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my sister

ok its like this some of you guys know my sis kiriegirl as a good fun player like the rest of us but she is really getting on my nerves she starts talking sh*t behind my back and angel if your reading this just make up your mind its simple either click accep or deny its that easy but if your going to make me wait im going to just shut you down going back to my sister who is driving me up a wall a shirt says this " im on the brink of insanity and you just pissed me off." i would love to have it.

all most done school

ok i'm almost done w/school and whats happening is that tommorow i'm doing 3 of my exams early which are my 3rd period 4th period and 5th period.l

school is almost over

school is almost over and when it is over i'm leaving and i won't be able to be on gamespot at all until i get home so post like crazy for me while i'm gone and when im back PM me. soilder out.


i want to go to bed but i don't want to go to school.

if any one has any suggestions PM me.

life in general

why does life have to be so hard why can't i just relax w/out any body looking over my shoulder. it just drives me up a wall.


I have to be at school until the 17th which bites.(any one who reads this and pitys me write back.) ( exept for kiregirl123)
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