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The Spring 07 Super Blog

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Alright so as the title sugguest this is THE SPRING '07 SUPER BLOG. In this blog i will be discussing Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Ubisoft in general, and even some dare i say Music? So Let's get this ball rolling because I know you all really really really want to hear what I have to say.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent is some game to say the least. This game and Ubisoft itself have caused more disputes on the boards than anyother game forum I have seen. The game is not perfect by, yet it is not a total wash either. Gamespot gave the game an 8, and I agree with the rating an the review done by Gamespot. It is a very fair review. Now heres the part in which I talk about the game. SCDA has very good gameplay features. You sneak around, kill people, do some missions, kill some more, can do more missions, sneak around some more, unlock new gadgets, hack some computers and so on. Its everything you would expect from a SC game. The graphics are good whether your playing it on a 360 or PS3. The only downfall comes in the PS3 version of SCDA which has notable framerate issues. For me this does not destroy the game at all or stop me from playing it; but to say that it has no problems would be lieing to you, the reader. The multiplayer is very fun and quite engaging, just make sure that you have some sort of mic (from experience I have been tossed out of a few games because i didnt say anything as soon as I joined a game. But the communication in the game is quite helpful when it comes to succeding in your misson. When playing multiplayer it is quite a community builder, your able to talk to many other players and win or loss either way  its guarrenteed that youll have fun.

So now onto more games. I have decided to trade in NBA Street: Homcourt because after a while its boring, for me at least. I mean you play against 3 people on the opposing team in a good amount of different courts but its the same thing after a while. COD3 is still a very fun game, and Virtua Fighter 5 has proven itself to be an AMAZING FIGHTER. The fighting and movements are PHENOMENAL.

So know heres the question of the Month what should I spend my trade in money on????????????????? Im taking sugguestions so hook it up.

If you have time to listen to some music check out, they  are MC's (rappers), Talib Kweli, Blueprint and the man himself MF DOOM aka Viktor Vaughn.

So for now im out as always hit me up on the PSN. SolidusPaul

Complete!....... For Now

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I got Splinter Cell: Double Agent this past friday, and it is quite good. The frame rate is slow at some points, but its nothing one cant handle, similar to the original Splinter Cell on the Xbox. I havent played through the whole game yet but the graphics are very good; the third level (the one with the supertanker and all the snow) is visually plesaing with all the snow around you. The multiplayer is entertaining and has good voice support. Thats about ti for now. Recently if Im not playing this im playing COD3 which is a great multiplayer (online) game; only problem is getting into some games thanks to my router.

Cant wait fot the upcoming months for Rainbow Six: Vegas if it doesnt get delayed again.

As usual hopefully i will you readers online, add me to your friends list if you want SolidusPaul. With that said im out.

Almost Complete

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Today I bought Call of Duty 3 for my PS3. Simply put its amazing. Alot of fun online. My gift card is almost all put and after viewing your comments (cough... staarx) and I would get stalker but its was too powerful for my computer.

My final purchase is going to Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Next Week.

Cant Wait. 


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YesterdayI got my winnings from the Snake Wars tournament; in the form of two beautiful best buy gift cards. With this I saw it as my duty as a PS3 gamer to spend some the same day I got it. Here are my purchases:

Bluetooth Headset: now i can talk to everyone online, in game.

Virtua Fighter 5: very nice martial arts game but as the GS review stats tough to master.

NBA Street: Homecourt: Another great game, and the dunks are hillarous. Just thinking about how last night, while i was playing, I jumped off Yao Ming's back to get a double dunk makes me laugh.

Now down to business. I have a little less than a hundred dollars left on one card and Im not sure what to buy next. Im taking sugguestions from you the reader so drop me a comment telling me what my next purchase should be. Right now im thinking of Splinter Cell: Double Agent when it comes out for the PS3 in 2 weeks.


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Wow today was a dissapointment. I've been waiting all week for the PSN to update with a couple of new demos and after being out all day and coming home I find that there is a small minute update featuring a movie trailer and a psp game. Nothing special at all. I really wanted to play the "rumored" RS6: Vegas demo. Maybe ill just buy a 360 when it comes down wih price.

PSP Games...Now PS3 Games

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So the other night I wanted a new PS3 game. I cant afford a new one so i had to (big sigh) trade in some of my PSP games. I ended up trading in a good amount of them and got enough money to Fight Night Round 3. Its a very fun game. Im just waiting to get my hands on the other games that are heading to the PS3, when i have money, like Rainbow Six Vegas and GRAW2, which have both been pushed back which is ridiculous.See you all online.

Arrrgh Resistance!!

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Alright so its been about 2 weeks since I have bought my PS3. Lemme tell you its amazing, but beyond that i have been playing alot of Resistance. I got into the single player but have stopped due to playing the online multiplayer; which is simply amazing. The thing I get upset about is the multiplayer though its too damn addicting/ frustrating. I mean originally I was bad, real bad, but after a while I got better and got a 1:1 kd ratio (here's my stats 

Wins 19

Losses 73

Games Played 92

Streaks 1

Quits 27

Incompletes 0

Kills 1214

Deaths 1160

Assists 607

Kill/death 1.047

Headshots 177

Stealth Kills 1

Melee Kills 4

Best Weapon Bullseye

Worst Weapon Air-Fuel Grenade

 ). Now that I have it though I get so frustrated in trying to hang onto it. Ill be killing another player then someone comes aroung the corner and steals my kill and then kills me. Its like son of a @#!$%*. Thats when I gotta turn it off and chill.

That was a little update, other than that im stilling wainting on  my prize from GS (I hope its on the way) and Ive been trying to find a good clan to get into with people that play online alot or at least as much as me. If anyone is in one or needs people hit me up. And im out...

Second Place = PS3

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Alright so this is my first blog and I dont really have anything to talk about except that, since I have finished in second in Snake Wars i decided to purchase a Playstation 3. Well the prize has not come yet but I couldnt wait any longer so I went out and bought it yesterday and let me just say that the PS3 is simply amazing. I purchased the 60GB PS3 because it has the built in wifi; which is very useful.

I set up my online account yesterday, SolidusPaul so if you see me hit me up, and I started off playing Resistance Fall of Man. The game is alot of fun, the online mode is amazing, and the graphics are mind blowing especially when you look at the eyes of your fellow soliders and can notice that as you walk around them there eyes follow you. Enough about Resistance though; I may talk about it more if i write a review about it.

Overall I am quite impressed with the PS3 and hope to see anyone who has online