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My Top favorite Video Game Soundtracks

Music... Stop and think about that word for a moment. What is it that you think about when you hear the word music? Do you think about a song that can make you happy? A song to fit in a certain situation? Or are you like me, a guy who just enjoys a set of music. Music to me it's important in my life. To the point when I go into work I always have something playing throughout my shift at work to get me by and keep me sane and 100 percent. But, what of music in a video game? Yes if you know me as a friend on GameSpot (which I miss you guys by the way if your reading this). My number thing I look for in a great video game is not the graphics, gameplay, story. Oh no, I look for the soundtrack. It maybe weird and odd but, yes a soundtrack is what I look forward to expecting when I pick up my controllers to have a great time. As the title mentions it's my top favorite video game soundtracks. I can't compose like a top 10 or hell even a top 20 list yet because there are so many to name. So with this entry I'll just share my opinion of my favorite video game soundtracks over the past years.

Now, if you are a girl or guy like me that enjoys an amazing, beautiful memorable soundtrack, then your awesome and can appreciate great music. Over my twenty two years of playing video games I have listened and enjoy and downloaded amazing soundtracks from 16-bit era to just now orchestra style music is now the standard in this modern day of gaming. Using an example of orchestral music used today in modern gaming would be The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword that used a full orchestral band to really try and immerse a player in the Worlds of Hyrule and Skyloft. Pretty neat huh? Since like I said before coming from the good ol' catchy jiggles from the 8-bit and 16-bit era of gaming. Since soundtracks is something I look for in gaming now and days how can I expect a game would have one or not? Well, sometimes I look for it based on game serious like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy or Super Mario. Why? Because those game soundtracks never disappoint and always have one, two or even the whole soundtrack is catchy. Then games I never heard of or games that are new with a new experience is something I gamble on. I use the word gamble because going into the game I am not sure if it will have a good soundtrack or will even pay attention to listening to it. For example first time games I have played that amazing soundtracks would Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Bayonetta, or even the recently released game Watch Dogs. Those are examples of games with a soundtrack that made a impression on me during my gameplay experience.

How does gameplay experience and soundtrack tie a player into a game? It's easy, think of watching a movie like Aliens. You have a great way to grab the audience with screenplay and having a soundtrack to mix in the screenplay can grab more attention to the audience. Why because a soundtrack can add the suspense. Or any mood in that matter. Have you ever played a game where it made you cry? I have, quite a few games actually, Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, and Xenoblade Chronicles are all examples where I cried. Thanks to those three games I just named during a cutscene or during gameplay the soundtrack during the moments made me emotional along with watching whats happening on screen. These days with gaming, your game experience is like watching a movie, except your the director and your composer has already done the soundtrack for you in place. It's just going to be up to you how you enjoy it. So take a moment when your gaming and stop and listen to the soundtrack. With that said, here is my top favorite soundtracks (in no order).

Xenoblade Chronicles

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Watch Dogs

The Last Story

Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War


The Legend of Zelda Windwaker

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Bros.

Zone of the Enders

Halo Reach

Halo Combat Evolved

Shadow of the Colossus

Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Those are just some of my top favorite video game soundtracks one day I'll fully compose a top 10 or top 20 list for you guys. Thanks for reading, have a great listen to your favorite video games. Hopefully we can one day either chat or debate which soundtrack is the best among series or just all of gaming period.

Why I been having more fun playing My Wii

So has you can tell by the title of this new entry. Yes, for the past couple of weeks or month I should say. Yes, I own a little close to 100 PS3 games between disc and download, my Wii has been getting a chunk of the gametime. Why you ask? I'm not sure why, I just feel like there has been games that I have been needing to finish. The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, Sin & Punishment Star Successor, and MadWorld to name a few. Notice how I named games you may or may not heard before. Two highly acclaimed Japaense Role Playing games. A very fun action beat em' up brawler and probably one of the hardest rail shooters I've ever played. I own twenty two Wii titles that serve enough to me play. Again, I haven't played my PS3 in a month. Last time I played it was when the Sir Hammerlock DLC came out for Borderlands 2. Yea, that long and I haven't even finished it let alone really ripped into it. That is fine to me, when the time comes you will see me on PSN and XboxLive. As far as my Xbox is concerned, I play my Xbox to play exclusives. I.E. Halo and Gears. When you see me on there, I'm just on YouTube app or my Xfinity app to watch videos, TV Shows and Movies. Now where is this so called part where you think I have more fun playing my Wii instead of PS3 & Xbox360. Well, I'll tell you my friends. Reason why is because I realized that I have tons of game that are very fun to play. For example, Animal Crossing. I have been a fan of the series since the beginning with GameCube. One of my personal favorite Sim games next to The Sims. Not only just Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong Country Returns, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario 25th Anniversary brings me to my casual gaming sense. Those games I love them because they are fun in yet can be challegning at the sametime. Now when I want something on the line of teen rating and higher. The games that hardcore to my personal opinion which are The Last Story and Xenoblade to go back from the start. But, I also have of course Metroid Prime trilogy, MadWorld, Sin & Punishment, Resident Evil 4 (best one of the series just saying). And of course Super Smash Bros. Brawl arguebly on of the best fighting games of this day and age of gaming. Now look truly to me it is OK to have and own a Wii. I'am big Nintendo fan, I love the Wii always have since I first got in 07. Starting with Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. There is nothing wrong in owning a Wii. I believe that, if you know what games are you into, you will find the game that is perfect for you for the Wii. You like shooters, Metroid Prime and Goldeneye (the remake for the Wii) those are perfect for you. JRPG's look for Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and soon to be released in North America Pandora's Tower excellent JRPG's. Causal and Party of course Mario, Donkey Kong, and Mario Party. So what I am trying to say since playing my Wii for about almost a month, I have been a blast playing it. Makes me love it more and remind me its still hella fun to play. When will I play my PS3 and Xbox again, I'm not sure. But, I'm in no rush to play it. I have games I have never finished yet on Wii so the hours I am putting into the Wii. I am truly enjoying and I couldn't ask for the best twenty two games that I am playing over and over again. Thanks for reading and I hope you can see what I am trying to say. Message me for questions and or suggestions for the Wii or Wii U. And always leave your postive or negative comment below and I'll see you guys next time.


3DS 1st Year Anniversary

What a year it has been for the little handheld that is the 3DS. Wouldn't you agree? Dispite having a slow launch and a couple of months with drought and nothing really moving the 3DS. Nobody could ever imagine that in just less of year that the 3DS could make a huge turnaround. But, I believed in it, sure that there wasn't no Mario or Zelda at launch and I was slightly disapointed myself. But, I buckled down and dealt with it. I bought my 3DS on the launch day of March 27th, 2011. I was so happy to get it. The games I pre-ordered was LEGO Star Wars III: Clone Wars (which I still have), Super Street IV 3D Edition (the only major reason to get a 3DS at the time), and Nintendogs & Cats French Bulldog and Friends (for the Husky and I love that game). I was hooked and most of my friends were all jelous of me at my college that I had one already. Everybody wanted to see the 3D and how it really worked. Being a sales associte for a certain retail company (not saying). It was hard to pitch a sale or pre-order for the 3DS and convince people about the 3D graphics and the fact it plays 3D with no glasses. I didn't see it in person but I knew what it would look like. Whoa and behold when I got it, mind you, my eyes didn't hurt, I wasn't complaining or anything I was very impressed and amazed how it worked. First time seeing it I was like "Whoa that was awesome!" My old manager was like that was cool but the 3D was messing with his eyes (I really don't see how 3D can mess with peoples eyes, I'm still trying to figure that out). But, moving on to the games. Not of Nintendo's strongest launch line-ups. I will say for the Nintendo only games I was only leaning towards the Nintendogs it was more of third party games I was leaning on like LEGO Star Wars and Street Fighter IV. I was disapointed in that from Nintendo, but, I digress I was still supporting the handheld. I was still selling them quite well even though it had the $249 price tag on it. Kids were all excited to see my 3DS and they wanted to play them. It was pretty cool to see them light up when they actually got to see it. Then comes the drought for the 3DS sales were slow and price was to high for people to buy. I was happy when June came around because that is when the eShop launched. But there really wasn't anything there for me to buy. E3 2011 comes around and I was excited because I knew that Nintendo was going to talk about the eShop more for the 3DS and more games (First Party games to more specific) also when to expect them. It was also during the time when there celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Legend of Zelda. The 3DS eShop game to buy at the time was The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX. I bought that game during the press conference I was excited to play it. And giving out the Legend of Zelda Four Swords for free. Also by firmware update the 3DS got the interent browser and eShop with a free download for a limited time 3D ****cs ExciteBike. Then one more major games that people wanted to buy was the release of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. I was excited, my most favorite Zelda game in my hands on the go. I played it so many times and still holds the longest gameplay time in total also. With a little over 53 hours. After E3 sales were still slow, so Nintendo dropped the price on the 3DS worldwide. For people that bought there 3DS at launch were given the oppertunity to become special 3DS Ambassadors by getting 10 free NES games like Super Mario Bros, Metroid and Legend of Zelda. Also 10 Free GBA games like Legend of Zelda Minish Cap, Fire Emblem Scared Stones, and Metroid Fusion to name a few. I was even more excited cause I got mines at launch and I thought that was just a great idea from the Big N to give the people what they really wanted. Star Fox 64 3D came around and I was like yes childhood relived once again. Now were coming into when the Circle Pad Pro was announced I was like what is that? Then read about it and thats when I wanted it. The fact that the other circle pad was to use as mostly a camera function I was like, SOLD!!! Oh yes, Novemeber. Novemeber was the month that saved the 3DS with the release Super Mario 3D Land. A game that was amazing to have, I love that game I was super impressed with the visuals, the 3D effects and how 3D depth can make see things that aren't there. That game, we couldn't keep in my store thats how fast it sold. Next month came Mario Kart 7 I was like yes, I love Mario Kart, played every single of them and loved them all. That game also had a good 3D effects also. The eShop was also growing during the time by releasing amazing eShop games like Pushmo at the end of year and great Virtual console games like Super Mario Land, Donkey Kong, Kirbys Dreamland, and Tetris. Now January comes around and it was kinda slow. But, Febuary comes and what do we get... Resident Evil Revelations as well as the Circle Pad Pro. I procrastined on buying it launch cause I waited till my girlfriend to buy me that game for Valentines Day so I never bought it. But I have one now and it works so good also. I love that device. Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D also came out the following two weeks. A great game with added features to enhance gameplay also Circle Pad compatable. March 23rd, 2012 was the best day to say go and get Kid Icarus Uprising and a 3DS. That game was longed talked about for years from Nintendo. Back then it was code named Project Sora. E3 last year showed us that it was Kid Icarus which looked amazing and fun. Which the game is go and check out my review on it. And that my friends was a quick overview and review of the 3DS in a year. There is still more to come for the handheld. Like Mario Tennis Open, we are still waiting for more news on still other 3DS titles such as Luigi's Mansion 2, Paper Mario 3D, Fire Emblem 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Animal Crossing, and a few others. Lets see what the 3DS can do for the year 2012 and beyond. I'm hoping for the most amazing to happen. Thanks for reading.


Anybody got the new E3 emblems that GS is giving away. I had to watch all of em on my phone. I hope it all worked

Monthly review: Q2 of May 2010 New Releases

Boy..oh..boy! What a crazy month of releases huh? Who here went almost flat broke because of this month? Luckly I didn't lol. Well lets get this review started shall we. To start off from this month lets recap on what came out this month. May 11th - Lost Planet 2 & Skate 3
May 18th - Red Dead Redemption - Alan Wake - Split/Second & Prince of Persia: the Forgotten Sands
May 23rd - Super Mario Galaxy 2
May 25th - UFC Undisputed 2010, Modnation Racers& Blur

Whew...thats quite a launch month. Last time I saw so many great titles come out was back in March you know. Well this month was just a great month of gaming sales. The most impressvie this game this month was Red Dead Redemption. Boy is game great, you guys think it could be Game of the Year? We'll just have to find out later I guess. While other big titles that stood out was Alan Wake. I love that game, I love the story telling in the game and the way it plays. I mean it's one of my top favorite story telling games to come out this year and in awhile. But to me on title that should get a honorable mention is Super Mario Galaxy 2. Oh my goodness this game is like a must have. Anybody that owns a Wii...please pick up this game at your nearest retailer. This game in my honest opinion is just flawless! It's a perfect game and I don't know how else to describe and tell you how great this game is. Now the title that stood out to me was Split/Second I had so much playing that game it is now like one of my top favorite racing games to come out since, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. Granted that everything else was great but those 4 games I mention are big ones to really look into and pick up. Oh since I was talking about racing games, Modnation Racers is absoulty awesome! The customization is so great and there is so many things you can come up with it's so awesome. Pick that up also. Well here comes the final verdict of this month. This month gave us 2 brand new racing games, a new Kart Racing game, a new thriller game, a new massive open world game, and a lovable character game. I can honestly say this is the best month of brand new games this year. So this month gets an A in my opinion. I would like to congrat the following developers of this month. Nintendo, Black Rock Studios, Rockstar San Diego studios, United Front games and Remedy game, thank you for giving us such games this month, I also look forward to future projects. Well that aboutwraps up this months review of May 2010. June is already everyone, so keep your eyes for the following games. Now I know maybe some of you won't get Alpha Protocal but find it in your hearts to try it out at least, if it's notyour cup of tea, than don't sweat it comes out June 1st. If you got a PSP or PSP Go, than get ready for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Naked Snake is back for one final mission folks, comes out June 8th. If you want to know the true history of the Transformers, then check out Transformers War for Cyberton (I can't wait for this game). Learn about how the War on Cybertron started, comes out June 22nd. If you played the LEGO games and enjoyed them, then get ready for LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. Revist the Harry Potter series by following Harry on his first 4 years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, coming on June 29. Check out those titles for the month of June.

Mike aka DJ Yankee.

What titles are you guys excited for in May

I have no clue, but this month, is just a crazy month of launch titles. Starting with Lost Planet 2 May 11th, and then Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Split/Second, and Prince of Perisa: Forgotten Sands. Then to close out the month with titles such as Super Mario Galaxy 2, UFC Undisputed 2010, and Modnation Racers. So tell me folks on GameSpot...What of the following games are you exicted for this month. I mean I'll tell you stright up, I'm excited for everything coming out in May. But if it's one game that I am really excited for, it's Alan Wake. I mean I been following this game since like E3 2005 everyone. It's been a long time coming for this game, and to me when I finally heard, saw, and now amped up for this game. I'm truly excited for this game for real. But there's a lot of great titles coming this month. To start out with me in May, as one of my earlier birthday gifts to me, I picked up my reserve of Dementium II for the DS and this game is creepy as hell, inyet it's so great to play. If you played the first one, then get the second one because it's so much better this time. Game overall is great. So tell me folks what are you excited for in Launch May month.

Mike aka SolidSnake13_2

Happy Birthday to.....Me!

Well it's my favorite time of the year, it's my birthday to GameSpot. I got a huge party tonight gonna have some fun, and the weather is gonna be nice on my bday. So that's double sweetness. Oh yes. Anyways, if anybody on friends list would like to add me to their XboxLive or PSN account my names are:

PSN: Tyhrees
XboxLive: DJYankee16

Hit me up sometime everyone.


My review of Q1 gaming Month: April

I know you guys are probably thinking why I may be writing this review month so early huh? Well the reason why is there wasn't to much major coming out this month besides Splinter Cell Convection SD: 4/13, Monster Hunter Tri (3) SD: 4/20, and Super Street Fighet IV SD: 4/27. Those are the only three major title games coming this month. Splinter Cell Convention is finally here folks. This long awaited title that we have seen aif I remember correctly, E3 2006 or E3 2007 right? Well anyways, it's freaking finally here. I love this game it's great, gameplay is awesome love how you can take a action route of the game, guns load and blazing. Or you can go classic Splinter Cell, quiet and no mistakes. Monster Hunter Tri, I played the demo, I picked one up at my GameStop where I live and I enjoy the game definetly going to pick it up when I get a chance. And then there's Super Street Fighter IV. Now...I never had a chance to play Street Fighter IV, but I can believe it that it is a great game like the past previous Street Fighter games. Super Street Fighter IV will continue to make the Street Fighter games what they are by being one of the top best fighing games of our gaming history. And with that folks I am giving the gaming month of April a...C, Splinter Cell, Monster Hunuter and Super Street Fighter IV are all the major launch titles which is kind of sad, but overall April is small month nothing else major besides the three games I just talked about. Now don't worry everybody, the Month of May which will start Quater 2 will be so crazy that it's not going to be funny. First off on May 1st it will be my birthday. So wish me happy birthday guys (Thanks). Second here's the list of games coming out next month that may make everyone broke as hell lol.

May 11th - Skate 3 & Lost Planet 2 both for PS3 & Xbox360
May 18th - Red Dead Redemption (PS3 & Xbox360), Alan Wake (Xbox360), Prince of Perisa: Forgotten Sands (All consoles & handhelds), Split/Second (PS3, Xbox360 & PC)
May 23rd - Super Mario Galaxy 2
May 25th - UFC 2010(Xbox360 & PS3), ModNation Racers(both PSP& PS3), Blur (PS3& Xbox360)

So if either of these games,you know how to work around this site check em out each game has a reserve speical at GameStop. So staytuned for my next blog post of Q2 gaming month of May. Thanks for reading.

My review of Q1 gaming month: March

Wow, is the first word to start out this month. I mean Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III. All three major and anticaping titles of 2010 by far. Also in other words, this month made me very broke also. Battlefield: Bad Comapny 2 is something I been greatly looking forward too all year. With its huge destrucable eviroments and tons of weapons to choose from from the M4 to the AKS-74U, Battlefield: Bad Company is a must have for you PC, PS3 and Xbox360 collection. I love the mulitplayer in BF: Bad Company 2 as well. The ever so beautiful lookinggame of it's franchise history, Final Fantasy XIII is finaly, finaly here folks. This long awaited title is here for PS3 & Xbox360. This game is by far the most visually stunning of it's franchise history. If you thought that just the regular gameplay looks amazing. Check out those CG cutsences that Square Enix worked on so great with. Still in the RPG catorgory, Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver are here. Even though these two games are basically are remakes, it doesn't really matter every Pokemon fan should get this game. I mean the graphics and gameplay is beefed up a little more better than the previous Pokemon games dating back since 1995. And now down to the most EPIC title of this month, God of War III is here and here to stay and slay souls. Kratos is back and seeking revenge on the Gods. I love this game, graphics are great, gameplay is awesome, the sex mini-game is still always fun and enjoyable to do. God of War III is by far my top favorite title of 2010. In other games Red Steel 2 is here and that game is looking pretty good, too bad I haven't had a chance to actually play it yet. But God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII and Battlefield Bad Company 2 are all most have titles to have, if you haven't gotten this game....then I strongly suggest to pick up those three main titles folks. Overall grade of the month of March it is a A+ folks. Yes it is because it was a month of highly anticapting titles of 2010. Look out for my review of April after the long awaited title of Splinter Cell Convection and Super Street Fighter IV.

My Thoughts on Sony's GDC Press Confernce

Well Sony GDC Press Conference was today and so far so good for Sony they could probably dominte this year along with Nintendo. There line of of games so far this year has been great with MAG, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain and God of War III which comes next week. Have been great. And there future titles such as ModNation Racers for both PS3 and PSP systems, Gran Turismo 5 coming this fall and SOCOM 4 with Zipper Interactive devleoping it bringing us a single player campign and still a stong compentive online mulitplayer. So their GDC press conference they finally showed the long talked about montion wireless controller called Playstation Move. It looks cool, also looks very responsive and shap. The games they showed were like maninly for Family type of games but I'm sure they will make games for hardcore gamers on the Playstation Move. Now like how everyone was mistaking called it Wii controller. I can't blame them because the controller looks almost simlar to the Wii remote. I mean honestly if I want to play games with my family it would really be with my Wii. I mean don't get me wrong, Playstation Move will finally be able to bring familes together and play the PS3 for the folks who don't own a Wii. But if you agree with me, it's pretty safe to say that the Playstation Move is the Sony verison of the Wiimote with the Wiimotion Plus. But with that said, Sony and Nintendo in my opinion will probably domite together all this year. E3 is something I can't wait for so we will find out maybe an offical prirce for the Playstation Move and the Playstation Move bundle and Playstion 3 w/ Playstation Move bundle (which I predict maybe arond $400 or higher) I hope E3 this year Nintendo will have something good for us, because remember we found out when Metriod Other M is coming and Super Mario Galaxy 2 is coming. I'm hoping for more hardcore titles to hear on the Wii this year at E3 also maybe news on the currentproduction Legend of Zelda game, that was mentioned last year. But back to Sony GDC press confernce, overall a B+ in my opinon. Great job Sony. See you at E3.