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@MBirdy88: Some of you guys are just dicks....Facebook isn't a stalking tool, speak for yourself. I asked for her Facebook because there were people around her including customers and the bagger so I'd rather not ask her number in front of everyone. Normally I would ask for the number.

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Hi guys, normally I don't ask for girl advice, but I'm honestly stumped on this one. I've been talking to this cute girl the past few days, she's a cashier at a grocery store. On Wednesday morning, I was talking to her, making her laugh and smile, then I asked for her Facebook, and she said ok and gave me her last name, which checked out. I added her Wednesday at noon and she still hasn't accepted the invite. I really like this girl, I'm 24, she's 21. It doesn't appear that she has a boyfriend but I can't see her full profile. What should I do? Maybe I'm being impatient but it seems a bit extreme that she hasn't gotten on Facebook once in 2 days. She is a young American woman after all.

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My system setting say i only have 21 free space out of 74 GB. I cannot determine what is taking up so much space. In Game Data Utility, I deleted almost everything except a few games that give a few thousand MBs each (max of 1 GB total). I deleted all videos and most pictures. How do I free up space? Is there somewhere I can look to see what's taking up so much space?

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If I buy a car on a website or upgrade an existing car (rims, paint job, etc.) and I either lose that car later on or it gets blown up, will I ever see that car again? I don't know why I'd spend 100,000 or so on a car, then park it to go to a mission, get in the mission car, then never see my new car again.
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I honestly don't.
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Fantastic episode. Without Jesse, Hank has nothing. I really hope this whole things ends well for Jesse.
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No, have you seen other TV shows? Ridiculousness is the most unfunny show I've ever seen. At least Tosh has some good jokes and comedic timing. Granted, he's not hilarious, but certainly gets a few good chuckles out of me.