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I'm not too hot on the whole blogging thing as this feeble attempt shows. I'm just copy pasting my blog from Giantbomb. Find me as the user Aesthetic Synthesis

First blog post evarrr. No really I've never done this and I already feel like Doug writing in his gay ass diary.
So I just got into a car accident earlier this month and the consequences are killing me. I had the whole coverage thing so Allstate is paying for the other dude's minor damages, but my 2002 Hyundai Accent is toast, totaled, boned, whatever. All in all I had to help my parents buy a new car since they gave that to me as a gift and were planning on taking it back as soon as I had gone to Lackland Air Force base for basic training.
For some of you that may remember one of my forum posts I was hoping to buy a PS3 and start playing on that. With all of these payments due, taxes, and more bills I haven't been able to buy a PS3 or anything for that matter.
This gives me some time to think about the whole Xbox 360 and PS3 thing. Both are amazing consoles and both have too many fanboys that won't give me a well thought out and unbiased reason as to which one I should buy. From what I can tell both have great games and both support HD. So my contributing factor to the System Wars is that it doesn't freakin matter. As a multiplayer buff I'm thinking Xbox, but PSN seems to do just as well for free. I have plenty of time to muse on it I guess.
That's about as much system wars as I can take for one day.