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Sonicballa's 2011 Game of the Year!

My Game of the Year!


This choice was pretty easy because once again, if any of you recall, last year I only bought 4 games. Well this year was the same. I bought only 4 games so the Game of the Year came down to Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, Pokemon Black, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and this Batman Arkham City.

Now honestly I wasn't really satisfied with the story in this one. The lackluster ending left much to be desired. But I loved that an already incredible combat had improved. Anyone who has played this knows what I'm talking about. When Batman does those Super Fast punches that increase your combo by about 10 to 15 hits, I love doing that. There's also more Riddler trophies to collect. Now I honestly have not enjoyed it more than in Arkham Asylum but with over 400 to collect there's always something to do!

Here's a quick rundown of all my Game of the Years.

2006: Kingdom Hearts II

2007: Super Mario Galaxy

2008: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

2009: Batman: Arkham Asylum

2010: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

And Now...

2011: Batman: Arkham City

Happy New Year Everybody! Hopefully I'll soon be more active on this! Lol

Seliing Games. Need Help on this!

So I want to geet rid of a few games but the problem is that everywhere i go I feel like I'm not getting what it's actually worth! The games are....

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Master Quest for Gamecube

Punch-Out Wii

The Legendary Starfy

Battlefield Bad Company 2 for Ps3

Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters for PsP

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron PsP

Now I've realized that some of these games aren't worth much at all but I still feel like I should rack up around $85 from all that.

My Ocarina of time is practically new. And is going for $90 on ebay! Yet when I put it I only got $25. I'd like to at least get $40

Punch Out and Battlfield I'd like at least $15 for each. On Ebay they went for $10 each.

R&C and Star Wars bundled together I would at least like about $10 to $15. They went for $6 together.

As for Starfy I'd like $10 for it.

I've tried both Ebay and Craigslist but didn't like the results. I DO NOT WANT TO TRADE IT INTO ANY STORE.

I mean I would try ebay or craigslist again but is there like some sort of site that I can put the listings from ebay and craigslist on that would get more people to pay attention to them?

There needs to be a way to reach Square-Enix about KH3.

You know to be honest, I've gotten pretty annoyed at the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn't been officially confirmed yet. Yes, we know it's coming but when exactly? I've liked the spinoffs but damn it's time we get KH3. I mean is there a fan base out there that is going through any more frustration than us?

I've never been one of those people who have whined about it but you know you look up videos of the first two, you hook up your Ps2, and you start listening to the incredible music it has you start thinking to yourself "DAMN I WANT KINGDOM HEARTS 3 ALREADY".

I mean there's set to be 5 spinoffs before we get to it. We've gotten 3 of them. One of them has gotten very little news and the other has only been giving a little trailer. I mean I obviously want to play them but there comes a point where enough is enough. You have so much loyal fans, just give them what they want!

I mean the fans somehow need to let Square or should I say Tetsuya Nomura know that we want it now. At least give us a trailer or I think some people would just be satisfied with a teaser image or maybe a logo! E3 is around the corner and anything can be announced but you know what? Unless Kingdom Hearts 3 is there than I'm going to be disappointed!

On top of that my interest in video games is diminishing, I'd like to finish the Kingdom Hearts Series before it's completely gone. Thats on my video game bucket list.

Anyways thoughts? Comments? Frustration?

What I want from The Wii Successor!

Man I love hearing all the rumors of the new Nintendo system! Reminds me of all the excitement from before the Wii came out! I mean I hate to say it but the Wii is pretty much done. With only Skyward Sword on the Horizon(I don't even like LOZ) I think it was time for a new system. Now we know Nintendo is capable of giving us many things but usually let us down but they make up for it by giving us something else. I might get carried away with what I want but I think it's all pretty realistic and things other people want to!

-First Things First, Better Online!

-Forget Friend Codes let us make our own names!

-HD Graphics, I'm talking 1080p

-Wireless Controls

-Rechargable batteries similar to what the PS3 has.

-More Downloadable Content

-Different System Colors right from the get go!

-Colors: White, Black, and Red

-Great Launch Games, 3DS launch games were horrible imo

-Star Fox Online or F-Zero Online Right From Launch, either way both should happen!

-Biggest one to me is, If your going to recruit Rockstar to make GTA5, Might as Well Recruit Square Enix to make Kingdom Hearts 3 seeing as how 3 Kingdom Hearts games(soon 4) have graced Nintendo platforms.

-Make a Gimmick for the system but don't make it too signicant and make it optional as well.

-HD Remakes!!!

-The screen on the controller sounds great! I'd like to be able to play games from the system anywhere with it!

-More Demos. I don't want it limited to just Downloadable games.

-Little To No peripherals.

-Keep The Games at $50

-Get a legit Baseball Series to grace the platform.

-Connectivity with 3DS


-Headsets and a Camera

-Good Marketing!

-Make a good partnership. By this I mean for them to get something like Hulu to be able to play on the system.

-Keep the Miis but please make the whole thing deeper!

-And Lastly, I'm probably going to get a lot of Heat for this but....Limit Mario on this platform as much as possible. I love Mario more than the next guy but with 2 Gems on the Wii and one heading to the 3DS, I think we can all live without Mario for a little while. I know Mario is the face of Nintendo but please don't make him the face of the system. The Only thing I can possibly ask for is for when the system is already dying out, Give us an Epic Paper Mario RPG!

Thoughts? Opinions?

I'm at a Cross Road in my life with Video Games.

I guess you can consider this a continuation from my last blog even though when I wrote that one i didn't intend to write about this. Anyways I've gotten to a point where I still love video games but that I don't want to love it as much as I do. I have A LOT of games I want to purchase but I don't want to purchase them because I don't want to waste the money I get(which is very little) on video games! For example, Mortal Kombat comes out the 19th. I have the money to get it and I REALLY have been dying to get it but I just want to save up my money and buy other stuff. Yet I know I'll regret it if I pass on it.

I mean I guess getting a job and having my money could possibly fix this problem but I just don't want to have that feeling of missing out on a anxiously awaited game and having to listen to others whether at school or even here talk about it and know that you just missed out on a game you wanted. I mean its not like I haven't felt this way before but I guess now it's really effecting me, like DUDE its only a video game!

But to add to that I've also gotten that feeling of when I'm playing a game that I could be using my time doing something more useful. All my friends are going to the gym I mean I want to go too, Also I could be looking for a job already! It's not that playing video games makes you a no-life but sometimes it makes you feel like one. It seems to like keep you from doing things you've wanted to do! I mean I'm pretty chubby the gym would definitely help and losing wait will help build my confidence but when you're playing video games and engaged into it how are you suppose to get up and tell yourself "I'M GOING TO THE GYM"!

And this Fall there are many many games I want! I think from Sept to November it'll be 5 games I want, which is a lot for that time period. It's like I'm looking forward to for what the games provide but for what they are? I'd hate myself if I get them all! It's to the point in my life where I need to start making moves for my future! Whether it's getting fit, geting good grades, or just getting some talent! I'm always told that at 17 you should have your life set cause at 18 things change! Things start taking off and before you know it life could be better or worse! And my lifes been bad I'm looknig for it to excel!

The Wii has fallen out of Favor =(

At least for me it has. I recently moved into a new house! For Nearly 17 years I had lived in the same house, the house I grew up in. Now in my new house I have my own room as does my brother. I had shared rooms with him all my life till now. Now that we do have seperate rooms that means he will keep the Ps3 in his room and the Wii will go in my room. Now I can definitely still go to play the Ps3 whenever I want (except of course when he's sleeping) so I'll still be playing that endlessly.

Since I've gotten my Ps3 the Wii hasn't gotten as much attention as before I got the Ps3. I still buy games for it but I usually don't finish them anymore. I find myself uninterested in continuing to progress along the game. Even games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns are uncompleted, yet I've praised them for how amazing they are. Truth be told I blame it on the shooters I've gotten for Ps3. Ever since I started playing Modern Warfare 2 February 2010, the Wii has gotten as little attention as possible. Black Ops, Battlefield 2, MLB The Show and Arkham Asylum are also other games that have pretty much kept me from the Wii.

I guess what's crazy is that I own more games for the Wii then I have for the Ps3. I mean as much as I play all these Multiplayer games on the Ps3 I guess what I'm looking for on the Wii is a truly magnificent experience. A lot of my games on the Wii are pretty much only enjoyed with others(Mario Super Sluggers, Wii Play, Wii Sports, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, and SSBB) but the people I play with have grown tired of these games as have I. Then there are games that I could play on my own (Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, New Super Mario Bros., and PUNCH-OUT!!) that are really fun but aren't story oriented enough to keep my interested. Also its not like I haven't played anything else other then what I own right now. I've even experimented on playing other series' that I don't usually play (Okami, Legend of Zelda, Geometry Wars, SSX, etc) but they didn't hold my attention for long.

I love my Wii and I don't want to "grow out of it". But there isn't enough there that keeps me posted. I want something really story driven. I've done research but I can't find a game that will definitely hold my attention. I also want the experience to be amazing. I'm not ready to give on the Wii! If it's going to be in my room it's going to get played!

Any advice? I've never felt this way about a system. =(

Woops Almost Forgot....Here's My GOTY For 2010!


(Btw Picture was made in Paint :))

I chose this game over all my other games played in 2010 simply because it was the one game I was addicted too and seen playing everyday after I purchased it. I enjoed it much more than all my other game purchases in 2010 by a landslide! I explain alot in my Review for it which I hope you have all read since I feel like that is the best review I've written!

So a quick rundown of my Gotys are...

2006: Kingdom Hearts II

2007: Super Mario Galaxy

2008: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

2009: Batman Arkham Asylum

And now....

2010: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Top 10 Pokemon I dislike from Pokemon Black/White.

Well we all know a New Pokemon game is around the corner and this time it will introduce brand New Pokemon. This is now Generation 5 and I got to say this is definitely the worst group of Pokemon yet!. Now I've never been one to complain about there being new Pokemon, in fact I embrace them just as long as its design is pretty good. With Pokemon Black/White we see some Pokemon that just make you think, how did that come to be? I mean of course there has been some pokemon in the past that has made you wonder who did it come into existence but with a little bit of thinking it made sense. With these new Pokemon, I'm just left Scratching my head. Now without further a do here's my list of 10 Pokemon/Evolutions I dislike in Generation V.

10. Munna


Whats wrong : A Pokemon born with Flowers on it. It makes sense to have Pokemon born with hearts cause believe it of not some people are born with heart-looking things on them but flowers? Looks like a pig with Bad sheets fused with it.

9. Kirikizan


Whats wrong : I don't dislike it, I really don't but I see a resemblance in Cut man from Megaman.

8. Nageki/Dageki

Whats wrong : Pokemon shouldn't be born wearing clothes. I mean I'm human and I didn't come out my mommy wearing clothes.

7. Cofa-gri-gus

Whats wrong : I guess it kinda makes sense but I still don't like that its based on a Man-Made item, a coffin. Pokemon should look like Animals, creatures, etc. NOT ITEMS!

6. Morobareru


Whats wrong : The reason I have such a Problem with this Pokemon is because of the Pokeballs all over it. I mean did the design of Pokeballs come from this? Absolutely not so we shouldn't have Pokemon that stem from Pokeballs. Even though I do like Voltorb and Electrode...

5. Maggyo


Whats wrong : "Excuse me but I believe you have stepped on my Pokemon". Seriously whats wrong with it?

4. Genosect

Whats wrong : I see a resemblance.

3. Gigigiaru


Whats wrong : I like it's first evolved form but then out of no where after a few levels it grows some kind of levitating force field that isn't even connected to it. Looks to robotic like the above "Pokemon".

2. Baibanira


Whats wrong : A Pokemon that is edible without having to be cooked or made? Yes People cut off slowpoke tails and ate them but now theres Bainaira who all you have to do is throw a pokeball at it and you have your own tasty treat!

1. Dasutodasu


Whats wrong : This Pokemon is GARBAGE! Literally. I'm guessing it came into existence when a group of people left a ton of garbage outside. Due to frustration the garbage grew eyes, a mouth, and hands and walked away to the Garbage-dump on its own!