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#1 Posted by SolidSerpo (61 posts) -

The expanse multiplayer stat tracking from Killzone 2 is gone in Killzone 3. You can't even check your accuracy, correct me if I'm wrong please! So disappointing...

#2 Posted by SolidSerpo (61 posts) -

I was disappointed at first when I realized you can't customize game rooms anymore. But what really bothered me was the expanse stat tracking from Killzone 2 is gone! Not only can't you see stat tracking for every weapon, but they don't even track your total accuracy!? All I see so far is K/D ratio, Kills, Deaths, and Assists. Correct me if I'm wrong...

#3 Posted by SolidSerpo (61 posts) -

The sub base and Favela level demand that you add a grenade launcher, RPG, and Semtex to your class just so you could keep up because those levels make it easier for the beginners. Luckily I don't really need all those red dot sights anymore, I think those are for noobs in a way, I rather have a silencer.

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Hahaaa...."My TV is too small" my brother says the same exact thing and it's a bad excuse I think. I've played on a smaller TV when my DLP burned out and I was doing fine all week long. As for the Lag, it's true, I think this game requires you to have a Fiber Optic connection or your screwed.

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The whole thing with putting blame on campers is natural. I do it all the time, its so annoying when you watch the killcam and see someone hiding under a desk or a wall and they get the easy kill. However, Camping is necessary at times, depending on the score, position of enemies, or teammates, etc. It's just that some people camp for 5 minutes at a time. CAMPERS!! #$&!%

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OMG, I hate those Akimbo users! I forgot to add that to the list. They put that in the game for noobs without a doubt. I also realized that It takes me a whole day to get used to an unfamiliar gun. I'll do ok with a new gun, but I don't dominate unless I practice with it for a while. I stopped using the M16 and SCAR for 2 days so I could complete challenges for the RPD and my KDR dipped from 1.64 to 1.59

#7 Posted by SolidSerpo (61 posts) -

Most people I play with all say the same things and I agree with them for the most part. If I'm having a bad day playing MW2 its usually when-

1- I've had a few too many beers or wine and reaction time suffers.

2- I've only slept 6 hours in 2 days.

3- Im feeling guilty that I haven't walked the dogs all day or payed attention to my girlfriend all day.

4- After losing 3 rounds in a row and the blood pressure rises, causing me to over-aim.

5- I've played over 4 hours and begin to get lazy causing me to lose and I say to myself, "One more match" while I keep looking at the scoreboard every 30 seconds worrying that I'll ruin my KDR and not focusing on the game.

Anyone have any similar excuses for when you're playing badly?

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I had to really conserve the Ammo at the end. Felt true to Resident Evil towards the end more than the beginnning. I did play mostly with the A.I as my partner, maybe thats why.I had to sell some equipment I didnt need for some that I did need and used every bit of Ammo, tension was very high and allthough this game was shorter than MGS, it was a bit more challengeing I think, at least on Veteran mode.

#9 Posted by SolidSerpo (61 posts) -

If not then why are you on the Forums reading about the game before you play it?

#10 Posted by SolidSerpo (61 posts) -

Are you serious? The guy is everywhere, I knew he would be the final boss before I even started the game. Don't you know he's in the game???

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