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#3 New Preferences x3

Hey everyone another short blog! But since I said I would finish that list =P I will eventually xD Number three will be in today's entry ! =)

NOthing all that intresting has been going on for me lately. I just moved thats about it. =P I had to go to my school and check things out today as well, My new school is HUGE compared to my last one that I went to xD Its pretty cool. I like it there xD My last school was surrouned by corn o.O Now its like more city like xD

My friend also told me about another really cool band that I started to listen to since I have been on here last! =) Their name is Thousand Foot Krutch xP Im not sure how to explain what they are, But I like them a lot =P Favorite songs by them are phenomenon, I Climb, & The Art of Breaking. Check them out if your ever bored =P

Of course im still playing PSU xD Allmost have all my characters over 100 along with my PA's or skills in the game at a really decent level too =P I gave away all my items when I quit, so I had to build my way back up from next to noghitng as well xD It made the game a lot of fun =P I only have like 60 hours on my new character too! Instead of 800 >.> so Im not AS addicteed as before xD

My Characters in TWEWY are maxed now as well, however I still havent found the "Secret" in the final chapter cause I cant beat the things to get to the boss xD Its starting to tick me off =P those stupid pig noise I cant kill them xD

Character 3


Character Bio Here!

Haha To love ru made me laugh non stop xD It was an Ecchi however it was hillarious xD She was kinda funny xD It was like completly random xD It just made me laugh =P

Also in case I may have removed any of you on Xbox Live Im sorry! =P I went delte happy one day and delted a lot of people ^^;; Go ahead and add me back again if you want =)

Like I said before My New Gamertag is "Slashic" xp

Thats all for now though =D

Snipe Out 8)
Slashic out >=)

Link to picture ---->


Hey everyone =D Long time no see again ^^ xD I moved =D I moved pretty far away from where I used to live too >.> XD haha Im still playing PSU.....ill play it until the servers go down x3 I also changed my gamertag! =) Its "Slashic" Now so my gamespot page dosent match anymore xD but its still me I promise! =P

But for now I need to run >=) Going to visit family for a while =D I clicked on gamespot on accident again ^^;; I swear =P

8) Snipe Out
Or Slashic :P

Number 4! Tachiwah? And Wake up its the weekend!

Whats up!! >=0

Its the weekend everyone :D:D:D:D:D:D It means its time to relax and whatnot :) at least it is to me :P Since I was so busy last weekend im looking forward to just kinda slakcing off this weekend :P Ill play some Final Fantasy and I even picked up The World Ends With You again :P Thats another thing I forgot to mention to all of you! :oops:

While I was away I ended up getting a DS :P Ive had it for a while and the only games I have are Pokemon and TWEWY :oops: :P I have just about anything and everything I could want in pokemon :P I traded most all of the legendaries I caught since I never use them :lol: Caught some other pokemon that I would like to use as well :P Off the top of my head my team was... Militoc, Gengar, Swellow, Some dragon bird thing thats blue and red (cant remember name :P Evolves from shellos I think?), Snorlax, and... umm I cant remember just now and im to lazy to switch TWEWY out of the DS :P Ill tell you all later and if anyone still plays Diamond or Peral we can battle :P

But one of the best games I have ever played I swear :o has to be The World Ends With You! :P Its so much fun :lol: I dont know why but the I really liked the story :P The Characters were cool! The Art for it was awesome, and I loved the gameplay too :lol: If you have a DS you need to pick it up now :P or at least play it somehow :lol: Im gonna try and cap my level in it this weekend too :P Im 80 Right now and I think it stops at 99 or at least I think it does :P If not then Ill keep going! >=) :lol: I want to finish the Noise report too but that might take a while Im at 84% But im having a though time finding the rest of the Noise or monsters to kill :P
The Games Music is Even REally cool :)
Check it out :D

Allright! :D

Number 4! >=0


Why? Simply Cause They were Awesome :P They were characters in the Anime, Ghost in the Shell. Though they were only robots they were still really cool ones :P I liked them :D They were just funny to watch :lol: They were just AI Robots :) But If I remember right they were kinda differnt :P I liked them so they win :lol:

anyway for now I guess thats all I really have to say :P Until next time Snipe out :D8)

Number 5? and its not 1 am =D

Whats up Everyone =D


I love to sleep :D Once Im asleep I just really dont wana wake up XD But lately I havent been able to sleep since I got so used to spring break with staying up late xP So ive still been going to bed at like 1am but I really dont even feel tired the next day waking up for school xP It will catch up to me eventually XD But for right now im kinda having fun with it =) Im able to just mess around all night still and wake up the next day :P so much fun :D

Anyway umm besides that :D I got bored and made a new sig thing or whatever :P I havent used GIMP since I think last time I was on this site :P so I really didnt do to good x_X :P anyway go ahead and tell me what you think :P
[spoiler]  [/spoiler]
Its a chao or something xP I liked the render :D and I was like hey im bored right now >=0 :)

Anyway since I did miss a lot if you guys wana update me on some things I missed again :lol: oh and I have to finish that list of anime characters or something right :oops:
so with that :P


Ibuki Fuko

She comes from Clannad :P She is in the same school as the main character but is also in a lower grede even though shes around the same age as the main characters :P Shes just kinda random XD I cant really say to much more either without spoiling some of the story :P If you wana see the randomness watch clannad she was my favorite character fromt he show :lol:

yay five more to go :D I started this list a long time ago >> Needs to get finished :P

Anyway im off to mess with an avatar and try and make a cooler one than kon :P

Snipe Out 8)

Updates are win =0

Heh This site is a lot cooler from before :P

Anyway updates are win right? I might as well give you some :)

Right away you all know I watch anime :P So I might as well start with that :o


Animes That I have watched Recently

R.O.D The TV (again)
Kamisama Kazoku(spelling?)
Shugo Chara! and Doki!
Lucky Star(again)
Chobits(stopped halfway through I swear >>)
Azumanga Daioh(agian)

Edit: Wont let me do an unordered list >>;;

Thats the Extent of it really :P I repeteated a bunch of series mainly cause I really liked them and havent watched them in a long time :) I really watned to watch .hack again because I want to go further with the story too:o So I juuuuussst might have to watch further into that :P When I go my local borders someday I wana pick up the R.O.D Manga too just because it looks cool :P The only manga Ive ever picked up was desert Coral :P I liked them so I just might go get some more :) I was allways more into the animation rahter than reading the manga :P But hmm Mini Review Time?:o

[spoiler] Allright I really liked this show :) iwatched it twice or mabey even three times :P At first I really didnt get it to well but after looking at other things I really really started to like it The story was great and I like the characters personalities too :P Its basicly about someone names Tsukasa and his mind is pretty much trapped inside of the game and people he meet try and help him :) If you havent watched id say you should at least give it a try :P I liked it a lot and its one of the first animes I watched as well I remember watching it on tv a looooonng time ago :P [/spoiler]

[spoiler] Scroll down and youll see that I watched this show as well xP I exlpained stuff there so yeah :o Its cool watch it :P [/spoiler]

Kamisama Kazoku
[spoiler] To be honest I cant remember why I watched this show :P But It was simple and cool :P Its just like some romance story :P But I really liked it :) The story and the characters are what made the show :o I didnt really really care for the art ****anywhere near as much as .hack and whatnot but I still liked it :P [/spoiler]

Shugo Chara!
[spoiler] Ok umm... I dont care if you think its a stupid show :P There were times where I skipped episodes mainly cause it was just umm.. to yeah.. But it had its cool times! :P I wont say much ^^; It was just there so I kinda watched it XD and Doki is just the like second season or something :P [/spoiler]

Lucky Star
[spoiler] Ive menttioned this show a lot too :P and im sure anyone and everybody who has watched anime has heard of it and knows what it is :) just watch it! >=) [/spoiler]

Chobits (dont want to link >>)
[spoiler] Umm.. its ecchi.. My friend said its cool! I didnt like it:oops: Not into the whole ecchi thing >>;; [/spoiler]

Azumanga Daioh(win!)
[spoiler] If you cant tell I like slice of life animes :P Anyway this show was pretty much like lucky star but without all the anime refrences :P I couldnt help myself from laughing more than half the time watching this show :PWatch it now! :) [/spoiler]

Yep Yep theres my mini review thing :D I liked a lot of those shows :) but im also looking for more things to watch :D PM me with anything you can think of :) I allways like to try things out :P But Please no Ecchi :?
Other Things I might Watch
D.N Angel
[spoiler] It looked cool but I im still not srue if ill watch it :P [/spoiler]
More .Hack//!
[spoiler] Mabe legend of the Twilight or something :P [/spoiler]


To let everyone know I 100% PSU for good. Ill never go back to it there is no reason at all for me too. To make sure too I gave away everything I had on it. But now Im onto Final Fantasy XI but Im not sure if I can get as into it as I did the other game :( I havent really been to excited to play anything for the past few months :(
I also got Gears of Warr II I enjoyed that and I still have to beat it on Insane :P Also if anyone wants to play Final Fantasy ever just let me know :P Im on the Asura Sever but Im still pretty low level :P


I passed thats good right? :P Plus this year is allmost over too yay? Not much else to say, Im in a web page design ****thats fun :P

Anything else

Sorry if I seem a bit down too im just really mreh lately :P Ill try and not let it show too much but yeah.. Something is kinda bothering me but It will hopefully stop bothering me soon :(

Also Im gonna be moving soon :D Ill give you all details on it when it happens :P


There really isnt anything else I can think of at the moment :o Just let me know if you ever wana play a game :P and sorry if I deleted you off my xbl list I went delete crazy one day :( Ill add you back I promise if you want me back on your list :P

Snipe Out 8)

Food Was Eaten By Meh :)

Wheres the Button? =0

It took me like 3 minutes to find the new blog post button XD

Umm Hi everyone..Just to let you know =D I havent forgotten everyone here xP Drop me a PM and ill respond sometime. However I 100% Quit PSU =) Now im on Final Fantasy >>;; But thats not the point =D Im gonn atry and come on here more again and again like before.. But now I think I can get into this site again xD I dont have much time right now, so Ill give you all a proper update when I get the time to =0 and no Im not on Final Fantasy right now xP Thats not why im busy XD anyway ill catch up on some blogs when I can a little bit later XP for now, later on everyone =P

Edit: and Find Ill addmit I guess I miss you guys like you said in the last blog >> XD

!oO Oo!

Hi!  =D

I clicked on gamespot on accidnet and I thought why not post a blog and say hi=D
sorry for neverbeing on anymore:P 

However ill finsih the list one day! I promise!

For now I have this song stuck in my head =D  Its the opennoin to clannad after story!  Or at least a cool remix!


Snipe Out 8)

#6 F a t h e r s D a y

Whats up everyone! If you havent noticed, I changed my avatar! Its creppy so it wont stay to long, but its a cat from Azumanga Daioh:P Gave it one filter and then just got annoyed at trying to design again, Im just not good at it anymore :( I was ok before but not all that great now I need an insane amount of practice again :lol::P

Happy Fathers day to any fathers out there and I hope everyone had a good fathers day :) As for me, I had to spend the weekend at my dads :P Its kind of boring over there at times but I had some fun with him. We ended up going Go-Karting and then Mini Golfing :P We then went to go eat and got some smelts (his favorite) They are allright:P But not the greatest :? We then went home and started to relax. He got to play runescape all weekend :P Its a stupid game but hey its decent at times:P Everything I have in that game is because of him and well I dont use it all that much but every now and then when I go to his house I play it :P Naoto Saki is my username, on it :P If any of you acctuly play it go ahead and add me :):P:D

Along with fathers day comes my Grandma's Birthday, its pretty cool we went to my grandma's House to have a massive breakfeast we made pancakes and eggs sausage etc. I also got to see one of y other sisters who I have not seen since christmas:)!

You all said that the food in the last blog was nasty why was that they were hotdogs....I think :P Tell me! What was wrong with it? :PHere is the Picture again if you wanted to re-anylze it :roll:[spoiler]  [/spoiler]
What is wrong with it you all said it looked Disturbing and You would not eat it :lol: Tell me Why :twisted::P

Been playing Halo 3 for a while, just to take a break from Ninja Gaiden, in doing so I got the Legendary Map Pack. I have also been playing wiht a bunch of my friends:P Not to uch into halo but its fun every now and then :) Havent been playing much ranked at all, just customs :P Its been fun though! The three maps are more than I expected so I will have some fun messing with it in forge 8):P I hae also been going back to old Arcade Games like Triggerheart Excilia and whatnot and I have been having fun with it :D:P

That is all that I have to say for now nothing else to exciting has happened that was cool so I will take you to number 6 in my countdown of the top ten. This one comes from The Anime R.O.D (Read or Die) The T.V This anime was awesome. I loved the story and to tell you the truth at parts it did make me cry :P Ill admit it, I loved this show. It is the only show that I really want to go back and re-watch. I loved it. It is not a Slice of Life either It has a real story. At parts I acctuly felt sad and happy during the anime and like I said I cried at points as well :lol::P The Character from the show that I liked A LOT was Anita King

She was just incredably awesome, of the three paper sisters she was the one who would go on the offensive side. Her sister Maggie Would Mainly be support and sumon other paper creatures. Her other sister Michelle Would make stratagies and whatnot and Anita would be a main part of the plans becuase of her offensive powers. She was also one the only paper sisters who did not like to read books. She could use all the powers of the other sisters, and I forgot to say this but they can control paper and make deadly weapons out of it and whatnot. She would make paper like daggers. She also really likes Milk:P.

Anyway I will leave you some acceptable food this time :roll:
   Ice cream there is NO WAY that can look bad:P
Snipe Out 8)

ALSO THIS SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW :x:P Three Days Grace - I hate Everything About You Listen over and over and over and over again and then repeat!

#7 Indistructable Spelling!

Sup everyone!

Nothing to new. One thing that I forgot to mention with me being so excited for Ninja Gaiden II is that Disturbed's new album came out on june 3rd as well as the game. I love this new album! When I started listening to this band I really liked them and now they are seriously one of my favorite bands! There new album "Indistructable"(If im even spelling it right:P) is insane and I love it. The guitar solos are really good and I like most of the songs as well. Its pretty cool8)

My favorite song on it though is a tie between either Deceiver or Enough:D

As far as Ninja Gaiden II is coming im at chapter 4 almost done with it on mentor, its annoying since I have no money and Im not good a bringing money in :P So I have only a level two dragonsword and im getting my ass kicked =P Its crazy I cant do it x) It would be easy but the bosses cross the line into being cheap and well its annoying! Ill be doing a combo on him and then bam I get shot by one of his little guards and stopped then he picks me up since he is mad and freaking throws me into an enemy then when I get up they do a combo on me alsmot killing me, or if they have a missing limb they will jump on me stab me and kill me -_- its hard but I will beat it! Some day:P I love the game though still:D

My anime watching hasnt progressed much either ( I blame it all on Ninja Gaiden:P) Im on episode 14 of Azumanga Daioh still I love this show it makes no sence. All the Slice of life animes that I have watched have had almost no story its been something like just a daily life or something like that :P No fillers so its awesome :D:P I hate fillers thats one reason I dont like Naruto as much as I did in the begining I just kind of gave up on it after a while I pick it up again after a while Im really far behind:P and with them working on shudippen I dont know. Im behind on bleach again as well! I want to finish azumanga diaoh first befroe I watch bleach again though so it will be a while. The #7 character also comes from a slice of life anime again too:P They were from the show Lucky ☆ Star I didnt like this show to much though it was allright but I didnt understand as many of the jokes in it apparently:P A lot of people like this show a lot though, its simple design makes it cool. You barely ever see the characters legs in the anime its just them kind of talking about random stuff :P and they are really simply drawn and colored. But I seriously felt stipider after every episode:|:P My favorite character in the show though was cool Konata Izumi.  She was really smart and really athletic(spelling again?:P) but she was lazy and loved to play video games and watch anime :P Instead of studying for a test she would either be reading mangas or playing a game online. The ironic thing was that her teacher played the same MMO as her so she would yell at her for not studying over the game :lol: and she would always have pointless coversations with her friends as well:P

Thats about it! nothing else new at all :P so post spam whatever you want x) Snipe Out 8)