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Most likely.

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@Thunderdrone: I am thoroughly enjoying Destiny. I understand the gripes, but games are supposed to be fun first and foremost. Destiny is a lot of fun to me.

I concur.

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MS gonna MS. lol.

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While I do not doubt it will have it's fair share of excellent games, the console itself is a failure.

I guess it's the new Dreamcast.

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£35 for 2 DLC's ... I can buy a new game for that.... to make it worse you HAVE to buy them if you want to keep progressing.... since they offer new gear ect....

sigh.... really wish I bought the physical version so I could trade it in at least.... I very rarely feel this ripped off....

How dare business charge for expansion packs!!!

Let's all revolt against Blizzard charging for expansion packs, we should get that shyt for free!!!

/end sarcasm

.... really.... your calling these expansion packs? they are one mini zone each ... and new items to make you buy it.

Clearly you have no idea what a expansion is

oh shut up you dope, its clearly a marketing choice of wording "In The Dark Below, you'll discover an ancient tomb has been unsealed. Beneath the surface of the Moon, a dark god has answered centuries of prayer, and a dark army has risen. Explore the true depths of the Hellmouth. Stop the dark Hive ritual and survive." ..... so a zone and a strike...... GREAT EXPANSOIN MATE TOTALLY WORTH £20 ON ITS OWN.

So you think the expansion is nothing more than just a new dungeon/strike... and that's it?

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@sukraj said:

don't care what people say about the game I'm having a blast and i don't regret buying the game at all.

I was just going to write pretty much the same thing until I read your post. Spot on. I don't see why everyone is arguing. I finally played some co-op missions with a few buds of mine and had a blast. I cant wait to play again.

I totally agree, I am having a blast playing this with my friends.

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@clyde46 said:

Halo 3 with KB/M at 1080p at 60FPS? Yes please!

I have no problems with that!

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@GrenadeLauncher said:
@FastRobby said:

Pretty bad sales in Japan, good thing no one really cares about Japan. Even Sony's PS4 is selling worse than the PS3 there...

Classic Slow Robert damage control.

Damage control? Not really, everything pointed in the direction of bad sales. PS4 didn't sell well in Japan, Microsoft never sold well in Japan, Xbox One doesn't sell as good as PS4. So no one in their right mind expected Japan sales to be great.

It's your stupid statement: "No one cares about Japan", that turns your post into pure damage control.

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lol you do know that 4chan's /V/ is waging war against Bungie/Actvision (hence the shitty MC rating?).

What is their reasoning for the attack?

Well I can't link to 4chan since I am at work :P

However last I read it was something about making Bungie getting off their high horse and punish Activision for their evil business practices etc.

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@Evo_nine said:


ps4 metacritic = 5.8

xbone metacritic = 4.7

lol what a disaster, i wonder if activision is regretting blowing $500m on this sucker.

I hope this game fails as i cant stand all the corporate hype and deals this game has attracted for no good reason.

lol you do know that 4chan's /V/ is waging war against Bungie/Actvision (hence the shitty MC rating?).