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    My Top favorite Video Game Soundtracks

    Music... Stop and think about that word for a moment. What is it that you think about when you hear the word music? Do you think about a song that can make you happy? A song to fit in a certain situat...

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    How are all my friends doing on GameSpot? I haven't talked to you guys since they changed it. I miss you guys
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    Where are my homies at?
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    What happened to all my gaming pals? :(
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    If anyone has a WiiU, other than NES Remix or Dr. Luigi I can't choose between Trine 2 or Nano Assault Neo. Somebody help me!!! lol
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    Xenoblade Chronicles Completed The Last Story Completed Pandora's Tower Completed Nintendo of America fans mission to bring all...
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    Modern day missions sucked anyways lol.

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    Wonder how all my fuse friends are doing? Any of you bros and girls playing Pokemon X or Y still?
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