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#7 Indistructable Spelling!

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Sup everyone!

Nothing to new. One thing that I forgot to mention with me being so excited for Ninja Gaiden II is that Disturbed's new album came out on june 3rd as well as the game. I love this new album! When I started listening to this band I really liked them and now they are seriously one of my favorite bands! There new album "Indistructable"(If im even spelling it right:P) is insane and I love it. The guitar solos are really good and I like most of the songs as well. Its pretty cool8)

My favorite song on it though is a tie between either Deceiver or Enough:D

As far as Ninja Gaiden II is coming im at chapter 4 almost done with it on mentor, its annoying since I have no money and Im not good a bringing money in :P So I have only a level two dragonsword and im getting my ass kicked =P Its crazy I cant do it x) It would be easy but the bosses cross the line into being cheap and well its annoying! Ill be doing a combo on him and then bam I get shot by one of his little guards and stopped then he picks me up since he is mad and freaking throws me into an enemy then when I get up they do a combo on me alsmot killing me, or if they have a missing limb they will jump on me stab me and kill me -_- its hard but I will beat it! Some day:P I love the game though still:D

My anime watching hasnt progressed much either ( I blame it all on Ninja Gaiden:P) Im on episode 14 of Azumanga Daioh still I love this show it makes no sence. All the Slice of life animes that I have watched have had almost no story its been something like just a daily life or something like that :P No fillers so its awesome :D:P I hate fillers thats one reason I dont like Naruto as much as I did in the begining I just kind of gave up on it after a while I pick it up again after a while Im really far behind:P and with them working on shudippen I dont know. Im behind on bleach again as well! I want to finish azumanga diaoh first befroe I watch bleach again though so it will be a while. The #7 character also comes from a slice of life anime again too:P They were from the show Lucky ☆ Star I didnt like this show to much though it was allright but I didnt understand as many of the jokes in it apparently:P A lot of people like this show a lot though, its simple design makes it cool. You barely ever see the characters legs in the anime its just them kind of talking about random stuff :P and they are really simply drawn and colored. But I seriously felt stipider after every episode:|:P My favorite character in the show though was cool Konata Izumi.  She was really smart and really athletic(spelling again?:P) but she was lazy and loved to play video games and watch anime :P Instead of studying for a test she would either be reading mangas or playing a game online. The ironic thing was that her teacher played the same MMO as her so she would yell at her for not studying over the game :lol: and she would always have pointless coversations with her friends as well:P

Thats about it! nothing else new at all :P so post spam whatever you want x) Snipe Out 8)