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Number 4! Tachiwah? And Wake up its the weekend!

Whats up!! >=0

Its the weekend everyone :D:D:D:D:D:D It means its time to relax and whatnot :) at least it is to me :P Since I was so busy last weekend im looking forward to just kinda slakcing off this weekend :P Ill play some Final Fantasy and I even picked up The World Ends With You again :P Thats another thing I forgot to mention to all of you! :oops:

While I was away I ended up getting a DS :P Ive had it for a while and the only games I have are Pokemon and TWEWY :oops: :P I have just about anything and everything I could want in pokemon :P I traded most all of the legendaries I caught since I never use them :lol: Caught some other pokemon that I would like to use as well :P Off the top of my head my team was... Militoc, Gengar, Swellow, Some dragon bird thing thats blue and red (cant remember name :P Evolves from shellos I think?), Snorlax, and... umm I cant remember just now and im to lazy to switch TWEWY out of the DS :P Ill tell you all later and if anyone still plays Diamond or Peral we can battle :P

But one of the best games I have ever played I swear :o has to be The World Ends With You! :P Its so much fun :lol: I dont know why but the I really liked the story :P The Characters were cool! The Art for it was awesome, and I loved the gameplay too :lol: If you have a DS you need to pick it up now :P or at least play it somehow :lol: Im gonna try and cap my level in it this weekend too :P Im 80 Right now and I think it stops at 99 or at least I think it does :P If not then Ill keep going! >=) :lol: I want to finish the Noise report too but that might take a while Im at 84% But im having a though time finding the rest of the Noise or monsters to kill :P
The Games Music is Even REally cool :)
Check it out :D

Allright! :D

Number 4! >=0


Why? Simply Cause They were Awesome :P They were characters in the Anime, Ghost in the Shell. Though they were only robots they were still really cool ones :P I liked them :D They were just funny to watch :lol: They were just AI Robots :) But If I remember right they were kinda differnt :P I liked them so they win :lol:

anyway for now I guess thats all I really have to say :P Until next time Snipe out :D8)