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I am still here.

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Wow. Looks like I just got off with a bunch of warnings with the spam thing.

So I guess I'll be sticking around...

Though, I do guarantee that will NOT be the last spam thread.

Fake nails.

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I got fake nails for the formal tommorow. (I'm gonna have so much fun with meh friends.) but the nails are really long and annoying and they make it hard to type so I might go buy shorter ones...

the 20th is also my brothers 18th b- day.

SnoopyLa's life.

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Well I'm actually gonna tell you people a little bit about myself. I like right smack dab in the middle of the USA. I have parents and two brothers. One 7 and one will be 18 on th 20th. I am 15 and the only girl. I am also homeschooled. Me and my older brother swim. But we're on different swim teams now because te one he's still on sucks and I hate it. Greatest swimming program in America my ass.

Ah, yeah. When I was 11 I got really sick because it turned out I was diabetic...... And it sucks.

In this part of the country my family is famous in the swimming world for a lot of things. My Mom has been called by some people an old hippie. But she's not. I used to be kinda loud and I was called phyco and crap but then a bunch of stuff happened and I got kinda depressed. So I needed a change to help out a little. So I switched teams around my 14th birthday and now everyone says I'm shy most of the time. O_O

Anyway, my older brother was always somehow involed with anything big that goes on and is worth gossiping about.

I am abnormaly pale for some reason. My brother calls me a vampire. I really did look like something out of horror movie when I died my hair black. I chage my hair color a lot but the pool always does stuff to it but I don't care. I also get sun burn really bad so use a lot of sun screen.

 My life is pretty nice.

Its Video time.

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I'm sick and bored and have the house to myslef so I'm making a video.

 So does anyon have a suggestion for music to put in?

I'm alone!

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My mom took my bro to vist a collage and so I am here all by myself for the weekend starting today. My Dad is still here but he works long hours so he'll be gone most of the time until Saturday. So I guess I get the housr and the compy to mysle fthen! ^^ But I'm also sick. That sucks. I get sick a lot.