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It's been a long time

Damn! It has been years since I have posted here. Last post was about Modern Warfare. I am now playing Modern Warfare 3 among several others as of late.

A lot has changed since the time of MW to MW3, not just for the series, but for me personally and the gaming world in general.

I am in the 12K range for score overall in MW3 :D

10,000 is my goal!

Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer

Ok so it was me, my brother, and my dad...

We activated hardmode and played Shipment so you die faster and have no radar
First Round Rules:
Shotguns only

Second Round Rules:
Dessert Eagle Only

Third Round Rules:
RPG Launcher
Dessert Eagle

This was the most fun gaming ever.
With the shotguns popping out of corners left and right everyone is shooting eachother down and then th afterdeath grenades kill the rest. Everytime you respawn one or the other was near you. Entering the middle of the map was funny as hell. Take one step in the center you will more than likely be caught in the crossfie of the other two.

Grab a few others and try this...You will be in tears its so much fun and funny.

First in the franchise?

I do not know if anyone else knows this but gamespot said that Assassin's Creed was the frist game in the franchise?
more to come? that will be freaking cool
Assassin's Creed is an awsome game so game on!

Starting Up Once Again

I do not know exactly how long it has been since my last posts and activce activity.
However, I will be creating new profile sigs and pics for now and I will be back up very soon.
I am also in college now so I will find a way to manage this, my girlfriend, and school all together.
It will not be hard I mean I already manage 2 of 3 whats 3 of 3?

SO I'm coming back. See you all soon.

Next Gen Megaman

the next generation of megaman looks so freaking cool
Megaman Leo/ Megaman Dragon/ Megaman Pegasus

the system of battle seems close to that of battle network; however, the battle area can be travels on by you or your enemy any time

The game doesnt seem to have PETs cause the character himself transforms into the megaman form but who knows

its all i know on the series thus far

Passed Final Fantasy XII

I passed final fantasy XII yesterday...
the ending rocks! It is sooo cool!
I played the end of the game 3 times over just to watch the ending over again
I absolutely love the ending to XII.
It is one of my favorite XII endings.
Kinda sad in some parts...

best feature ever!

just got the update that in halo 3 there is a button added to mute players of your choosing. one of the bungie staff members call it the "A-hole button" that right there is P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S-!-!


i think its time i started up again
over the next days ill be making changes
minor and huge

to start some profile stuff
i think im gonna change every thing under my profile
yah that sounds good