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Well another one of these...

Every so often I get that nostalgia bug. I come here and look at all the members here on my tracked blogs and most of them end in 2008. It's about to be 2013 can you believe it?

I truly had some great memories here and I'm sadden by the fact that I can't relive them. THe past is the past though and only memories. Till that bug hits again peace out Gamespot!

Well, whats up Gamespot?

I just can't seem to find a place to hang my hat on the net. Giantbomb has a horrible community. Watching Darro's video made me remember how awesome Gamespot was. I try to blog here and post videos of my gaming adventures.

So is Gamespot still filled with polite gamers?

Wow time flies...

It been forever since I came here to blog but, I feel like something is missing. Maybe this whole "blog" thing was just a trend. I mean compared to 2006 and 2007 video blogs were all over and meeting people this way fun. Especially when you share the same interests. I remember looking forward to coming to Gamespot mostly for video blogs.

Now I still look forward to it but there aren't very many of them. I know there are still people blogging here but its not the same. Things change I guess whether you like the changes or not. Its 2010 now and I have been blogging on GiantBomb. It just isn't the same. Its a wasteland. I have to say its no fun making a blog when no one else is doing them. Maybe I am out of touch and haven't realized where fellow gamers have gone?

So I think I'll come here to blog now and then but videos are hard to do on this site and not worth the headache. Honestly just felt like bloggin and see what Gamespot community is up to. Peace out guys!

Wow I haven't posted here...

What's up guys, many of you know that I am still active elsewhere. For those gamers that are interested I stop posting here because of the limitaions on video's.

For those who wish to follow me you can visit here. Peace guys.

Speaking my mind

Whats up Gamespot. I got a video posted through viddler. Go to the link above if you want to watch.Peace out.

Another New Video

This video is long and won't fit on Gamespot. So here is is for those who want to to watch.

New Video is up

Hey guys, Just put a new video up in Giant Bomb. Gamespot is making it too hard to post videos. So here over here to check the video out IF you want to.