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Aloha from Philadelphia!

I finally made it back! My cousin and I drove 5 days and over 3000 miles along route 80. We drove through 9 states: California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. The western part of the country is amazingly beautiful. You can drive for hours along rt 80 without seeing much other than mountains, plains and skies. We saw these giant three-bladed windmills - each blade so large it has to be transported by a semi! This pic gives you an idea of how large they are!

We had mobile internet and were able to find hotels easily enough while on the road. I have to admit, the hotel in Reno was the best.

We also had encounters with the PO-lice twice. THe first time we were pulled over as suspected drug smugglers. The second time I was in my hotel room - in my underwear. Both times, the cops were doing routine checks for suspicious behavior. Apparently, moving trucks like the one we were driving are being used to transport drugs across country. The date had a lot to do with their dilligence: 4/20.

Considering how easily we got off, perhaps it's time to try a new line of business? How's this for an ingenious transport method? Just don't want to end up like this.

Anywho... I'm back safely and my mom is really happy. I started my job last week as a Technical Support Analyst for VINTek and am loving it so far.

What's going on in your world?

What's Up?

Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd update you on my situation. I'm leaving San Francisco next week and heading back home to the East Coast. Yes, I'll be moving closer to some of you (hi Drac)! I'll be in Bensalem, a northern suburb of Philly. I got a great job waiting for me, working with a friend, no less, so I'm very excited about that. I'll be doing tech support for them. I'm also psyched to be back home, as I'll be moving in with my Mom. I wonder how she'll feel having a roommate now? ;)

Please tell me what is going on with you?


Ciao for now!

Hello GameSpot Friends,

Sadly, I and many of my esteemed peers have been layed off from CNET. Friday, December 12th was our last day. I know I will survive, but it still stings - especially after all the losses we had already suffered.

For me, CNET was a great place to work. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and I am going to miss seeing all the people I've come to love and respect every day.

I know I wasn't on GameSpot a lot - admittedly, I'm not a gamer and feel like a bit of a fraud. :P But you guys and gals have welcomed me and I sincerely appreciate that.

Thanks for the memories!



New Community VBLOG!

Jody, Bethany and I posted a VBLOG in the Community Hub.  You can check it out here.

Yeh, I know, I need to be a little more animated.  Next time, maybe I'll dance.   :)

E3 - yea!

E3 was awesome, fantastic and fabulous beyond belief! Or so I've been told. Poor me was stationed at front lines of Customer Service defense, fending off the deluge of billing questions and emblem requests. I hope you all enjoyed our live coverage! What were your favorite moments?

My Blog

Some people are having trouble seeing my new blog posts show up in their Tracked Blogs list. Can you see mine?

Sitar Hero

Okay, this has got to be the funniest things I've seen (today).

But wait - there's more:

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