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It seems that these days multiplayer is all the rage, and personally I hate that. Sure its fun to be social but when I hear that games like Dead Space 2 , which should be singleplayer only because its a horror game, are getting multiplayer it makes me sick.

Recently the CEO of EA stated that "singleplayer only games are dying,"and that statement itself saddens me because I love hearing good stories in gaming, its the main reason I game after all, and unfortuantely im begining to believe that they are dying, and its truly sad when a game has to have multiplayer to sell.

Of course just because a game has multiplayer doesnt mean they cant tell a good tale, but if a game focuses on multiplayer they simply cant be as good in the story department of singleplayer. A recent example of this is Call of Duty: Black Ops, whilst the main focus was multiplayer I think the story was actually quite good (the best CoD story to be sure)

Of course there have been some excellent singleplayer only game this year, many games like Alan Wake, Darksiders and Assassins Creed 2 have been just a few examples of great singleplayer only games this year.

All I think is that single player only games shouldnt die out, they simply cant because if it does thatgets rid of my reason to games in the first place.

What about you guys? Is singlepayer gaming dying out? Do you prefer multiplayer gaming? Let me know.