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I think I may cry

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I think I may cry at how much fun

Devil May Cry 4 is :o Ive never played one before and its insanely addicting. Ive killed the stupid boss like ten times:P It may just be kind of a hack and slash but its acctuly fun:) I cant wait for it to come out8)

Other than that Ive started watching Ghost in the Shell : Stand alone complex as well:)

Saw it on tv and fell in love with it when I saw it on tv and now im watching it aswell:P

That means im watching bleach, naruto, Kanon, nd ghost in the shell:P (the anime)

Thats all for now snipe out..8)

and chek this out:twisted:more naruto:P


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I think my PSU may be breaking:o The disc only lasts like a thousand hours >> :P

Plus with another event coming up soon I will be playing it quite a bit:lol::P

But I go bgack to school soon so I cant wait to go back:D A reason to get out of the house:P away from my games:P Plus ill get to see my friends again

Anyway, a long time ago I said I was gonna pick up naruto rise of a ninja. Im gonna end up doing that some time this week:P I also want to pick up Advent Children, I saw parts of it..and I love the effects and animation, plus the story was cool I cant wait to watch the whole movie:D

Ive gotten a good amount of kills in gears but Im no where close to getting the one for 10k kills:P Chainsaw kills galoreO_o

I figured out how to record now I just need to figure out how to edit it on my PC and everything:P so ill hopefully have it figured out soon~ and get some vids posted:P

Well have a great, fun, crazy, and safe Week:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:


One of my friends told me to look at this, its the cloud song. I had it stuck in my head for like 2 days:P check it out if you want:P

Snipe Out8)

*Plus yesh I know this blog has absoultely no structure at all just random things listed:P sorry about that:lol::P


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Yarg....Freaking PSU...I hate it....But I cant stop playing it... and joiining a clan dosent halp at all either:P...I joined a clan called [TLB] I normaly dont join clans but EVERYONE in this clan ive known since ive started this gae just about soooo I dicided to join. It stands for "The Lost Brothers" Im having fun it so far:P We all started new characters and will most likely not use our old ones anymore, or at least not for a long time:P

Thanks to one of my friends Devil Vergil. I have started to watch a show called black lagoon. Its great! I have been watching it for a while now:P Everyone should check it out:twisted::twisted:

I got a new camera, its a Sony Handycam. Its really cool:o Plus I can film some of my gameplay without INCREDBLY bad qualtiy:P So I may post some more videos of things:P Later >>


here are some of my 2008 goals as of now:twisted:

  • Figure out how to use my new camera
  • Get a lot of new food to put into my blog since all of the food I have now dosent work and its old!
  • Get a lv 100 Character in PSU (I have a 85 But im never on him anymoreT_T)
  • get to 20k Gamerscore (im at 14k now:D)
  • Get a little bit more tan (im REALLY pale:P)

Thats about it so far now those are GOALS so its not done:P

I changed my avatar but it may not be for long

Well anyway, for everyone reading this right now HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT NEW YEAR, AND HAVE A GREAT 2008!:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

Snipe Out8)

Its New Years!

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Thats right everyone its new years!!!

I hope you all have a great fun, safe, adn crazy new years8)

Anyway I wont be doing to much just watching some football with my dad and whatnotL( Having dinner with my family at my gramas house. Its always fun when our whole faimly is there to celebrate with us:twisted: Anyway. I just recently saw "The simpsons movie" It was just awesome:lol: So many funny moments and whatnot. We are going to see some other movie later im not sure what one just yet:P Not to many left to watch that I really watnted to see this year though:o 2007 was a great year for movies and games it will be hard for 2008 to surapss it:D We will see waht comes out and what will be made, annouced and all that. As for me im left clue less because I have been under a rock called PSU for the past couple months:P

I will be on Gears now though:D As soon as LIVE decides to work again ima go for 100 Chainsaw kills. I could care less if im called a nUb then after that I may go forTHISIS ANNEX!(played like 100 annex games -_-) I never play annex so it will be annoying:? well if anyone is up for gears or PSU or something, just a game that has online send me a PM! I just might not be able to connect to you though because sometimes it wont let me connect to people:P

I has no videos for you all right now though so sorry about that and food did not work so mabey I need some new NEW YEAR FOOD!:D we will see whenI get a little less lazy because right now im just being lazy


and a happy new year!

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Hey, whats up everyone! Im back and very late in posting on blogs so Ima go post in some of them:D

But I got Gears of War

and Counter Strike Source so ill be playing those games for a little while:D

Yo! Brb

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Yeah ill be back wendsday, sorry I havent gotten a chance to say this until now been kinda busy:twisted::P See ya wendsday8)

I am Planning

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Whats up!

One more week at school an then I have some time off:D It will be nice and not nice at the same time:P I like going to school its fun at times and it beats staying at home sleeping:P

So far, I have no goals on what to do but I really want to see I am Legend. It looks awesome and everyone is saying that its great. The only thing taht I heard about it taht wasnt to great was the computer animation, but whatever I can live with that:P I dont mind it at all

It looks plain awesome:D

have any of you seen it?
Let me know what you though of it but keep spoilers on the hush for now:P


As far as music goes ive been listening to a band called Crystal Method Its like a dance/dj/electronica thing if I even explained that right:P Im not sure but the songs have awesome beats and I like just listening to beats:D as for songs with words go mostly yellow Card, daft punk (wait thats kinda like a dance dj thing too >>:P), 3 Doors Down, L'arc-En-Ciel, trapt, skillet, and Oragne range

Been listening to Daft punk and Crystal Method the most though:P I love the dance/dj/electronica type songs:twisted:


Still havent beat pokemon, just been playing it when I get bored, so Im not to much farther than I was before:P
But Ive got five badges only and I just learned surf:P So im not entirely far >> (Playing emerald to let you know)


Well anyways I got stuff to study for, so ill post some more later for now, Ill leave the food behind again, if it decides to work this time anyway lets see if I get lucky:D

Not so lucky >>:(

Snipe Out 8)

One to Two week waiting period *IOU food Is no longer a problem!

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Well my xbox is sent out just one to two weeks till I get it back:)

Here is the food!

[spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler] [spoiler]           [/spoiler]

It worked!

Ill keep it up there so it dosent break on me :P

My PC is still acting up so I cant do EVERYTHING I used to do, but once I get it fixed im gonna start posting some vids that I thought were kinda funny as well (like I used to do:P)

Ive coaught ten more pokemon and im working on reaising a wobafoot in pokemon as well:) wow that had like ten spelling errors in that sentence to lazy to fix the though:P

Anyway when I get my xbox back I was thinking of getting Naruto Rise of a Ninja Mainly because I like naruto and I dont wanna get hooked on PSU again:P either that or the Orange box. Do you have any suggestions on waht game I should get to keep myself away from PSU for hours on end!?:P

For anyone who uses GIMP and hasnt heard about the new update you should check it out.

Its version 2.4.2 or something like that:P Its awesome, it looks coller than 2.2 I love it so far:)

Just messing around I made a new Blog Header, I may change it though because its kinda depressing :P Its Yuki Nagato (again) with a cat on her shoulder:)

As for school I didnt fail that one hard class:P It was The high Biology (I have no clue how I got into it:P) and it was one of the hardest classes I have ever taken:? It was a lot of fun though:) I had to study so much more than I have had to for any other class at all, it was challenging but I passed! So right now im happy:)

Anyway thats enough for random comments

Feel free to spam and leave comments:)

Snipe Out8)