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HD remakes

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When it comes to HD remakes, i'm always amazed to see how lazy game editors can be. After all it's an easier job than creating a whole new game and people on internet seem to be getting better results when they do it themselves. Fortunately, the HD remakes released recently have been quite good. Not that they improve much on the original, but Shadow of Colossus or Metal Gear 3 were much better looking than the PS2 could ever process, in fact even the Dreamcast games looked better than anything released on PS2 because of its excessive pixels, sad colours and atocious stairs effect. I gues what i'm trying to say is : keep on porting good games on new systems. Final Fantasy XII is such a good looking game, but playing it on PS2 is a traumatic experience, and many games didn't even support widescreen display, even though it's been around for 15 years already. It's cheap to do and it's easy money, just do it ! If you're gonna use the cash machine that is old school games, do it well and release everything. Resident Evil 1, 4 and CV are great, so why not give 2 and 3 a chance ? Why does Wipeout get a PS Online release but not Wipeout 3 ? BE CONSISTENT ! Hats off to Sony for releasing the full arc the lad collection.