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2013 Has Begun!

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Oh look! It's a new post for the new year! At least I'm posting this at the end of this month. lol Still, this is to let you all know that I'm here and ready for what 2013 will bring! :D


The trip to see my friend was great! It was a bit of a hassle driving up since I had to deal with some snow fall in Illinois. Still, it was worth it to finally meet them! :D I managed to get a few drawings done while I was there. Other than that, we really do a whole lot besides going out to a couple of hang out places they like to go to. I managed to pick up the first Wild Cards book compiled by George R.R. Martin along with picking up some games like Outrun (Genesis), Tin Star (SNES), Beyond Oasis (Genesis), Legend of Kay (PS2), and Auto Modellista (PS2).


Speaking of gaming, I did start and finish my first game of the new year. That would be Asura's Wrath for the PS3. I was able to play it thanks to a friend in town. I had been curious to play it myself even though the game received mostly average ratings. After playing it, Asura's Wrath wasn't as bad as I thought it might have been. Still, there are better action games than this. The story is pretty good while cliched, but there really isn't much of a game.

There were plenty of occasions when the frame-rate would slightly drop when there was a lot of action happening at once on screen. That led to some issues when doing boss fights since a lot of them rely heavily on QTEs. Depending on how much the frame-rate drops, it'll hinder your timing to get an "Excellent" score.Towards the end, a few QTEs will take cheap shots after you've become adjusted to pressing one button during boss fights.

The game did keep me playing throughout, but it rubs me the wrong way to know that you have to buy the game's fourth chapter DLC to finish the game completely. There are even individual DLCs that add to the game's existing chapters though, but that's still a very shady tactic on Capcom's part.I mean if you were to pay for the game when it originally came out ($50), the DLCs would slightly exceed the average current-gen game price.

If anyone is curious to give Asura's Wrath a shot, I would wait until it's a bargain bin deal. $10 would be your best price.Overall, Asura's Wrath has a decent anime-inspired story and above average art style, but it relies heavily on repetitive gameplay and QTEs.If the game had more variety, I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more. Regardless, I did like it more than I did with Rise To Honor.

And so, it gets a 6/10 rating.

It's funny to mention that I thought I was playing the God of War controller scheme with the right thumbstick being able to dodge. lol Whoops!


I haven't been to the movies lately, but I did manage to see three just before the year ended. Argo, Wreck-it Ralph, and Skyfall were all great movies, and I hope to get my hands on the Blu-ray/DVD copies when they come out. :)

This year, I managed to see Les Miserables with my mom and sister. It was a good musical film overall even though it was a bit excessive on singing throughout. I've seen bits and pieces of Evita, and it's kind of like that style as far as singing goes. To me, it can get to the point where the music suddenly becomes noise to the ears while only picking up noticeable selections.

I do like musicals, but I usually prefer those that do have dialogue to break up the flow inbetween musical numbers. As for Les Miserables, I probably would have to see the stage version to see if it transtioned well to film. Although the music was great, I wasn't too thrilled with the film's cinematography in several scenes. I mean couldn't they have varied the shots a bit more and kept the camera steady in some? It's great to see that they can carry their voices out in long periods, but I found myself wanting more camera angles and sweeps when they were singing.

Still, I enjoyed it for the most part, and it was what I had expected out of a movie musical. I do hope to see the stage version soon.

Les Miserables gets a 3/4 rating.


One of this year's resolutions for myself is to post on Sundays on both DA and FA. Hopefully, that will get me motivated to draw more. If anyone has noticed on my Twitter, I've been tweeting my uploads, and I think it has helped for the most part. :) For that, I'm really happy, and I do hope to keep it up this year. It is to be expected that I may miss a Sunday here and there, but I hope to be more active regardless. :)


With that, there really isn't much to say. I will try to find a better job even if it still isn't the one I had studied for. Still, it's better than not having one as long as it pays well. lol Also, I'm going to try to get through a lot of games I've put off for a long time. Particularly some RPGs. ^^; I think it's best to put up a poll of sorts and see which one you guys think I should work on finishing first. lol

Anyway, I hope you guys are having a great start to 2013! :D Thank you all for reading and have a good one!

Until next time! This is Eddie the Wolf signing off!


As of tying this, I found out that Heavy Rain music composer, Normand Corbeil, has passed away of pancreatic cancer. He was 56.

Ethan Mars Theme from Heavy Rain

Out Of Town For the New Year's

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Hey all!

This is to let everyone know that I will be away during the New Year's. I am going to be spending a week with a friend from Saturday, December 29th, to Friday, January 4th, and I will have little to no internet access. I'll have my phone to browse Fur Affinity and Twitter, and that's about it.

Before I leave, I uploaded another video on YouTube recently in which I participated in a gaming event with the Evil Guppy group. We played some Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition on the PS3, and I had a blast playing them. :) Sure, I didn't win, but that defeats the purpose of what this group is all about. I just want to say that I'm really happy to be a part of them, and I'm glad to have taken the opportunity to join in. :)

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (Evil Guppy Event 12/7/12)

Hope you guys have a great 2013! I look forward to it! :D

Thanks for reading!

Eddie the Wolf signing off!

Christmas Wishlist 2012

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Hey all!

I know I haven't been around much. ^^; I'll try to fix that ASAP. Life does get in the way though, but this will let everyone know that I'm still around hopefully. lol

Anyway, I figured I share what my wishlist is for Christmas. :) Here it is as follows!

Rise of Kasai (PS2)

Wizardry: The Forsaken Land (PS2)

Dark Knight Rises (Blu-ray/DVD)

The Game (Blu-ray Criterion)

Brazil (Blu-ray Criterion)

Legend of Kay (PS2)

Professor Layton and the Last Specter (DS)

Draw More Furries (book)

Wreck-it Ralph (soundtrack)

Western Digital SATA II 5200 RPM 8 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Notebook Hard Drive (for my PS3, need a bigger HDD)

And I would like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas! I know it has been a very difficult year for a lot of us, but I do hope that the new year will be a properous for all. :)

As always, thanks for reading! I shall see you all in 2013! =D

Eddie the Wolf signing off!

Back To Business, I Guess

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Hey all!

I've been back from Puerto Rico for a good week now, and I recently started back on my two part-time jobs. :) Both are tedious work, of course, but at least I don't have to be out in the sun. At this time of the season, it's a good thing that I'm inside majority of the time.

Speaking of Puerto Rico, I did have a great time. :) Man, do I miss it though. I'm more suited to be in warm weather than I am in the cold. lol Also, I did take pictures and video while I was there. :) I just haven't had a chance to compile them into a YouTube video. Don't worry! It will happen. I just need to take the time to do so. Hopefully, this weekend will allow such an opportunity.

Finally, I attended FangCon, a furry convention in Nashville. It was their first con, and I have to say I had a blast going. :) Sure, it may have been a small one, but that didn't mean there wasn't anything to do. I got a chance to draw some though along with talking to a few others I know and heard of in the TN Fur community. I took a few pictures while I was there along with snagging a couple of commissions. Like Puerto Rico, I'll try to find an opportunity to upload them.

With that, I hope everyone has a safe Halloween. :) Thanks for stopping by and for those that wished me a happy birthday! =D

This is Eddie the Wolf, signing off! 8)

A Birthday Wishlist!

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Hey all!

Since that time is coming, I figure it wouldn't hurt to post a birthday wishlist. :) All of this will be video games, mostly older and rare. Here it is!


- Adventures of Batman and Robin

- Outrunners


- Super Metroid


- X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

- Zombies Ate My Neighbors


- Clockwork Knight

- DonPachi

- Guardian Heroes

- Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge

- Radiant Silvergun

- Shining the Holy Ark

- Soukyugurentai

- Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire

- Action Replay Plus Pack


- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

- Einhander

- Grandia

- Tomba!


- Eternal Darkness

- Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


- God of War Saga

- Rayman Origins

And I believe that is all I can come up with. :) Most likely I'll be getting money, but that's all right. The biggest thing for me is my trip to Puerto Rico, and it'll be a blast! However, you guys are more than welcome to give this list a shot. I know that some of these games will be pricey. XD Other than that, I'm fine with drawings. :) Up to any and all of you, of course. lol

Thanks for reading! October 17th! REMEMBER! XD

This is Eddie the Wolf, signing off! 8)

Updates and Such: Where have I been?!

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Hey all!

Long time no see, right? Heh, I guess I do have some explaining to do. As some of you may know, I have been busy with the landscaping job I took back in March. Well, I had kind of fallen out of touch to the point that I had little to no interest in posting a blog, playing a video game, or draw something. I would come home from work exhausted and not do anything but destress in front of the computer. Yes, I did try to keep in touch with some of my friends via MSN, Skype, Twitter, and texting but doing so would have hardly done much when the summer rolled around.

It was hell. Literally! And in more ways than one...

When I was transferred from one landscaping shop to another closer to home, I thought it would be beneficial considering that I wouldn't have to deal with morning traffic on the interstate going to and coming from work. It looked that way for a good month, but it went downhill than I anticipated. At first, the foreman I worked for seemed like he would be easy to get along with until he got used to myself and another co-worker that his mood became very unpredictable. It got so unbearable to the point that I hardly ate anything even though the heat did have a portion in how I felt.

Around June, I went to see a doctor for a physical and to talk to him about my situation. It turns out that I had suffered from anxiety and depression. I admit it was a bit devastating to hear it, but there really wouldn't have been any improvement if I didn't seek out help. So, I was given a prescription after the visit, and I have to say the medication has helped. I feel a bit more relaxed than I used to be, but the biggest change is how focused I am and how I regained my appetite.

Between then and now, not a whole lot has happened in my life. I did take a trip to Michigan with a couple of old college buddies of mine, and I had a real blast. :) It felt really nice to be away from work for that week. I also did some gaming and a bit of drawing but not much to make any sort of progress in my honest opinion. It came to the point that I really needed to find work elsewhere or I'll end up being miserable and think that I didn't accomplish anything by sticking around with the landscaping job.

Now let's fast forward a bit to the present. Before I go on, I'll let you guys listen to a podcast I got involved in. :) This isn't the first time I've been a part of this podcast though as you will notice upon listening. Be warned that it does contain strong language.

Link to the topics covered

Since that recording, I was able to get a few jobs lined up for me. :) All of them are currently in the process of going through a bit of paperwork. So by the end of the year, I may have two or three part-time jobs. I'll probably stick with two depending on how much I may not be able to handle three at once. We shall see though.

Before I conclude this journal, I would like to share a bit more excitement with you all. What might that be, you may ask? =P A couple of weeks from now I'll be 25, and I plan on going to Puerto Rico for a week and a half for my birthday. :) (October 17 is my birthday) I don't know if I will have access to the internet, but I do hope to enjoy my time while away from home. All in all I look forward to it! =D And now, I shall share with you some drawings I have done recently if you have not seen already.

Don't Give Up
Lovely Ladies
Late Night Gaming (Gaming in undies, the way it was meant to be XD )
Zombie as Krystal
Battle Torn Raul (Will color soon)
Beach Bar (May try coloring it)
Raul's Back

Whew! I think that is all I can think of at this time. If you want to keep up with what I've been doing (and I know some of you probably would like to), you can follow me on Twitter. I've been posting little updates more frequently, but that depends on when I feel like it. lol

Anyway, I thank you all for reading! =D And I'm very glad to have been on Gamespot for seven years! Man, that was one little milestone I never got to announce. Eh, it's no big deal.

You all have a great fall season!

This is Eddie the Wolf, signing off! 8)

Nintendo Press Conference Impressions '12

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Before I begin, I want everyone to know that these are just my opinions as they were posted via my Twitter account. If for any reason you feel offended by my thoughts, please DO NOT bother to comment. With that said, here we go!

Nintendo Press Conference

*The Nintendo Press Conference will be starting at least 15 minutes from now. Wonder what they will have in store for us regarding the Wii U.

*Here we go!

*Ladies and gentleman, Shigeru Miyamoto!

*RT @usagi704:It's always so adorable when Miyamoto speaks English.


*Pikmin 3 to be on the Wii U!

*I was not one for the series, but I may check it out. Maybe.

*RT @alex_navarro:This Nintendo conference's hugability factor kicked off at an 11. Not sure they can maintain this for an hour.

*Reggie time!

*23 Wii U titles on stages. Doesn't sound so bad.

*RT @AdamSessler:23 games.....that's how you start a press conference.

*RT @nickchester:Olimar wasn't shown because (spoiler) he is being played by Ellen Page in Pikmin 3.

*Instead of innovative today, it's intuitive with Nintendo's conference.

*RT @usagi704:We have analog stick buttons now, guys! 1998 must've called.

*RT @alex_navarro:I want a video like this Wii U GamePad demonstration for every piece of technology I buy. I want a toaster oven explained to me this way.


*Yeah, a new Nintendo console isn't complete without a Mario game.

*RT @gamespot:Super Mariios Bros. U - is that like Mario the college years?

*Yes! Bring on the third party titles!


*"Marty baby"? XD

*Oh my God... Such bland acting coming from Martin. LOL

*B.A.T. Mode. Yay...

*RT @HartKnight:BAT mode for all at once explosions. What's this? Michael Bay mode?


*Scribblenauts. Meh...

*RT @fiddlecub:The actors are having so much fun! I can tell, because they smile at each other on the couch, while wearing perfectly laundered clothing.


*Mass Effect 3?!!!!

*Oh look, a Tekken game.

*I'll have to look into this Aliens game.

*He said it! "My body was ready!" (on Reggie's comment)

*RT @jeffgerstmann:Tap the Wii U screen to unlock Shepard's new ending!


*Oh no... More fitness stuff...

*Yeah, okay. Just getting a health statement out there. Thanks for caring, Nintendo!#sarcasm



*Mario with the Midus Touch!


*And the fans kind of go wild on the new Paper Mario.


*Here comes Luigi's Mansion 2.

*Kind of a weak look at the 3DS lineup. All that stuck out were Castlevania and Kingdom Hearts.


*Well, that Lego City game does look charming. Maybe, maybe.

*You know SimCity would really work on the Wii U. Just saying. LOL

*RT @gamasutra:For those not watching Nintendo's livestream, you must be made aware: The scripted on-stage banter is so incredibly bad. Possibly the worst.


*Just Dance 4 on the Wii U shows that you can screw around with your friends and not feel guilty about it.


*Oh look, even using the Wii U is pre-rendered for this game. Lovely..

*Really? Why did everyone cheer for ZombiU? Why? I have no hope for this generation of gamers.

*RT @AdamSessler:Not good.that Zombie U is the first game to show something about the controller that seems fully integrated into.the game.


*RT @jeffgerstmann:In NintendoLand, the old rides are way more awesome than the new ones.

*RT @HartKnight:Nintendo Land is PlayStation Home, but with their retarded looking Miis.

*NintendoLand? I'd rather have my Sega World, thank you very much. (SegaWorld - for those that don't know)

*This is ludicrous... Why are they talking about this? GET ON WITH IT!

*RT @alex_navarro:I feel asleep.

*Yeah, applaud out of courtesy.

*Oh, I don't know if NintendoLand will make me understand the Wii U.

*RT @PyroAssassin:E3 drinking game: When watching the Nintendo press conference, take a shot whenever they mention to follow them on Tiwtter & Facebook

*No... NO!

*They can't end it like this! (Showing off in-game fireworks with Nintendo Land)

*Wow... What a disappointment...

*So... How about that Pikmin 3? Pfft...

*My overall score for Nintendo's conference? Either a C- or a D+

Man, it was a disappointment, but it wasn't as bad as Microsoft's.

That concludes this year's E3. It wasn't as strong as many probably would have hoped for, but there were plenty of games announced that I know I'll be looking forward to. Which games are they, you ask?

1. Watch Dogs
2. Last of Us
3. Beyond: Two Souls
4. Borderlands 2
5. Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Honorable Mentions
SimCity, Dead or Alive 5, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Assassin's Creed III, and Lego City Undercover

Thanks for reading!

Be sure to check out my previous blogs for my impressions of this year's conferences.


Ubisoft and Sony Press Conference Impressions '12

by on

For some reason Gamespot is telling me that one or more words were censored. So please follow the link to my DeviantArt journal to read my impressions on the Ubisoft and Sony Press Conferences.


Thanks for reading!Be sure to read my previous blogfor my impressions of the Microsoft and EA conferences!

Microsoft and EA Press Conference Impressions '12

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Before I begin, I want everyone to know that these are just my opinions as they were posted via my Twitter account. If for any reason you feel offended by my thoughts, please DO NOT bother to comment. With that said, here we go!

Microsoft E3 Press Conference

*To start off E3, I'll be watching the Microsoft Press Conference! Let's see what Kinect crap they might be putting out...


*Ah, of course... Halo 4...

*Oooooh... An actual tech demo?

*Oh, Cortana. You and your "Unknown."


*LOL I'm loving the Metroid Prime references on these Tweets. I couldn't agree more really.

*Yep! Definitely screams Metroid Prime.

After the demo...

*Uh... Worldwide? (comment made when the spokesperson said that Xbox 360 is the #1 console worldwide)

*Yeah, listen to all the fanboys scream at Master Chief's name.


*A Tom Clancy game?

*Oh damn! (after seeing someone get knifed or the whole bullet-time feature thing...)

*Wow... Splinter Cell. Where have you been?

*Now this looks kind of promising.

*Of course it's going to have Kinect functions... And the crowd goes wild!

*Seems kind of unnatural for Sam Fisher to be in a firefight...

*Too bad it's not Michael Ironside's voice as Sam. (at least I think it didn't sound like him)

*Splinter Cell: Blacklist? Maybe. I don't know.


*Madden and FIFA better with Kinect? NO, IT WON'T!

*But you're not doing anything! What's the fun in a sports game when all you're giving is voice commands?

*Madden was better BEFORE there was Kinect. 'Nuff said.

*Joe Montana? Oh, this'll be interesting... #sarcasm

*Joe Montana: Well, this is actually pretty sweet.

*Montana says he's always up for a challenge. #challengeaccepted


*Fable gone Kinect... LOL

*Not ALL games are best on Xbox.


*Another Gears of War? I thought they were done!

*Oh, they're using that other guy...

*Wow... What a subtitle. As if that hasn't been used before.


*OUTRUN!!! Oh, wait... Nevermind.


*And make it easy to shout at your console.

*LOL Univision on Kinect? Oh, that's going to be interesting to see.

*Yes, yes, Microsoft. We know you're getting your hands on everything for the sake of making Kinect so "great."

*My God... This is such a borefest... Is this what Microsoft has come to? Where the hell are the games? GAMES!!!

*Yeah... Like I'm going to see myself grooving like these people are when I comes to music... in front of a TV screen!

*RT @alex_navarro:We're about three years from "game consoles" forever only being referred to as "media consoles.

*Oh no... I thought we were done with this fitness crap. Guess I was wrong...

*Back of a van? From the man down by the river? (comment made on Nike selling their product from a van)

*"If you believe you have a body, you're an athlete." WHAT?!!!

*Yes! Go right ahead! UGH!

*It's Xbox This. Oh wait! It's Xbox That! Xbox Everything!!! FFFFFFFFFFFF

*RT @AdamSessler:Now I know why Nintendo had an early press conference

*RT @usagi704:This is the ELECTRONIC Entertainment Expo, right?

*RT @usagi704:I prefer an Xbox Smart***. Thanks.

*This is just sad... I... No. Just no...

*Wait... Isn't that something the Wii U is going to do?

*LOL IE on Xbox. Now I know they're in trouble.

*RT @HartKnight:Internet Exploder for Xbox now. Are they trying to further red ring customer's systems?

*My score for this conference is soooo going to be low...


*Finally... A game!

*Holy crap! Did she just...?! I'm not even going to question it. That was kind of hardcore of her. LOL

*RT @smcinnis:Confirmed: The climactic Willamette River scene from Oregon Trail will be featured in Tomb Raider.

*Is it just me or does her screaming sound a bit... forced?

*Downloadable content BEFORE the game is released? Ooooookay....


*Ascend: New Gods. Don't care.

*LocoCycle. Eh...

*Matter. Looked kind of pretty. Oh wait... Kinect...


*Resident Evil 6 time. Not really caring though.

*You know, I'm kind of missing the smart creatures from RE4. I'd rather see more of that than this...

*Leon Kennedy is Indiana Jones! LOL

*The action sequences do look very promising. Almost like I'm watching a... MOVIE!!!#legasp


*Oh look! It's Angry Birds gone Kinect!

*RT @smcinnis:Did... did that lady just do a terrorism with kinect?


*South Park? Oh no...


*Okay. Now THAT'S funny. XD (comment after the South Park creators made a jab at Microsoft's conference)

*RT @usagi704:I don't care about South Park. What year is this again? 1998?

*Working on it last minute? Shame, shame, shame. LOL


*Usher time! Yay...


*Really? Black Ops 2? That's your conclusion?!!!

*How did the AI not noticed their own being shot?

*RT @HartKnight:It's Call of Duty all year every year for most gamers. I'm still wondering when they will be tired of this. I am.
Reply: It's become such an American thing it's not even funny.

*Really, I have know idea what's going on in this tech demo.

*Oh God... THANK YOU! IT'S OVER!!!

*Okay, seriously. What did I just watch? Was that REALLY supposed to be a press conference?!!

*I'm leaning towards a D or D- for Microsoft's conference. Shoot, I can be just plain mean and give it a big, fat F!

And then came EA's press conference which I was pretty much quiet during it. At that time, I was working on a small project, but I did watch it.

EA Press Conference

Compared to Microsoft's conference, EA did offer some games. SimCity was the only game that intrigued me the most though. Overall score: C-.