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Sorry everyone >_>

I know I know... I keep saying im coming back :P I dont know when ill come and be active again but soon I will (for real this time:P) >_>

Ive been playing PSU in most of my free time:P Ive gotten to lv 51 and I have played for 190 hours >_> I think thats a little TO much for two weeks:lol:I also got my gamerscore to 11K

Well im gonna try an catch up on a couple blogs:P Again im sorry everyone :)

[spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler]

Snipe Out 8)

Changed things a little!

I changed my Icon:D

Anyways Im sure you all miss the Food:D so I will give it back:D:D:D:D

[spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler]

There you go:) But There might be a 56k Warning here with all the pics:P Its a little to late to tell you all now but whatever:P

I didnt explain at all what I did while I was away from gamespot in my last blog so I will explain in here ^^

I Got into Phantasy Star again

I didnt wana play the demo because I knew id get sucked into it:P My friend wouldnt stop telling me to download it:P I eventually did and I got sucked into the game....again... I got sucked into PSO like crazy but im playing PSU now, I liked PSO a little more at points but PSU is better in a lot of ways IMO:D I like it alot and the monthly fee isnt that bad considering how much I play it:P Its fun once you get past all the annoying whiney people and just plain weird people o_O When you find a good party its a lot of fun^^ Plus since they do update every now and then and have special events its always fun ^^ it is annoying at times but this series has been my favorite MMO almost forever:P

I started watching bleach, I figured why not one day I watched it:P and then I wanted to know what happened so I watched it again and again and again:P They always end at the right time to make we want to watch it again:lol: Ill admitt it has its weird partsO_o But I still like it alot:D

I also found some more videos that funny weird or strange whatever you wana call them:P
Here are a few of them:D

Kung Fu Master....Chief....

Some of you may have seen this if you watch G4:P This made me laugh when Isaw it:lol::P

[spoiler] [video=JnQ7wWGo5b4OvTXc] [/spoiler]

This is a Video made by Gourguzz, it has some funny parts and some sad parts, but I like this vid a lot :D

Hmm I just noticed they chaged the format for the video player:lol: I remember them talking about this and im glad they did:D

[spoiler] [video=IXY1nzeo5b8MvDM] [/spoiler]

This Video is just faltout funny:P Im sure alot of you have seen it though:) :lol:

Anyways have a great day everyone:D

Plus Im back officaly now:D which means I will be getting on a lot more:D

Well until then..

Snipe Out8)

Be back soon!

Be back soon

Yeah.. This should have been posted like last month:P

I never got onto gamespot, but ill be coming back soon ^^

Since it would take a day or more to post in the blogs I missed im gonna start with more recent ones and start posting in everones blog again Ive gotta go now but tommorow Ill be posting in everyones blogs! Plus Ill probaly be makiang some chages and whatnot:D

Again im sorry for not posting this like a month ago.. >_> But I never got on:P

I watched one video from E3 andI got an Emblem:o that was a suprise I watched one vid for like an hour only:P But thats great ^^ Anyway See everyone tommorow!

PAAAARRRRTTTTAAAYYY!!!(now with new food!)

Thats right! I stopped thinking of excusess and got the food:P

Of Course all the old food is in here, but the new stuff is on the top:D:D I will add on again later:P But for now I think this will do:P:lol:

[spoiler]                     [/spoiler]

[spoiler]                     [/spoiler]

There is all of it! I tried to get more but some pictures I couldnt use:P So thats all for now:D:P


Well anyway I have been playing lost planet and Chromehounds:D Its a lot of fun:D:D:D My friend and I started a squad and I got to lv 51 in lost planet:D I have also been playing the shadowrun demo and even though it got a low score I kinda want the game:P Its a lot of fun:D Anyway if anyone wants to play some Forza Lost planet or Chrome hounds send me a friend request:D But let me know who you are first:P I have gotten like 50 Random Friend Requests this month:P

Anyway since its 4AM This is gonna be a short blog:P

So here are some vids:D ( and Some are my favoirte AMVs:P)

Anyway A lion King AMV That is great and it has a song that I like:P Its Arms Wide Open by Creed :D

Also Some Cat Vids



Thats all for now:D

I dont know If I showed the cat ones so sorry if I did its just im so tired:P

Heres a page of cat pics:P

Well..Thats all I can type so tired...:P

Good Night!

Snipe Out8)

Rating Systems

Ok ok I know I promised new food but only Kat Told me the food he wanted in the list:P So Im gonna wait another day so I can get some more responces:P ( And Kat's Favorite food is allready in the list:lol:) So yes! It will be different as soon as I get some responces on what people want:P

Now before I talk about the new rating system I want to show you my newest review:) Now that the emblems are back im gonna make my reviews a little more longer:P and hopefully better (This is my best In my opnion:P) Its my forza review:D Let me know what you think:D

I wanted to write something and I thought why not:P

Anyway here is my opnion on the new rating system:P

I like it and dont likeit at the same time:P
I dont like that we are replacing the .1 system for a .5 System I dont think it will be asgood:? Cause lets say it deserves like a 7.3, We could onnly give its a 7 or a 7.5 I dont think that is the best Idea:P Because then you would give it a lower/ higher scorethan it deserves:?
The Part I do like, I like the ideas of medals forgood and bad things about the game, this will make it easier to figure out if this is the gamefor you or if this would be a good present for this person. Like the letter from the editor sai it will be easy to find a game that appeals to you even if got likea5:P well thats my opnion on it:P Tell me yours or if you aggre or disaggree with me:D

Well thats about all from me right now tommorow will be another advertising blog:D With something else mixed into it:D:D Food mabey o_0:P Mabey if I get enough Ideas!:P

So yes you know what time it is! Its time for some crazy videos!


This one is just crazy! Mona Lisa in MS Paint:shock:


Haha this one always makes me laugh:P

Hope you liked the videos:D

So yes its time for the same food:P It WILL be different when people tell me what they want in the new food list Kat wants cofee on it so that is staying and I will be adding more! Tell me what you want on it:D

[spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler]

Well ill see everyone later!

Snipe Out8)

Chaging around

I want to post a blog, but dont have a clue what to write:P

so umm...

Im like 800 points away from lv 50 in lost planet:)

I hung up some new curitans I got a new TV stand and now my cats mad because she cant get on my tv so easily anymore:lol::P

Ive been swimming, playing games and coming on here frequently:)

Yep nothing to exciting :P

Ill tell you this though I went to post a blog 3 time yesterday and couldnt think of a thing to write:lol:

Ima be on all weekend though so the food WILL come this weekend:P

Thats seriously all I can think of:lol:

So here come some videos!


I liked this one:lol: Itmade me laugh those comercials were funny:P

This one looked weird but it turned out kinda funny:P

and one last vid Its the Men in Black Theme Song which is one of my favoirte movies8)

I wont be on xbox live all weekend but I will be on here:)

Time to post in blogs:D:D:D

Now that I will be getting new food what is everyones favorite food^^ Let me know it should be in the next food list if you let me know ^^

Im (hopefully) Going to get the rest tonight so let me know what your favoirte food is :wink:

[spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler]

Sorry for the boring blog =/ Im just pretty tired -_- and cant think:P Tomorows will be more exciting :P

Hells_Gate is also back:D He was sick but hes felling better now I guess:P

EastEast got on the comunity spotlight as well :)

Karl got into lv 30 as well!

Jpg is also a union leader now!:D Go check out his union if you want to here

Quintly got a new avatar as well:) Go check it out if you want to:)

Hyper Pop Got a new avatar as well:D

Check out Homes profile as well if you want to :D

There is also a Max Payne movie being made and gagan has somestuff on it in his blog go check it out:D

Here are some cool unions you should check out as well:)

The Fable union:D


The Pub

The FPS union

I was in an advertising mood ok well ill see everyone a little later im getting off for like 5 hours ok but first im posting everyones blog:D

Snipe Out8)


Hey everyone!

Not much has happened:P I went to grandmas house for her birthday and we made a dinner for her and my dad for fathers day ^^ It was fun and the food was good:)

I beat Deus Ex: The Invisable War and that was a lot of fun ^^

Helped my friend get an achievement in GRAW took a while but we got it:lol:

I got home today and played some forza, GRAW, and downloaded a demo called project sylpheed It looked cool, and I have to say it is kinda fun:P for a while...:|:lol: It was cool at first but yes I couldnt play it:P Ill try again tommorow but I learned that when you hit something its called a collision:P I hit something that takes up my whole screen but it still would flash on the screen to let me know I hit something:) I should of had a hows my driving sticker on it:P I would of got a lot of calls:D

Tommorow I want to finish up some of the things Ive had to do and play some GRAW and forza:) Im lv 42 in forza now I need to get to 45 >_> Its taking forever but whatever:P Ill get there soon:) But I have some new cars:D:D:D

Here Is a link to them, They are all in the album so go and take a look if you want to:wink:

Yes! I found some cat pics:D:D:D No I didnt make em but whatever they are kinda funny:P




Thats all Ive found for now:P IMAY have shown those before >_>I forgot:lol: I hate when that happens:P

Now its time for some vids:)






The Papeboy one is my favorite one:lol::P

Each different word is a different one of thier vids:wink:

Well no I was still to lazy to get the food but tommorow I will not leave until I get the food:D:D:D:D

So the same food as before >_>:P

[spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler]

Until then!

Snipe Out 8)

Im Back! If back means this is the time I start posting again and whatnot...=P

Well yeah I have finnaly stopped playing forza 24/7 :|

Ive finnaly been able to stop playing it :lol::P

It was hard but I stopped >_>

I think it was because of PoP: -C-l-a-s-s-i-c- I got that and have been playing that:P

I REviewd that today as well Check it out if you like

Anyways My gamerscore has reached over 10K :D:D

I iz happy :)

Well I have to say one thing..There is no different food:P

And San...Im still at the same spot as before on your profile theme:P Ill get that done soon I promise:P

Well I got some vids:D Here they are!




No Pics though:P Cat pics are starting to old >_> I cant find anymore:lol: :P So yes...You may see other animals:O:P

Food Not ready...I have to finish sans stuff first as well so...Itll be a while:P

When it is ready though expect a party8)

Until then

Snipe Out 8)


Time To post in everyones blog! ^___^ AM I back? Im not even sure yet:P

Anyway Here are a couple of my cars in Forza 2!

Click the pic to see it fully:wink:

A Naruto Car ^___^ My Favorite car:P The First one that I tuned too:) I made it go like 30MPH Faster:P

Pika..Pika..PikaChu! I gave this to my friend but It was kinda funny:P

Mah Enzo ^____^ No its not white anymore :P

Anway, These are some of them:P

Time to post in those blogs:D

Blame Forza

Thats why I havent been on:P

Ill be back soon though, C ya then:D

Ill post in everyones blog when I get back:)