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Top 10 of 2013

2013 was..... a so so year for gaming in all honesty. But I have a top 10 favorite, so here we go!

10. Grand Theft Auto V

9. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

8. Killzone Shadowfall

7. Injustice: Gods Among Us

6. Bioshock Infinite

5. Pokemon Y

4. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

3. Dead Space 3

2. Rayman Legends

1. Tomb Raider

There you guys go, my top 10. Leave below what you guys enjoyed most.

My top 5 favorite fictional characters.

Well, this is something I've wanted to make for a few years now, and A LOT of you might not agree with this list, but opinions. So, here we go.

5. Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)

Easily my favorite character in the Mass Effect series and one of the best supporting characters in gaming history.

4. Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

The main protagonist of my favorite game of all time and the best Ninja in all of gaming.

3. Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)

The main protagonist of my favorite Survival Horror franchise and might be one of the most relateable characters in gaming. Poor guy

2. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)


An iconic gaming character and my favorite character in gaming.


1. Goku (Dragon Ball)


Arguably the most iconic anime/manga character of all time, Goku is my childhood hero and easily my favorite character in anything, ever.

Well that's it guys, my top 5 favorite fictional characters. Who are yours?


Top 10 games of 2012

With 2012 coming to a close, I decided to make a top 10 list. So, here we go.

10. Resident Evil 6:


This game got a lot of flac, but I quite enjoyed myself.

9. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II


Another game that got some flac, while not the best Sonic game, it's still a lot of fun.

8. Assassin's Creed III


While I'm not a huge Assassin's Creed fan, this game is great.

7. Halo 4


Though it was made a different studio, Halo 4 was a great amount of fun.

6. Prototype 2


While Heller isn't as great a character as Alex Mercer, his game is VERY fun.

5. Pokemon White 2


The best Pokemon game since Gen 2. That is all.

4. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

The original version is.... bad, but Razor's Edge is a HUGE improvement.

3. Darksiders II


I never played the first one, but this game is utterly fantastic.

2. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


A HUGE improvement on the already fantastic original.

1. Mass Effect 3


In spite of that ending (which was fixed later), this game is AMAZING. Probably the best in the series.

And that's it. What was your top 10? Let me know :D

Digimon Generations - Episode 12

Digimon Generations by: Frankie Holzwarth and Darren Forster

Episode 12: Emma's Capture, Boost Soul Rescue Mission!

Opening: Precious Time, Glory Days by Psychic Lover

Insert: Believer by Ikuo, Rhythm Emotion by Two-Mix

"Sticker Blade!"

*Sangloupmon flings thousands of tiny blades at a Raidramon, deleting it*

"Another one taken out, good job." Says Patrick

*Sangloupmon degenerates to Dracmon*


*Reptiledramon crashes into a BlackGarurumon, destroying it*

"You're constantly getting stronger, buddy." Says Sasuke

*Reptiledramon degenerates to Dorumon*

"You really think so?" Says Dorumon

*The scene cuts away to Kiwimon and a defeated Dobermon*

"Humans are pathetic, I think I'll use you for food instead."


*Kiwimon charges at the Digimon*

*The evil Digimon smacks her away and grabs Emma*

*The scene cuts to Indaina and Minato hearing a scream in the distance*

"Did you hear that?" Says Minato

"Sounded like..... EMMA!" Says Indaina

*The scene cuts to Patrick and Sasuke walking into each other*

"That side of the area is cleared Sasuke."

"Good, lets go find the others."

"SASUKE!" Yells Minato

"Huh? Minato? Indaina? Where's Ronald? Where's Emma?!"

"I don't know..... I heard her scream."

"Scream? Jesus christ. Minato, you go find Ronald. Indaina, Patrick, we're gonna go find Emma."

*Patrick, Indaina, and Sasuke follow their D-Boosters*

"Sasuke, this is it." Says Indaina

"Alright. Reload, Gargomon!"

*Gargomon comes out of the D-Booster*

"How can I be of assistance?"

"Blow this door down!"

(insert Song: Believer starts playing)

*The door blows apart*


"Huh? Your friends are here? Perfect."

"Digi-Dex Scan!" Says Patrick

"Digmon, a Champion Level Armor Evolved Digimon. Not much information other than that."

"You're dead for interrupting my meal!"


"Dorumon! Digivolve!"

(Reptiledramon's evolution scene plays)

"Dracmon! Digivolve!"

(Sangloupmon's evolution scene plays)

"Kamemon! Digivolve!

(Gwappamon's evolution scene plays)

"ATTACK!" Yells Patrick, Indaina, and Sasuke

*The 3 charge at him, overwhelming him*

*The scene cuts to Minato finding Ronald*

"Hey man, you alright?"

*Helps him up*

"Yeah.... but that Digimon.... took Emma...."

"We're going to get her now. You coming, Kiwimon?"
*Kiwimon gets up and nods*

*The scene cuts back to Gwappamon grabbing and throwing Digmon outside*

*Sasuke pulls Emma down and she hugs him*

"Are you okay?"

*She smiles at him*

"Fine now."

*Minato and Ronald run over after Digmon is thrown out*

*Sasuke and Emma walk out*

(Insert Song: Believer stops)

"You're finished, Digimon. Now, Sangloupmon!"

"STOP!" Yells Emma

"What?... Why?"

"This one's mine."

*The others all look at her shocked*

(Insert song: Rhythm Emotion plays)

"Come on, Kiwimon!"

"Emma! DigiXros her with Gargomon!"

"Whatever you want, Sasuke!" Says Gargomon

*Emma rotates the center of her D-Booster, pulling out 2 rings*





*Emma hits the middle button on her D-Booster*


*A Pink X appears*


*Kiwimon gains Gargomon's arms, and his ammo pack*

"Kiwimon, Gattling Mode!"

"WHAT?!" Yells Digmon

*Kiwimon punches Digmon in the face*


*Shoots Laster Bird Heads out of her Gun arms blasting Digmon*

*Digmon falls over, defeated*

(Insert song: Rhythm Emotion ends)

"Alright Emma, finish him off." Says Ronald

*Emma creates a ring from her D-Booster, throws it at Digmon. Capturing him*

"Digimon Capture, Complete!"

*The team looks at her shocked*

"What? He's with us now. Didn't need to die."

"Team Boost Soul saved Emma and gained a new ally. What sort of Adventures will they tackle next?"

(Next Episode Preview)

"Rizwan? Who are you?"

"I'm not a human, nor a Digimon. This here, is my partner, Wisemon."

"The only way you can defeat Grimmon is with the power of Flash Digivolution!"

"Flash Digivolution?!"

"Digimon Generations, You can't turn your back on us!"

Ending: Touchousha Tachi by KENN

Digimon Generations Episode 11

Digimon Generations by: Frankie Holzwarth and Darren Forster

Episode 11: Tamer vs Tamer, The Battle Heats Up!

Opening: Precious Time, Glory Days by Psychic Lover

Insert: Supernova by Tetra Fang

"You have been chosen for something bigger." Says a mysterious voice

"Something bigger?...." Says a young African American man

*The boy is then sucked into his computer*

*The boy then opens his eyes*

"That dream again....."

"Hey Ronald, you alright?" Says Labramon

"Yeah, I'll be fine, how about you?"

"I haven't been sleeping, you've been uneasy lately."

"I just can't forgot how I got here, waking up in an ocean, unable to breath. You saved me."

"And then we became partners!"

"Haha, yeah you're right."

"Come on Ronald, lets go get those bad guys!"

*The scene then cuts away to Team Boost Soul*

"Hey Dorumon, what was it like combining with Gargomon like that?" Says Floramon

"It was crazy! I could feel his power inside of me, hear his thoughts, I felt twice as strong!"

"Hey master, I wanna DigiXros!" Says Dracmon

"Yeah, me too!" Says Kamemon

"Hey Dorumon, why don't we DigiXros?!" Says Ryudamon

"Whoa whoa guys, calm down! It's not that easy!" Says Sasuke

*The camera pans over to Ronald and Labramon looking down on them*

"Are those the bad guys?"

"Yeah, Labramon. If we beat them, this world will be saved."

*Team Boost Soul continues moving forward*

*Ronald appears in front of them*

"This is a far as you guys go!"

"Whoa whoa, who are you?!" Says Minato

"Me? I'm the one that's going to stop you and save this world!"

"Stop us? What are you talking about?" Says Patrick

"We're trying to save this world!" Says Emma

"LIES! I was told you'd try to deceive me, and it's not going to work!"

"Oh really? Well tough guy, try and get past me!" Says Sasuke

"Fine with me!"

(Stock Footage Transformation)

*Ronald hits a button on his D-Booster*

"Labramon, Digivolve!"

*Labramon runs in a circle and turns into a beam of light*

"Labramon, Digivolve to!"

*Labramon's body grows bigger and thinner, then shatters*


(Transformation ends)

"You're not the only one that can do that!"

"Dorumon, Digivolve!"

(Reptiledramon's evolution plays out)

"Go get him, Dobermon!"


"Bring it on Big boy!"

*The two head toward each other, with Dobermon being knocked back*

"Nice shot!"

"You're Digimon may be stronger, but I doubt he's faster."

*Dobermon starts running around, much faster*

"Huh? Where'd he go?!"

"Schwartz Strahl!"

*Fires a Black Beam out of it's mouth, knocking Reptiledramon back*

"Well if it's gonna be like that, we gotta play the hard way!"

*Sasuke rotates his D-Booster, creating 2 rings*




"You got it!"

*Sasuke hits the 3rd Button on his D-Booster*


*A Red X Appears*



"Hmm, impressive, but not enough!"

*Ronald rotates his D-Booster, creating 2 rings*


"He can DigiXros too?!"


*Dobermon howls*


"As you wish!"

*Ronald hits a button his D-Booster*


*A Black X Appears*


*Six Wings Appear on Dobermon's back*

*Dobermon's Tail turns into a manuverable version of Angemon's staff*

*Angemon's helmet appears over Dobermon's eyes*

"Dobermon: Holy Mode!"

*The two Digimon Fly into the air*

*Dragon Machine Fire!*

"Dark Angel Blast!"

*A beam struggle ensues, with Dobermon winning*

*RapidReptiledramon splits into Dorumon and Gargomon, landing on the ground*

"Looks like it's over. Dobermon, finish them off!"

(Insert Song: Supernova Plays)

"No chance! We'll show you real speed!"

"Ryudamon, Digivolve!"

(GinRyumon's Evolution Plays)

*GinRyumon flies past Dobermon*

"Wow, you're fast, but not fast enough!"

*Dobermon flies toward him, unable to keep up*

"There's no way he's faster than me!"

*GinRyumon flies back past Dobermon*

"He can't be faster than Dobermon!"

*Sasuke punches Ronald in the face, knocking him down*

"You... hit me..."

"I don't know who told you we're the bad guys, but we're not!"

*Ronald looks at him confused*

"But..... Dagomon said....."



*An iron tails knocks Dobermon down*

"Metal Armor Blade!"

*Fires a spear from his mouth, hitting Dobermon while he's falling, defeating him*

*Dobermon: Holy Mode splits into Labramon and Angemon*

"You.... you didn't destroy him." Says Ronald.

(Insert Song: Supernova stops)

"Why would we do that? He's your partner." Says Minato

"But... Dagomon said...."

"Dagomon lied to you, Ronald. We're not the bad guys."

"I guess I'm not going home then...."

"Why don't you join us?" Says Emma

"YEAH! We could always use a new guy!" Says Indaina

"You guys would be that willing to..."

*Sasuke throws his hand out*

"Come on man, we'll help you get home."

*Ronald shakes Sasuke's hand*

"Well, alright!"

"Welcome to the team." Says Patrick

"Ronald has now joined team Boost Soul and they are now much stronger, but will they be able to overcome their new challenges?"

"Emma was kidnapped by Digmon!"
"Well looks like we have to save her!"
"You ready, Ronald?"

"Digimon Generations, You can't turn your back on us!"

Ending: Touchousha Tachi by KENN

Digimon Generations Episode 10

Digimon Generations by Frankie Holzwarth and Darren Forster

Episode 10: A Brand New Power! Go Sasuke, DigiXros!

Opening: Precious Time, Glory Days by Psychic Lover

Insert: Believer by Ikuo

Several days have past since Team Boost Soul fought with Grimmom and Akuma. The team has been resting since then.

"Hey man, you think I have a shot with Emma?" Asks Indaina

"Dude, no." Says Minato

"What are they talking about, Ryudamon?" Asks Kamemon

*Ryudamon shakes his head*


"Dude, she's head over heals for Sasuke."

*The scene cuts to Patrick sitting with Dracmon*

"You know Dracmon, I've been thinking."

"About what, sir?"

"I should be the leader of Team Boost Soul!"


"Think about it! I was the first one of us to come to the Digital World! I know the most about what's going on!"

"But Dorumon and Sasuke are stronger than we are, sir."

"We'll just have to change that then, won't we?"

*The scene cuts to Sasuke and Dorumon looking up at the stars.*

"You know Dorumon, a guy could get used to this."

"Hey Sasuke, I have to ask. What were you and Emma doing to other night?"

"Honestly buddy, I don't know. I just met her, but I feel like... I don't know how to explain it."



*Dorumon runs around and points at Sasuke*


*Emma walks in*

"Am I interrupting something?"

"No..... Not at all....."

*The scene cuts away to Patrick and Dracmon*

"Alright, that strong Digimon is this way!"

"I'm not so sure about this, sir."

"You can take it down no problem!"

*They run into a Blue Dinosaur type Digimon*

"Digi-Dex, scan!"

"Greymon is a Tyrannosaurus-type Digimon. As a Digimon specializing in offensive power, its combat instinct is extremely high, and it possesses a cruel, brutal nature to not stop battling until it annihilates the opponent, so ordinary Digimon are not even able to approach it, as they are pushed back by the strange fighting spirit it gives off to its surroundings. It displays its especially tremendous fighting strength along with its sturdy flesh in close combat. Each of its techniques possesses immense destructive power, and furthermore, it can probably be said that it is almost impossible to hit Greymon in close combat because of its quick movements. This Digimon has no level."

"No level? What the hell?"

"Master, I'm not so sure about this."

"We'll be fine!"

"Dracmon, Digivolve!"

(Sangloupmon's Evolution Sequence Plays)

*Sangloupmon jumps toward Greymon*

*Greymon swats him away with his tail*

"He's fast for a big guy...."

*Greymon slams him back with his horn*


*The scene cuts back to Sasuke and Emma*

*Emma rests her head on Sasuke's shoulder*

*Sasuke runs his fingers through her hair*

"Do humans normally do things like this?" Says Dorumon

*Floramon shrugs her shoulders*

*Indaina runs over!*


*Sasuke and Emma fall over*


"Patrick and Dracmon are missing!"


*The scene cuts to Greymon with his foot over Sangloupmon*

"This is what you get for attacking me!"

*Greymon's mouth fills with fire*

"Sangloupmon.... I'm sorry....."


*Hits Greymon's eye*


*Dorumon runs over to Sangloupmon*

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah... I'm fine....."

"SASUKE!" Yells Gargomon from inside the D-Booster

(Insert Song: Believer Plays)


"I've been looking around in here, we can beat Greymon if you DigiXros me with Reptiledramon!"


"It's combining my power into Reptiledramon!"

"YOU GOT IT! Ready Dorumon?!"


"Dorumon, Digivolve!"

(Reptiledramon's Evolution Plays)

(Stock Footage Transformation)

*Sasuke rotates to outer ring of the D-Booster, pulling out 2 rings*





*Sasuke hits the middle button on the D-Booster*


*The 2 rings combine together*


*A big "X" appears*

*Reptiledramon's arms turn into Gargomon's*

*Gargomon ammo pack appears on Reptiledramons Torso*

*Reptiledramon's wings turn into Gargomon's ears*


(Stock Footage Transformation Ends)

"Oh wow... They combined!"

*RapidReptiledramon flies toward Greymon*

"Take this! Gattling Dragon Charge!*

*Repeatedly shoots Greymon and then flies through him*

"Oh wow...." Says Sasuke

"What power....." Says Patrick

"RAHHH!" Yells Greymon

*Greymon is then deleted*

*RapidReptiledramon lands, and the DigiXros wears off*

(Insert Song: Believer ends)

"That was.... amazing!"

*Gargomon goes back into the D-Booster*

"Why'd you come back in?"

"I'm not your official partner, I can only stay out temporarily."

"So that's why the DigiXros wore off."

"Sasuke.... I'm sorry." Says Patrick

"For what?"

"The whole reason I'm out here is because I wanted to prove myself stronger than you. I was selfish."

*Sasuke moves his hand out, looking for a handshake*

"Don't even worry about it!"

*Patrick smiles and shakes Sasuke's hand*

"DigiXrossing is an incredible new power indeed! Who knows what sort of new adventures our heroes will go on next?"

(Next Episode Preview)

"Who are you? And why are you attacking us?!"

"My name's Ronald, and you Hunters are gonna pay!"

"We're not Hunters, are you crazy?!"

"Digimon Generations, you can't turn your back on us!"

Ending: Touchousha Tachi

Digimon Generations Episode 9

Digimon Generations by Frankie Holzwarth and Darren Forster

Episode 9: Grimmon and Akuma, Deadly Duo!

Opening: Precious Time, Glory Days by Psychic Lover

Insert: Believer by Ikuo

Insert: Dark Knight by Takayoshi Tanamoto

Insert: Tagiru Chikara by Psychic Lover

Sasuke, a teen from Tokyo ended up in the Digital World and met his Digimon partner, Dorumon. During his journey he met with 4 other human beings: Patrick, Emma, Indaina, and Minato. With their Digimon partners, they've encountered Digimon with strange markings on their bodies and a group of evil Digimon Hunters. The reason behind all of this is about to be revealed.

"You know, Sasuke. Nothings been going on the past few days." Says Dorumon

"Yeah, we've just been walking aimlessly." Says Patrick

"They're right. This is almost too convenient." Says Indaina

"Oh come on you guys, nothing is wrong." Says Sasuke

*The scene cuts to The Dark Beings with team Dark Wing*


"It's not our fault! They overpowered us!" Says Alexander

"You dare argue with our master?!"

"Save it, Akuma."

*The Dark Being moves forward, revealing himself to be Grimmon*

"If team Dark Wing failed, we'll take of this ourselves."

*The scene cuts back to team Boost Soul*

"Alright guys, we'll camp here." Says Sasuke.

"Finally!" Says Indaina

*The scene cuts to Sasuke sitting alone*

"Hey.. Sasuke..."

"Oh hey, Emma. Why aren't you sleeping?"

"Couldn't. Got a lot going on in my head right now. May I join you?"

"Of course!"

*Sasuke moves over to make room for Emma*

*Emma sits down*

"Something you want to talk about?"

"Sasuke.... I worry about you."

"Worry about me? Why?"

"You put yourself into danger more than any of us. You're the leader. I don't wanna see you hurt yourself."

*She grabs Sasuke's hand romantically*

*Sasuke smiles at her*

"I'll be okay."

*The 2 look into each others eyes, and move toward each other*


*Dorumon jumps in the middle of them*

"Oh, hi Emma!"

"Dorumon.... what are you doing here?"

"You guys we're talking, I just wanted to be popular."

"Lets finish this conversation later...." Says Emma


*Sasuke walks away frustrated*

"What did I do?"

*The scene cuts to Akuma*

"If my D-Booster is correct, the leader of Team Boost Soul isn't too far from our location."

"Good, lets give him a warm welcome."

*Sasuke continues walking, with Dorumon following*

"Hey Sasuke.... I'm sorry for making you mad...."

"Don't worry about it. You didn't do anything wrong."

"What was going on with you two anyway? I've never seen you like that before."

"Well you see, it's...."

"The last thing you'll ever see!"

(Insert Song: Dark Knight plays)

*Akuma appears in front of Sasuke*

"What? Who the hell our you?"

"I apologize for the rude introduction. My name is Akuma."


*Grimmon appears out of Akuma's D-Booster*


"Sasuke.... I sense something familiar about this guy....."

"Familiar? You're the one who turned all of those Digimon hostile, aren't you?!"

"I can't allow humans to roam freely in my world. You are an imperfect species."


"He's here because I allow him to be. Now, Dorumon. Run away and I'll let you live."

"NO! Sasuke is my friend!"


(Insert Song: Dark Knight stops)

(Insert Song: Tagiru Chikara Plays)

*Sasuke's D-Booster starts glowing as does Dorumon's body*

*Dorumon roars into the sky*

"Dorumon, Digivolve!"

(Reptiledramon's Digivolution Plays)

*Reptiledramon flies toward Grimmon, Grimmon jumps out of the way*

"Reload, Gargomon!"

*Gargomon appears out of the D-Booster*


*The two ferociously attack Grimmon, with Reptiledramon slamming him into the ground*

*They fly toward Grimmon*

(Insert Song: Tagiru Chikara stops)

(Insert Song: Dark Knight resumes)

*Grimmon blasts Reptiledramon back and knocks Gargomon backward*

"Is that really all you can do?"

"All of those attacks and he doesn't have a scratch on him. What's with this guy?"

"Grimmon is far more powerful than any Champion level Digimon. You don't stand a chance."

(Insert song: Dark Knight stops)

"Maybe not on his own!" Says Patrick

(Insert song: Believer plays)

"But when we're together, YOU don't stand a chance." Says Emma

"We're Team Boost Soul! You can't win!" Says Minato

"We're gonna take you down!" Says Indaina

"GUYS! You're here!"

"We've got your back, Sasuke!" Says Patrick

"Dracmon, Digivolve!"

(Sangloupmon's Digivolution plays)

"Floramon, Digivolve!"

(Kiwimon's Digivolution Plays)

"Ryudamon, Digivolve!"

(GinRyumon's Digivolution Plays)

"Kamemon, Digivolve!"

(Gwappamon's Digivolution Plays)

"You really think five of you makes a difference?"

"My soul is burning up like an inferno! It's beating scream tells me to destroy you! We are Team Boost Soul, Hope of the Digital World, Nightmare to you!" Yells Sasuke

"You'll all be destroyed!"






*All the attacks hit Grimmon full force*

*Grimmon gets up, in pain*

"How is this possible?!"

*Reptiledramon flies toward Grimmon*


*Hits Grimmon full force, knocking him back*

"Akuma... .Retreat....."

*Akuma puts Grimmon back in the D-Booster*

"This isn't over."

*A dark portal appears behind Akuma, and he jumps inside.*

"Sasuke..... That speech....." Says Indaina

"What was wrong with it?!"

"Could use some work......" Says Patrick

"Hey wait a minute!"

"Grimmon is extremely powerful, but Team Boost Soul were able to hold him off. However, what adventures will they go on next?!"

"Patrick and Dracmon are being overwhelmed by Greymon!"
"Sasuke, if you combine me with Reptiledramon, we can save him!"
"Here we go guys, DigiXros!"

"Digimon Generations, You can't turn your back on us!"

Ending: Touchousha Tachi

Digimon Generations - Episode 8

Digimon Generations by Frankie Holzwarth and Darren Forster

Episode 8: BlackGargomon's Rampage!

Opening: Precious Time, Glory Days by Psychic Lover

Insert: Tagiru Chikara by Psychic Lover

Sasuke and the others continue on their journey, and stop many dead Digimon.

"What the hell" Aren't Digimon supposed to turn into data after dying?" Says a confused Sasuke

"These must be very recent, they haven't fully decomposed yet." Says Patrick

"Are those... bullet wounds?!" Says Emma

"Yeah they are..... A Digimon uses bullets?" Says Minato

*Sasuke then pulls up his D-Booster*

"Sasuke, what are you doing?" Says Indaina

"Digi-Dex, look up Digimon that have used bullets in this area."

"Most recent scans show that one of two Digimon were here. Gargomon and BlackGargomon."

"Track BlackGargomon."

"Why BlackGargomon?" Says Dorumon

"A Virus Digimon. Seems more likely."

*The D-Booster's Compass activates.*

"Alright guys, this way."

*The scene then cuts to two evil looking beings.*

"Master, why not take control of that Digimon?"

"Because it is of no use to us, it?s simply out of control."

"I understand, sir."

"However, it is time for us to make our move."

*The evil being then smiles*

*The scene cuts back to Sasuke and the others*

"Any sign of him yet?" Says Dracmon

"Should be coming close."

"GAHHH!" Screams a female Digimon


*The team runs into a Togemon falling over dead, with BlackGargomon looking at them*

"THERE YOU ARE!" Yells Patrick

(Sangloupmon?s Digivolution scene plays out)



*Sangloupmon jumps toward BlackGargomon, but it jumps out of the way*


*Shoots bullets out of his arms, hitting Sangloupmon*

*Sangloupmon degenerates*


"Guys, hide!"

*The team runs and hides behind some huts*

"Sasuke, please tell me you have a plan." Says Dorumon

"Dorumon, Something's wrong with this Digimon. He doesn't have those markings on him like those other hostile Digimon, but he isn't doing this out of his own will."

"What are you talking about?"

"I just have this feeling."

*Sasuke starts walking toward BlackGargomon*

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Says Patrick

*Sasuke continues walking toward it*

"SASUKE STOP!" Says Emma

*BlackGargomon points his gun at Sasuke*

"Why are you doing this?" Says Sasuke

"...Wh....What?" Says BlackGargomon

"Why are you killing all these Digimon?"

"....I.....I don't know......"

"Put that gun down. Nobody here is going to hurt you."

"I.......I CAN'T!"

*BlackGargomon prepares to fire*

*Dorumon runs toward them*


(Insert Song: Tagiru Chikara plays)

(Reptiledramon's Digivolution plays out)

*Reptiledramon crashes into BlackGargomon, knocking him over*

"You digivolved on your own?!"

"I wasn't gonna let him hurt you, we're partners."

"Reptiledramon.... I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Putting myself in danger like that."

*BlackGargomon gets up*

"Later, I got this guy to take care of!"

*Reptiledramon flies toward BlackGargomon and tail whips him.*


*Rams into BlackGargomon, knocking him back, defeated.*

*Reptiledramon degenerates*

*BlackGargomon turns into Gargomon*

(Insert: Tagiru Chikara stops)

*Sasuke walks over to Gargomon*

"You changed?"

"I didn't mean to do what I did, I couldn't control my body. I don't deserve to live."

"NO! This wasn't your fault."

"Sasuke. Hunt him." Says Patrick

"Hunt him?"

"He didn't do this on his own. If you put him in your D-Booster he'll not only heal, but he'll be on our team."

"Is this okay with you, Gargomon."

"I would be more than happy to work with a group like you."

*Sasuke rotates the screen of his D-Booster, creating a ring*

*Throws it toward Gargomon*

"Thank you, oh so much."

*Gargomon is then absorbed into the D-Booster*

"Digimon capture, complete."

"Good job, Sasuke."Says Patrick

"Oh by the way, I thought of a team name."

"Team name? What is it?"


"Boost-Soul, huh?" Says Minato

"I like it!" Says Emma

"Team Boost-Soul is officially born. But what of the Dark Being?"

(Next Episode Preview)

"My name is Grimmon and this is my partner Akuma. I've been watching you."
"You're the one who turned all of those Digimon into Hostiles, aren't you?!"

"Digimon Generations, You can't turn your back on us!"

Ending: Touchousha Tachi

Digimon Generations - Episode 7

Digimon Generations

Created by Frankie Holzwarth and Darren Forster

Episode 7: Sangloupmon takes action!

Opening: Precious Time, Glory Days by Psychic Lover

Insert: Believer by Ikuo


"He was taken by that group of Tamers."

"Group of Tamers? You mean Sasuke's group?" Says Ronaldo

"Oh? Good. Gives me something to do. Lets go."

*The scene cuts to Sasuke and the others walking, with Kokuwumon following*

"I can't thank you guys enough for letting me come with you."

"Trust me, it was no trouble at all. Right Patrick?" Says Sasuke

"Oh yeah. Fun for everyone."

*Kokuwumon jumps and rides on Patricks back*

"Master, I think he likes you." Says Dracmon

"Yes he clearly does."

*The whole team turns and looks*

"Alexander. What do you want?" Says Sasuke.

"I'm here for our property."


"Oh, forgot to mention. I'm the leader of team 'Dark Star'. Let me introuduce you to my team mates."


*Nicole walks over*


*Ronaldo walks over*

"RONALDO?! I should've known not to trust you." Says Sasuke

"Now hand over Kokuwumon nice and easy."

"Sorry pal, not gonna happen. Your little friend abandoned him!"

"It looks like we're gonna have to do things the hard way. Fine with me."

(Stock Footage Transformation)

"DemiDevimon, Digivolve!"

*Alexander hits a button on his D-Booster*

*DemiDevimon flaps his wings, and then his body explodes into a all of dark energy*

"DemiDevimon Digivolve to!"

*The Dark Energy grows larger, takes shape, and cracks*


(Stock Footage Transformation)

"Tapirmon, Digivolve!"

*Ronaldo hits a button on his D-Booster*

*Tapirmon starts spinning, and then turns into Dark Energy*

"Tapirmon Digivolve too!"

*His body changes in the dark energy, and then cracks*


"Digivolving won't help you at all!" Says Dorumon

"Exactly, lets do this Dorumon!"

(Reptiledramon's Stock Footage Transformation Plays)

"Our turn, come on Kamemon!"

(Gwappamon's Stock Footage Transformation Plays)

"Guys back off, we'll take care of these two." Says Sasuke

"Oh really? Go get him Devimon!"

*Devimon jumps down*

"Don't even try it!"

*Reptiledramon then rams Devimon over*

*Gwappamon begins pummelling Sheepmon*

*The scene cuts to Patrick, Dracmon, and Kokuwumon seperate from the others*

"Master, what happened?"

"I don't know, Dracmon. Must've gotten away from the others."

"Exactly how I wanted it."

*Patrick turns around and sees Nicole*

"You again..."

"Give me back Kokuwumon, now."

"NO! I'll never go back with a mean person like you!"

"Mean?! I'm your master! Get over here!"

"Look, you clearly don't know how to treat Digimon. You abandon him, and now you expect him to come crawling back to you?!"

*The scene cuts to Devimon throwing Reptiledramon to the side*


"I'd kill him, but me and Alex have other plans."

*Devimon then flies toward Patrick and Nicole*

"Patrick, give her back Kokuwumon, now!"

"Sorry, but that's not gonna happen!"

"Stay away from Master!"

*Dracmon jumps on Devimon and bites him in the face*

"GAHH! Get off of me!"

*Devimon grabs Dracmon and tosses him away. He's now bleeding and has a hole in his face*


*Unleashes a blast of unholy energy from his hands toward Patrick*

*Kokuwumon pushes him out of the way, taking the blast*

*Dracmon gets up, and looks over*

"Master! Are you alright?!"

"Yeah I'm fine.... Kokuwumon?!"

*Kokuwumon is laying on the floor, badly injured*

*Sasuke and Reptiledramon run over to the scene*


"It's gonna be okay... I should've been with you guys from the beginning."

*Kokuwumon's body deletes*

"Huh, he was useless all along." Says Nicole

"Useless?! He kissed the dirt you stand on, and you call him useless?! HOW DARE YOU!" Says Patrick

(Insert: Believer starts playing)

*Patrick's D-Booster starts glowing*

"Dracmon! Lets make them pay!"

"It's about time!"

(Stock Footage Transformation)

"Dracmon, Digivolve!"

*Patrick hits a button on his D-Booster*

"Dracmon crosses his arms with his palms facing the forward, then seperates his arms, turning into a beam of light*

"Dracmon, Digivolve to!"

*A wolf like body is formed in the beam of light, the light cracks*


"Alright! Dracmon digivolved!" Says Sasuke

"Hey Reptiledramon, wanna tag-team him?" Says Sangloupmon

"I thought you'd never ask."

"Two on one won't make a difference. I'll kill you both!"

*The 2 move toward Devimon*


*Reptiledramon easily knocks Devimon over*

*Sangloupmon jumps in the air*

"Now you're mine! Black Mind!"

*Shoots a ball of Dark Energy out of his mouth, Degenerating Devimon*

*The scene then cuts to Sheepmon being thrown into a wall, Degenerating*

"Good job Gwappamon!"

"We're not finished here! I'll be back."

*Ronaldo runs away*

*The scene cuts back to Patrick, Sasuke, and Alexander.*

(Insert: Believer stops)

"You win this time, next time though..."

"Yeah right, get out of here!" Says Sasuke

*Alexander and Nicole run off.*

"You gonna be alright, man?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks though."

"Dracmon finally digivolved! Now that they all have gained this incredible power, what happens next?"

(Next episode preview)

"Another Digimon with those markings is attacking, Sasuke!"

"There's something different about this one though, I gotta talk to him!"

"Sasuke look out!"

"Digimon Generations. You can't turn your back on us!"

Ending: Touchousha Tachi

Digimon Generations - Episode 6

Digimon Generations

Created by Frankie Holzwarth and Darren Forster

Episode 6: Kiwimon's beautiful entrance!

Opening: Precious Time, Glory Days by Psychic Lover

Insert: Believer by Ikuo

"HEAVY SPEAKER!" says a Ballistamon, vaporizing an Ankylomon.

"Good job, Ballistamon. That thing was getting on my nerves." Says a female Hunter.

*Ballistamon degenerates into Kokuwumon*

"Why didn't you want to capture that one, Ms. Nicole?"

"There's only one Digimon I'm interesting in hunting. Floramon."

*Nicole gets an evil look in her eyes*

*The scene cuts away to Emma and Floramon*

"Hey Emma."

"Yeah, Floramon?"

"I never properly thanked you for saving me. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

"It was no trouble at all, really."

*The two smile at each other*

*The scene cuts to Reptiledramon, GinRyumon, and Gwappamon taking out 3 Centarumon*

"That's what you guys get for trying to get into our camp site!" Says Sasuke.

"Hey Sasuke, who's that?"

*Indaina points over to a girl with a DigiDex open*

"I have NO idea. Wouldn't worry about it though."

*The scene then cuts to Nicole walking up to Patrick*

"Excuse me, you wouldn't have happened to see this Digimon, would you?"

*Patrick turns around and sees Floramon on the DigiDex*

"What do you want with Floramon?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm going to hunt her!"

"Trust me, that's not happening. GO DRACMON!"

*Dracmon pounces toward Nicole, but is stopped by Kokuwumon*

"You won't hurt Ms. Nicole!"

*Dracmon knocks Kokuwumon over, and begins to overwhelm him*

"Obviously your Digimon is stronger than mine. Why don't we change that?!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Kokuwumon, Digivolve!"

*Kokuwumon's body glows, grows, and the light breaks*


"You digivolved him?!"


*Hits and Knocks Dracmon out*

*Sasuke and the others run over*

"What's going on here?!"


*Emits a low tone from the speaker in its belly, knocking them all back*

"Well that was fun, but I'll be going now"

*The scene cuts to Emma and Floramon again*

"You know, we haven't heard from Sasuke and the others in a while." Says Floramon

"You know what, you're right."

"That's because I took them out!"

*Emma and Floramon turn around and see Nicole and Ballistamon*

"You again."

"Give me Floramon and there won't be any trouble."

"No! She's my partner."

"You're not taking me from Emma, EVER!"

"Okay, have it your way. BALLISTAMON!"

*Ballistamon jumps down toward the 2 of them and slowly walks toward Emma.*

*Emma starts to get scared*


*Ballistamon, a machine Digiimon, is unaffected by it*

*Floramon jumps on Ballistamon*


(Insert Song: Believer Starts Playing)

*Floramon starts to glow, as does Emma's D-Booster*



(Stock Footage Transformation)


*Emma hits a button on her D-Booster*

*Floramon runs her hand down her face and becomes a beam of light*

"Floramon, Digivolve to!"

*Floramon's body turns into a Bird like Creature, and the light cracks*


"You really think a Digimon like that can beat Ballistamon?"

*Kiwimon jumps up and pecks Ballistamon's eyes out*


*Ballistamon holds his face in pain*


"Pummel Peck!"

*Shoots out miniature versions of herself, knocking Ballistamon over*

(Insert Song: Believer stops)

"Ms. Nicole... Help me......."

*Nicole runs away, leaving Ballistamon behind*


*Ballistamon degenerates*

"Oh my..... You poor thing."

*Emma goes to comfort Kokuwumon*

"Hey! You guys okay?!" Yells out Sasuke.

"A bird Digimon? Did Floramon digivolve?" Says Minato

"Kokuwumon's here? But where's his partner?" Says Patrick.

"She just left him here after she realised we were winning."

"Oh my god... That's terrible!" Yells Indaina

"She's probably working with Alexander. Come on guys, lets get out of here."

"Take me with you... Please." Says Kokuwumon.

"Of course! Come on little guy."

(Preview for next episode)

"Alexander? Back again huh?" Says Patrick

"Give us Kokuwumon back and nobody gets hurt."

"You guys treated him like garbage! Not gonna happen." Says Sasuke.

"Dracmon, digivolve and take them out!

"Digimon Generations! You can't turn your back on us!"

Ending: Touchousha Tachi