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Getting Back into the Real World Game Again!

Anyone that's been hovering my profile for long has probably known that I've not manage to hold a job since my time over at Hollywood Videos(Game Crazy) up till they closed their doors.(with me trotting out the building with like a thousand dollars of games for only $120) So you can imagine how thrilled I was that after so much pestering by my own family for me to find work, that I was offered work from a friend's mother recently. Sure, working in fast food may not be the most exciting thing, but at the very least there is one bit of logic that makes the experience all the worthwhile.

Work + hours = Income

Income - expenses = Disposable Income

Disposable Income = Games!(and whatnot)

So with a paycheck to be coming soon, I'll probably kicking back up the old encyclopedia of gaming knowledge my mind's been letting dust in the imaginary shelves for a while and enjoy myself for once in so long. It finally feels good to have a sense that I'm working to at least something... Now I just gotta do the same thing for my art block.


Nostalgia, such the feeling feeling in the world...

Just pondering about the effects of nostalgia, the rose tinted glasses we all wear to something in our past time that we'll always hold dear to us with undying optimism. Such is the major factor of the recently released Simpsons Arcade Game. Anyone that's currently seen the recent review over at GameSpot knows of the huge mega lashing of fan response to the review. Many of us have played the game in our past time and either found ourselves very much enjoying it with vague memories, or ended up not liking it. It's hard to comment on a game like this, considering that the great majority of Beat'em ups have the same systematic approach to them.

1. Build a game with so and so many levels, make sure it's not too long to maintain player's interest.

2. Create gameplay controls that ensure the player cannot play through with ease so inexperienced playerswill spend more money on the game to continue.

3. Design bosses to be purposely unfair/difficult.

4. Profit!

When I had the opportunity to play through Final Fight, playing it for the first time ever, I had to note the game was quite entertaining, especially after having prior experience with the game Street of Rage. Unfortunately as I faced with SoR, I met my doomquite early plenty of times too due to unfair AI design that wouldn't even give me the slight opportunity to get back up. The bosses of Final Fight were thankfully much more forgiving in comparison(you could actually hit them), though I'd be lying if I said they were easy. Without the nostalgia goggles present, I found flaws I just couldn't overlook with this occasionally frustrating game, tasking me to figure out more of how this game plays due to my difficulty enjoying moments that got way too unfair because they were designed like that to invoke the player into a false sense that they're not good enough and need to carry on.

With my rose tinted shades on as I played The Simpsons Arcade, plenty of fond memories at the Chuck E. Cheese when I was 4 come to my head, spending probably a dollar's worth on this arcade game I knew little about, but was fully aware heavily on what the Simpsons was, even living in Korea. That was quite literally the only moment of memory I had of the game, and it was scarred into my mind as not a bad thing, but one I desperately wanted to play more of. There was an arcade machine over here where I currently live as well, residing inside the little arcade section of the Cici's Pizza, but usually when I went over, I didn't really have it in mind and I never really carried physical money on me. Still, that feeling from when I was four flows back to me when I played the game even today, helping me ignore most the faults about the game, seeing nothing but my memories as I played through without the slightest bit of regret. Everything was perfect. Nothing felt out of place, except for the feel of the buttons on my Hori Wireless Arcade Pad. It was like reliving the golden days of gaming.

Though thankfully, even with the nostalgia swaying me for my love of this game(and the fact I'm an avid Simpsons fan up to season 13), I've trained myself to understand what the flaws of the game are. The controls themselves are far from perfect, the initial two attacks simple enough for most players while the jump attack is a tad more complicated to pull off since you have to press both buttons with perfect timing. The game's sense of direction is strictly straight forward, not even giving you the courtesy of when you can progress, instantly expecting you to know that you can go when all the enemies are off the screen. The visuals even now seem quite dated in comparison to many of those that have clean, crisp spritework done. The voice acting is admittingly awful no matter what. The enemy variety is as complex as Super Mario Bros. while the bosses at times makes absolutely no sense.

Though I did notice a few things while I was playing that made things seem very unusual that I never noticed. If you're not playing on the hardest difficulty, the gameplay has a very much fair feel to it unlike the majority of games in its category. Enemies didn't always helplessly bumrush you all the time and crowd you so that you had no escape but to accept a quick death. Several of the bosses were designed with holes that you could exploit(even though they only had like two or three attack patterns...) and even make it through against a boss without losing too much health/lives. Though before I carry on too much, I'll swing back to the main topic.

It's strange how Nostalgia sways our minds into an instant state of comfort, like how I trailed on about The Simpsons game up there. It relaxes our minds into a moment of bliss, reliving a moment of our past time under such great sensation as we can only think good about it. It doesn't necessarily occur all the time as sometimes Nostalgia is later greeted with a shocking realization, but it's pretty fair to say that most of us still treasure those odd titles that others would consider bad, but we'd hold dear to ourselves.

(I'm going to end this now before I start drifting away in thought.)


Happy (late) Birthday to me!

I was meaning to do a blog update yesterday in regards to my Birthday, but I got caught up in finishing a drawing and playing Okamiden, to which I'm very close to finishing.

But as the title states, Happy B-day to me! :D *throws confetti in the air above self*

*looks around and sees nobody around* ...Wow, dead crowd...

Commemorative art:


Apologies upon laziness.

Yeah, I've just been feeling rather uninspired for quite a while that I've not really been able to make regular blogs here, or anywhere for that matter. It's not to say that I've gotten tired of the GS community at all, just that I don't really know what else to say for myself when it occasionally feels like I'm the only one I'm talking to here, making my comments in other's journals more heard.

Anyways, I suppose I should give this profile a much needed update. I'll start off with the simple and most primary aspect here:

-Got a 3DS(as simply stated in my previous journal) and played the crap out of the 3 games I got for it(Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Pilotwings Resort, and Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever & Friends). Sometimes the 3D feels a little flawed when playing Pilotwings Resort where you end up seeing double imaging, but it works quite well, with me being capable of playing it on end for hours without any issues. Surprisingly playing 2 hours of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune gave me a headache in comparison to this.

-Purchased a few other titles, including Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection, Doom 2(XBLA edition), Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix(collection purpose), Okamiden, Mario Tennis: Power Tour, Super Metroid(Virtual Console), Pilotwings 64, and World of Goo(iPhone edition). Had fun with Dissidia Duodecim, currently playing through FFIV, casually playing through Doom 2 on Hurt Me Plenty, bought DDR: Mario Mix for collection purposes, considering its rarity and price($13), sadly neglecting Okamiden after playing halfway through it, Enjoying Mario Tennis, Replayed Super Metroid since I didn't want to fret with having to reconnect my SNES just to play this game(for various reasons, including the fact that my PIN connectors for my older systems are going bad), Touched Pilotwings 64 a little, but am avoiding it till I get a better controller that's not almost completely worn out, and replaying World of Goo with limited results on controls.(not as fluid as Wiiware nor iPad edition)

-downloaded Bangai-O Missule Fury. Very fun game with a severely hate for the player in difficulty. Wished that it had more of a story though. Also downloaded Virtual-On, but can't really feel the same nostalgia for the game without the dual joysticks control. The analog sticks do not feel like a proper replacement.

Anyways, I think that covers the basics of my gaming schedule. I really love my 3DS and still play around with the games built in on the system. Not quite the AR cards or Face Raiders, but the streetpass plaza, since there's just something so strangely addicting about the RPG game and puzzle that's included on it.

Hopefully I'll be able to continue my updates regularly again, though we'll have to see in the near future.

P.S.- Happy Birthday GeekyDad. ;)


Having Fun with 3DS...

...Too busy to write blog... Having tons of fun right now with Nintendogs and Super Street Fighter.


P.S.- there's an update for the 3DS already, giving you a 3D music video. It's pretty neat.

Hmm... Your PS3 is Spying on you...

I bothered to read the entire TOS and nearly killed my entire battery life for my PSP doing so. :P Apparently with PS3s(and maybe even PSPs), there's a little note in the near end of it that states that information regarding anything connected to the device, which either means items connected like your TV, various USB devices, discs put into the PS3 console, etc. seem to be transmitted directly to Sony for monitoring. This would make complete sense on how they crack down on modders and cheaters, though I can't help but feel afraid to buy a PS Move knowing Sony is spying on me in my own home... o_0

Just my two cents on the matter of hackers being cracked down. :P

Ignored Titles A-hoy!

Usually when I hop on the bandwagon for a game, it's usually one that catches my attention. Often at times it's been major games like anything Nintendo related or just some popular third party titles. Occasionally I've wandered off and gotten obscure games and have enjoyed them, though it's not really often I do that, especially considering the last lesser appreciated title I enjoyed was Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces.(technically, I guess Half-Minute Hero would qualify too since it's lesser known) Recently while all the attention was going to Dragon Quest IX, I managed to pick up Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light despite it meeting only decent overall press.(a few of the reviews do seem to shrink its overall rating pretty drastically to an otherwise good score)

I can definitely state that the game does devolve quite a bit in presentation in comparison to a standard Final Fantasy title you'd see nowadays. The graphics are even more cutesy and child friendly since that of Chocobo Fables or the Crystal Chronicles series. The gameplay also takes a throwback and a de-evolution as commands are initiated and governed by an AP system that slowly builds up and costs you a point or more for anything you do as well as restricting you decision of whom you attack in combat or the teammate you heal. Granted, I've learned to trust the AI system more since it's actually been quite intelligent for the most part deciding who to attack and whom to heal.(though they always heal the person with the least amount of health. Maybe not always since thegame surprised me a couple of times) It tosses in a very extensive class system dealing with crowns that don't necessarily force you to grind to make them better, but rather a unique feature dealing with the gems that you can collect from monsters in combat that can be used to upgrade the crowns you wear, and later on your weapons and armor.

The game without a doubt seems to start small and uninteresting, but as it seems that I at least clocked a few 5 hours into the game, it began tossing me many different directions all at once, confusing me and making me laugh at the practicality of the decisions made by the character. But the decisions and such seem to come round and make full sense as the story progresses, which unfortunately isn't exactly the game's strong point as the dialog seems to have enough homage to the old titles that it's almost minimal. Each and every one of your characters seems to have personality, though the feelings are rather hampered in a day and age where hours of dialog and cutscene really engage us to understanding our own characters better. The game does bring us homage of the old days, though sometimes just a little too much in this modern day and age where turn based is often criticized as well as good ol' fashion grinding.

Despite its faults, there's just something about this game that's recently gotten me so addicted... It's been so long that I actually played a game for over 7 hours consecutively in a single day, even forcing myself awake so I could enjoy more of it. I don't know whether it's just the random means that the game has to try and purposely separate your cast in both understanding and completely impulsive methods, or whether it'sthe gameplay formula that's just simple but very engaging. Heck it might even be being able to freely turn one of your characters into a Rooster! The game seems to truly embrace the idea of homage to a now archaic means of game design, but it's without a doubt proven to me that even such designs seem to have an audience somewhere, no matter how unfriendly the design to newcomers. I can simply say I'm loving every second of its strategic style gameplay over its mindlessly mash A button approach I found myself participating in with Final Fantasy I(remake(s) of course). Fighting a significantly overpowered boss with utilizing my inventory and classes seems to just handle so beautifully to me that the combat feels like it's deeper than even the old titles it pays homage to. I will admit though it could use more of a tutorial for things...

Also in other news, I managed to pick up Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective recently. Found it at GameStop for $20, which actually surprised me that I'd find a used copy so quickly after release...


Happy (belated...) Holidays!

Sorry about the late response. Just haven't really been in much of the mood to right a blog lately, though I finally pushed myself to type one up. Been playing Demon's Souls(much neglected in my collection) and 4 Heroes of Light recently(as well as many other different games) and am awaiting my fan from Club Nintendo and the third volume of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog animated TV series from Shout! Factory. My brother got me a pair of Nixon Master Blasters for Christmas, which I have been using rather frequently since while I had just finished watching Toy Story 3 moments ago.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Holidays and got what you wanted! For now, LET ME PLAY MY DARN GAMES! :P


(P.S.- I'll try to keep up with my blogs...)