/10)
-Team Fortress 2 (Although I still want The Orange Box, I got it for free recently from Steam. I haven't tried it online just yet, but I'm sure I will soon)

-Beach Spikers (Yes, you know how much I like anything with beach themes especially when I find myself drawing them. :P Beach Spikers was fairly decent even though I thought the AI had a rubber band effect to some extent. The World Tour option was all right even though you had to control one character while you upgrade your partner's stats after every match. Still, the graphics are what you'd expect on the Gamecube from Sega and AM2, and gameplay is slightly above mediocre. 7.5/10)
-Game Boy Player (I bought it from Gamestop for $10. It was quite fun to play some of my GBA games on it, but I think I ended up playing more of the original Game Boy Tetris instead. :P )

-Gargoyles (I remember hearing about a Genesis game a long time ago. I've only watched a few episodes of the series, but it was enough for me that I would like to get into the series more. So I was fortunate to find this game for $5 in its complete package. I'm not going to lie, but it's pretty hard for a game based on a kids show. ^^; I'll have to play it some more and see if I can beat it.)
-Strider (I remember reading a blog post with a link to some site's best Genesis games of all time. Strider happened to be #1, and I figured I'd check it out when I could. When I met SomeOddGuy at the Play N' Trade, he showed me a selection of Genesis games that were $5. Strider was one of them. Now that I've played it a bit, I'm a tad disappointed in getting it. I've yet to finish it, but I'm not entirely the character's movements. Plus, the sound is so unbearable at times. I may or may not finish this game, but we'll see.)
-Streets of Rage 2 (I got this game along with Strider, and it was sold for $5. That's probably the best price I've seen of this particular game even though it was just the game cartridge and box cover. Still, I can't go wrong with that. I've been able to beat it twice on Normal with Axel so far. :) This was quite an enjoyable beat 'em up! 9/10
-Vectorman 2 (I had played this game before in a Sega Smash Pack bundle for the PC. However, I just had to get the game cartridge when I found it at a McKay's Used Books store. I've only played a little bit of it, but I'll be coming back to beat it someday.)

-Advance Wars (Gamestop was giving away their GBA games since they won't be buying them back anymore. I've only played a little bit of it, and it's quite hard yet addicting.)
-Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (Got it with the first game)
-Breath of Fire II (I'm fortunate to get this since I am curious to know what happens once I beat the first game.)

-Beyond Good and Evil (So far, it's been a pretty fun game, but it seems that I may finish it very soon. I'm getting the feeling that it's going to be a very short game. It's kind of disappointing when I think about it because I'm impressed with it so far.)
-Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (This was a surprisingly good aerial shooter that mixed up the gameplay as you can leave your plane to take control of gun turrets. My least favorite was having to ride that copter similar to the one in the James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice. Despite it's short campaign, I had a blast. :) 9/10)
-Dead or Alive 3 (I'm not a huge fan of the series, but it's more of a guilty pleasure when it comes to Dead or Alive in general. :P I still have a few more fighters to get their endings unlocked, and I'll have to look and see how I can obtain their other alternate costumes. The graphics are great on the original Xbox even if the fighting gameplay is a bit shallow. 8/10)
-Gun (I was curious to see what this was all about. I've only played a little bit of it, and it's not bad so far. I'll have to get to finishing it sometime soon.)
-Jade Empire (Since this is my third BioWare game, this is actually the first game from them I actually enjoyed so far. :) I even found myself staying up late just to play it a bit more. :lol: It's really an underappreciated game from Bioware, and it's too bad since I would not mind seeing a sequel from them. Despite it's somewhat unbalanced battle system, Jade Empire offered a really solid story for the best 25 hours I spent playing this including all the side quests. 8.5/10)
-Panzer Dragoon Orta (I'm glad to finally own a Panzer Dragoon game. This was a surprisingly good shooter, and it offered a good amount of unlockablecontent including the original Panzer Dragoon from the Saturn. This is one game I would not going back to and unlocking some more stuff. 9/10)
-Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War (It's obvious that this is a straight port of the PC original. Although the game is not bad, I guess I was expecting something more out of it such as a small update on the games visuals that would be suitable for the Xbox. Still, it's a decent shooter, and the Wolfenstein 3D unlockable is a nice bonus. 7.5/10)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Finally! I got this game. After being bugged about having to own this game, I got it for $10 while visiting hart704 and usagi704 while I went to Morphicon. I haven't had the chance to play it yet, but I will try to find some time to play it all soon.)

-Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (This was the recent game I got for my system. :) So far, I've played as Cammy (on easy) and reached the end to see her end story, and I've been able to do some online matches including several matches with hart704. Of course, I lost horribly. :P Still, I'm very happy to finally own it! :D 9/10)

And that concludes with all of the gaming purchases I've made so far. :)

Hope you all have a safe Fourth of July!

Until next time! This is Eddie The Wolf signing off. 8)

Ladies and Gentleman, The PlayStation 3

That is correct! The unthinkable just happened! I have in my possession a 120 GB PlayStation 3! :D I recently made a trip to see SomeOddGuy who was selling off his system along with some games for a really solid price. Before I share how much I paid for the system, here is a breakdown of what I got.

Physical PS3 Games

-3D Dot Game Heroes
-The Sly Collection
-Demon's Souls
-Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Freebie he threw in)
-Heavy Rain (bought it for $27 used at GameStop)

Downloaded Games On The Hardware

-Wipeout HD Fury
-Scott Pilgram vs. The World: The Game
-Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
-Final Fantasy VII
-Final Fantasy IX

Other than that, he threw in Bioshock 2 (PC) and Nuclear Strike (PS) for free as well. :) So, the PS3 and the first three games came to a total of $160. I kid you not! $160! You have no idea how thrilled I am to own a system like this! :D

Now some of you are probably wondering if I have a PlayStation Network account. The answer is yes. However, I'm not going to accept all friend invites. Instead, it's best that you send me a PM/note stating your username so that I know who you are. Even then, I won't be adding everyone that sends me their username. It may sound harsh, but I will mostly be accepting people I know well enough to play online in the near future. :)

Speaking of usernames, I also have a Steam account, and the same rules apply for my PSN account. Otherwise, I'll come seek some people out and ask if they want to be added on my PSN/Steam lists.

Anyway, I did get hired last week for a part time job. :) I'm currently working for a company that will handle the movie and music section at a Best Buy store. So far, it's pretty tiresome considering how early I have to wake up and how long I have to be on my feet. ^^; Still, I can't complain since I'm happy to have a job. :)

Also, I do plan on sharing what other games I got from the end of March up to this point. Other than that, I seriously must start on my art trades. ^^; But I'm sure I'll manage!

Thank you all for reading!

Until next time! This is Eddie The Wolf signing off.8)

Nintendo Press Conference 2011 Impressions

NOTE: The following is a series of updates posted on my Facebook page. They are based on first impressions of what I watched during the Nintendo conference. If there's something you don't like with what I say, then DON'T COMMENT! However, I encourage proper discussions. Thank you.

This is the last one from E3! I promise! After that, I'll post another blog on what I'll be looking forward to with a little wrap-up of the event.

*The Nintendo Conference is about to start soon! Let's see if they can dazzle us again this year with the unveiling of the Wii successor, codenamed Project Cafe. Plus, we may see some more news on upcoming 3DS games and maybe even some mention of Skyward Sword.

*There's an orchestra on stage playing for the upcoming Skyward Sword. That's interesting.
-It's starting by the way. =P
-Something tells me that they're going to start with this game.
-Ah, so it's the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

*Here comes Shigeru Miyamoto!
-A live orchestra throughout this show? Awesome! (Which only happened for Zelda)
-Miyamoto's having too much fun with this. =P
-Free download of Four Swords? Not bad. Too bad I don't have a DSi instead.

*Now for Satoru Iwata! Project Cafe time?
-Agh! It will be announced later...

*YES! A STAR FOX GAME FOR THE 3DS! ABOUT TIME! (Yes, I got way too excited about it. ^^; )
-LOL Do a barrell roll! XD
-Mario Kart, Super Mario, Kid Icarus, and Luigi's Mansion included. :)

*Time for Reggie Fils-Aime!

*Hmm, looks like some of the tracks from the previous Mario Kart game will be on it. Even some of the newer tracks don't look that appealing. ^^; At least you get to customize your kart.

*Oh wait. I take it back on Star Fox... It's the 64 game for the 3DS. Still looking forward to it though.
(Yeah, I had completely forgotten it was going to be the 64 game and not an original Star Fox)

*The new Super Mario game looks like it will be fun. May even utilize the 3DS hardware than some of the first released games for it.

*Kid Icarus with beat 'em up and shoot 'em up elements? Sign me up!

*Luigi's Mansion fans, the sequel has arrived! Only for the 3DS though.
-Completely new and will have several mansions to play through.

*And out of all the 3DS titles shown in this preview, Tetris holds the most interest.
-Maybe Snake Eater as well.

*Pokemon in 3D... and in real life! Yay...

*The Wii U... So that's what it will be called. Hmm...
-The controller almost looks like the PS Vita, but I wonder what idea came first. ^^; (That's what really came to mind)
-So the Wii U is just a new controller? Hmm... I'm a bit skeptical right now. (I didn't get around to seeing the actual console until a couple of hours after the conference)

*Smash Bros. for both 3DS and Wii U! (Although I was partially sarcastic)

*Batman: Arkham City and Assassin's Creed for the new Nintendo console? No way!
-Okay. I think my skepticism has been put to ease now. ^^;
-Much more mature games this time around too!

*Well, I think I'm sold on what the Wii U can do. If it call pull of that kind of hardware with the software supporting it, that's pretty awesome.

*So, Nintendo had a good show for them. There seems to be a much stronger support of games this time around for the 3DS. I got a bit skeptical with the Wii U to begin with, but now I'm looking forward to it! Overall, I give their conference an A-.
-With that, this concludes the conferences at E3! Quite a year it's been. :)


As with the Sony conference, I'm sticking with this score. I had read a couple of status comments on Facebook saying that Nintendo had won this year. I honestly beg to differ. Some of you probably may find this shocking since I come off as a Nintendo guy to some extent. First off, I've been a Sega kid since the Sega Genesis, and I always will be. :P When I was skeptical when they first announced the Wii U, I felt a part of me die, and I was almost itching to turn off the conference to go do something else. However, I stuck with it to see what else they were going to talk about the system when I saw what it was capable graphics wise. 1080P this time around, Nintendo? You may have been behind this whole time in terms of hardware and online gaming, but I'm happy to say that you guys probably got it right this time. :)

Maybe it's me, but I can't recall the last time Nintendo had this much third-party support for their console. I could be mistaken, but it seems that the developers are very sound with the Wii U. So we'll see what will be its future.

With that, I thank any and all who have read my impression blogs/journals on this year's E3. :)

Until next time! This is Eddie The Wolf signing off. 8)

Sony Press Conference 2011 Impressions

NOTE: The following is a series of updates posted on my Facebook page. They are based on first impressions of what I watched during the Sony conference. If there's something you don't like with what I say, then DON'T COMMENT! However, I encourage proper discussions. Thank you.

*The Sony Conference is moments away. We might see some Square-Enix goodies and hopefully more exclusitivity compared to Microsoft's conference. Most of all, PSN is going to be a very big issue, and we'll see how they will deal with this.

*Hmm, seems that they're having some difficulties with starting the conference...

*Okay! Without any further delays, here is the conference! I hope...

*Interesting intro so far for Sony's conference. Let's see if they will be talking about most of this stuff that's being shown. =P

*Here we go. PSN issue coming up!
-And I'd say he's doing a great job addressing this.

*Uncharted 3 looking very promising so far. Now to try playing the first two games. =P

*Pretty sweet Uncharted 3 demo. :)

*Resistance 3. A series I have had very little interest in but let's see what the demo is like.
-Hmm, didn't look too bad.

*Definitely will look forward to the Ico and Shadow of the Collosus HD remastered. And maybe even the God of War HD (PSP) remastered collection.

*Kobe Bryant to try NBA 2K11 on the PS Move. This should be interesting. =P
-LOL Already some smack talk between Kobe and the guy demonstrating. XD
-Kobe: It's so realistic, it's frightening.

*Hmm, not really digging Medieval Moves.

*Not much to say about inFamous 2. Still want to play the first game though.

*Might have to look into Starhawk soon. *nods*

*Yes! Sly Cooper time! =D
-Coming out next year? Sign me up!

*Dust 514? Maybe... We'll see what the gameplay is like.

*Here we go! Bioshock Infinite!
-Really looking forward to this game. :)
-Gotta love these roller coaster moments!

*This pre-alpha showing of the Star Trek looks good... despite it having some third-person shooter elements.

*I have to say Sony is pushing for exclusive content for the PS3, such as including a previous title in a series.

*Here we go! PlayStation Vita time!
-AT&T to support it?! Oh boy...

*Wow. Very impressive with what the Vita can do that.
-Seems that the 3DS will definitely have some competition... despite the AT&T coverage.

*Seeing Ruin in action reminds me of those earlier Baulder's Gate games for the PS2.

*Ah, so that's how they implement the touch panel on the back. Very nifty. :)

*Street Fighter X Tekken!
-This should be an interesting crossover.
-LOL Cole from the inFamous series to be in the game. =P

*To be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to the PS Vita. Hopefully, they will fix this AT&T service later on.
-At least there's a WiFi model of it.

*Heh, that's quite the wrap-up of the Sony conference. =P
(Commenting on the DJ performing)

*Although the Move was brought up and demonstrated a few times, I have to say that they didn't over do it like Microsoft did with the Kinect. Seeing the PS Vita was probably the highlight of their conference, and their overall presentation was pretty solid. Overall, I would give their conference a solid A. With that, they're the best conference I've seen so far. :)


And to be honest, I'm sticking with this score for Sony's conference, and their PS Vita really has me excited! Usually, Square Enix would have some stuff shown during the conference, but I actually did not mind this time since I was unimpressed with their trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2. Oh, and I was serious when I said they were the best conference so far. I do think that they did win this year believe it or not.

EA and Ubisoft Press Conference Impressions Pt.2

For part one please go here.


*Ubisoft's Conference is about to start soon! No doubt they will have a lot to talk about Assassin's Creed along with some of the Tom Clancy games. What I hope to see is Rayman Origins, Child of Eden and Beyond Good and Evil 2. Other than that, I'll have to see what they'll be offering.

*So I missed the intro thanks to Gamespot not showing it on time... Anyway, Rayman Origins looks cool. :)
-LOL Nice homage to Tetris. =P

*Oh sweet! The Robot Pirates are in this Rayman! =D

*Interesting. 25 years of Ubisoft.

*Not sold on Driver: San Francisco.

*By the looks of this trailer, I'd say this is another Far Cry game. Pretty scenery so far.
-Yep it's Far Cry 3. Doesn't look so bad.

*Oh good! A World War II game! About time too. =P
-Seems like this one is a take on Inglorious Basterds. =P
-And it's a Brothers In Arms game! XD

*Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg! No doubt a game for their Tin-Tin movie.
-Seems like it may be a decent beat 'em up platformer.
(I'll have to check the trailer for the movie though)

*FUTURE SOLDIER! Looking really sweet so far.
-The co-op multiplayer looks pretty intense.

*So want Future Soldier!
(Yes, it sounds unlikely that I would find interest in a Tom Clancy game, but this one really holds my interest with what it has to offer.)

*Uh oh. Looks like they're having some technical difficulties with the speaker. I can barely hear her. ^^;

*Trackmania. Another car series I wish I had tried out earlier.

*Well so much for the ladies talking. I wasn't able to hear them well. ^^;

*Oh great... Not the Rabbids...
-LOL Well, that was awesome of the other guy flailing on the floor.
-Glad that's over with the Rabbids.

*Rocksmith seems interesting. Probably one way of getting me to try the guitar.

*LOL Love the Prince of Persia spoof on Assassin's Creed. =P But here it is! Assassin's Creed: Revelations!

*Nice trailer. Now if the gameplay will be as good as that. =P
-Okay then. The gameplay seems it will be very promising for Revelations.
-Heh, a Gatling flamethrower! XD

* *sighs* If only there was a Prince of Persia game as good as that.

*So, this year's Ubisoft conference was slightly better this time around. However, there were very few games that held my interest, and I was disappointed that there was nothing mentioned about Beyond Good and Evil 2. Still, games like Future Soldier and Rayman Origins look very promising. Overall, their conference gets a C+.


Again, I think I may lower their score but only for a bit. There were only a few games that interested me, and Revelations didn't really save the conference thanks to their weak host.

EA and Ubisoft Press Conferences 2011 Impressions Pt. 1

NOTE: The following is a series of updates posted on my Facebook page. They are based on first impressions of what I watched during theEA and Ubisoftconferences. If there's something you don't like with what I say, then DON'T COMMENT! However, I encourage proper discussions. Thank you.

Because I had too many characters in one blog, I split this in two parts.


*The EA press conference is coming up soon. They might bring up Mass Effect 3, but I can't think of anything else that they'll be bringing to the floor. ^^; So I may or may not be surprised.
-Oh yeah, there is The Old Republic.

*Hah! Tease for Mass Effect 3.

*Okay, seriously. It's time that I really got into this series.
-So that was a Reaper... Whoa...

*I'll give credit that Mass Effect is quite an ambitious series.

*Need for Speed: The Run looks sleak. Looks like you can do a bit of free running in the game... Interesting...

*Taking control over a cop car like that is pretty sweet. =P

*Okay, now they're just doing the actions like in Heavy Rain. Come on...

*And here we go! The Old Republic!
-LOL Greg complimenting someone for liking Dragon Age. =P

*Really digging the contrasting narrators in this Old Republic trailer.

*Let me guess... SSX returns.
-Yep! Not a bad trailer.

*And time to tune off the EA Sports segment.
(Which I did since my mom needed help with a wireless issue on the laptop she was using)

*Did they just use the Mind Heist song from the Inception trailer?! Wow.

*Facebook getting a Sims app?! What?! No...

*If a game has R.A. Salvatore as their writer, sign me up for Reckoning! =D
-So want Kingdom of Alamur!

*LOL I think I'm sold for Over Strike. These characters are awesome!
-Interesting IP Insomniac. =P

*Battlefield 3 time!

*This Frostbite 2 technology seems interesting.

*Wow. This Battlefield 3 is so intense. I'm impressed by how well the graphics have captured the gritty warfare. Does this mean that I will get it? Probably not.

*So, EA started off started off strong and finished rather strong. Overall, I give their conference an A-.


Once again, I was way too generous with my score for EA's conference, so I might lower it along with Microsoft's later on. That will happen with a little wrap-up blog/journal on how each conference did with one another. All I can say about EA's conference is that the Frostbite 2 engine looks pretty sweet. Too bad it wasn't around the time I went to college. I would like to have been taught that than the Unreal Editors. ^^;

For part two please go here.

Microsoft E3 Press Conference 2011 Impressions

NOTE: The following is a series of updates posted on my Facebook page. They are based on first impressions of what I watched during the Microsoft conference. If there's something you don't like with what I say, then DON'T COMMENT! However, I encourage proper discussions. Thank you.

*E3 kicks off with the Microsoft Press Conference! Expect frequent updates throughout this week's E3. :)

*Microsoft Press Conference! Here we go!

*That's Modern Warfare 3?! Wow, I think I'm getting some goosebumps from watching this... And I'm not into the MW series at all!

*Just seeing the demo for MW3 reminds me of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun... only better!

*I'm not one for the Tomb Raider series... but wow. This looks intense so far.

*Okay... I think this Tomb Raider may be worth checking out.

*LOL Nice job, Peter Moore, for attempting to say the EA Sports slogan. =P

*Hmm. I don't know if using voice for Mass Effect 3 would be necessary. Just saying.

-Kind of added on during the last minute if you ask me. Still I want to play the games someday. :)


*Gunsmith using Kinect in Future Soldier... I don't know. ^^; Looks interesting.

*Tom Clancy games with Kinect enables? Hmm...

*More Kinect stuff. Yay...

*Now that I'm reading the comments on Gamespot, I have to say that I now notice there hasn't been an Xbox exclusive game announced.

*Okay, I take it back. Here comes Gears of War 3!

*Wow. That creature is... HUGE!

*Impressive demo for Gears of War 3. :)

*An ancient Rome Crytek game?

-Ryse... another Kinect game...

*Ah, here we go! Halo remastered!

*Great... I miss out on Halo thanks to a laggy stream... Now Forza 4... *sighs*

*Fable: The Journey... I may skip on this since I was not one for the series. And yet it's Kinect enabled. Meh...

*Minecraft and Kinect? Oh boy...

*This Disneyland Adventures seems cute.

-Now I can imagine how many upset Kingdom Hearts fans are over this. =P

*Okay. Let's see what this Star Wars Kinect is all about.

*Not bad so far with this Star Wars demo. Maybe the gameplay could use some tweaking in how fluid they'll want to be with the player's movements.

(Kind of regret saying that after it settled in...)

*Did that kid do the Thriller dance just now?! XD

*Aww. Well, that's kind of nice of Tim Schafer to do this for his daughter. :)

(Heck, I created a little card game for my sister as a case study.)

*Okay. That's actually much better than having to choose from pre-made options.

*Finger Tracking... I don't know.

-Then again, this Fun Labs doesn't have me sold.

*Hmm. I guess I'll tune out the Kinect stuff for now.

(Which I did! Goodness, what a push for it this year...)

*Oh look! Halo 4! Better get ready for 5 and 6 as well.

*So, the Microsoft conference started off strong but kind of declined with the talk of Kinect. Man, they're really pushing it this time around. Overall, I'd give their conference a solid B.


Yes, I gave them a B, and I am aware I may have been a bit generous with the score. I mean their conference wasn't that bad in my honest opinion. However, it was a bit of a letdown compared to their conference last year. If you ask me, it didn't really get me pumped up in getting a 360 despite the Kinect being an option. Even with Halo 4 announced (which was leaked hours before the conference) doesn't do much for me.

Brief Morphicon 2011 Report and E3

Hey all! Yes, I know I took a long time to get around to posting a report. So I'm going to have to be brief about this. Plus, I'm taking a small break from drawing a few pieces (proportions are not my friend). I guess this is what you get for waiting until the last second since E3 is this week. Also, I was going to have links in this blog, but some of the artists that I had planned on linking to have artwork that are rather explicit. So if anyone is curious, they can be found on Fur Affinity. However, you'll have to be a member to see that sort of stuff (which I'm sure no one tracking me goes to search hardcore furry stuff). ^^; Anyway, here goes the report!


As you guys know, I went to my very first furry convention, Morphicon, in Ohio. I didn't get much sleep after I had posted the journal of my going to the con because of all the built-up excitement. ^^; It took me about nine-and-a-half hours to reach my destination, and I had slashersivi to carpool with me. After dropping her off at the Holiday Inn, where the con was being held, I was on my way to meet with Palelady and her husband Adensem. It was quite awesome to meet Palelady since I had been an admirer of her works and a good friend since 2006. :P So she took me to meet a couple of her friends, KaeMantis and LizSan, along with pocketwolverine. After getting acquainted with them, we traveled back to the Holiday Inn I had dropped off slashersivi to register for the weekend. Palelady and I did stay around the hotel for long and headed back to her place for the night.


I did say I was going to be brief, right? :P Since it was such a small con, all of my excitement mellowed out once I got a feel for what a furry con is like. Now I could discuss about the events that took place, but I spent most of my time either in the Artist's Alley or in the Dealer's Den. Also, nothing really happened on Friday since it was a bit of a slow day. So it gave me the opportunity to browse around to see what other people were offering. I even came across a few well-known people in the furry fandom such as ebonyleopard, maxblackrabbit, Katarina, and Eric W. Schwartz. I know some of my furry friends will probably get after me for leaving out a few people, but these were the few that stood out to me the most.

Saturday was when things started picking up. The only problem was that I had forgotten my DS Lite back home. ^^; The reason being was that I was going to meet with hart704 and usagi704 and do some DS gaming. :P It was great to meet them again this year, and I had a blast playing some matches on Ultimate Mortal Kombat and Bleach: Dark Souls. Although I said that I had left my DS Lite at home, I was fortunate to have one of them let me borrow theirs. I will admit that I did lose horribly in those several matches I played against them, but I have to say that it was worth it to be able to play with them in person. :) So I do thank them for coming to the con even if it was for only a four hours. Next time, I'll make it up to them by driving over to their place for more gaming. :) I guarentee it! :D

By the end of the day, I managed to get a couple of prints and an original piece from Palelady along with a small badge she was kind to color as I had done the lines. :) Also, I had done a small trade with pocketwolverine in which her part turned out rather awesome! :D


Well, it was that time to be heading back home. Before slashersivi and I left, I said my good-byes and gave hugs to the few I had gotten to know well, and I was already being asked if I plan on coming back next year. To me, I thought it was such a big compliment, and I was glad to have made a few more friends at the con. :) As soon as I hit the road, I was starting to miss being at the con. I never thought how big of an impact it gave me, but it gave me something to look forward to as I try to look into other cons I could go to. :) So on the way home, I glanced over slashersivi as she worked on my commission, and she gave it to me after I had dropped her off at her place. :)

All in all, I had a total blast! :D And I honestly would like to go to Morphicon next year and try to be more prepared than I was this year. :P

E3 2011

Now, we move onto E3. I will be watching the live broadcasts via Gamespot's stream (more emblems to add to my GS profile) and will be posting frequent updates on my Facebook page as I go along with each conference. If anyone is not watching me on Facebook, that's all right. I will gather all the updates I've typed up and compile them in blogs/journals.

With that, I shall try to continue with my drawing and see if I can get these proportions to look good. ^^;

Thank you once again for reading!

Until next time! 8) This is Eddie The Wolf signing off.

P.S. I start training for my part-time retail merchandiser job soon! :D

Morphicon Completed!

I am back from Morphicon! I have to say that I had a blast for my very first convention. :) There will be a report of the con soon once I post some pieces on DA and FA. Other than that, I'm exhausted and in need of some rest. ^^;

Catch you all later!