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Whats up everyone! If you havent noticed, I changed my avatar! Its creppy so it wont stay to long, but its a cat from Azumanga Daioh:P Gave it one filter and then just got annoyed at trying to design again, Im just not good at it anymore :( I was ok before but not all that great now I need an insane amount of practice again :lol::P

Happy Fathers day to any fathers out there and I hope everyone had a good fathers day :) As for me, I had to spend the weekend at my dads :P Its kind of boring over there at times but I had some fun with him. We ended up going Go-Karting and then Mini Golfing :P We then went to go eat and got some smelts (his favorite) They are allright:P But not the greatest :? We then went home and started to relax. He got to play runescape all weekend :P Its a stupid game but hey its decent at times:P Everything I have in that game is because of him and well I dont use it all that much but every now and then when I go to his house I play it :P Naoto Saki is my username, on it :P If any of you acctuly play it go ahead and add me :):P:D

Along with fathers day comes my Grandma's Birthday, its pretty cool we went to my grandma's House to have a massive breakfeast we made pancakes and eggs sausage etc. I also got to see one of y other sisters who I have not seen since christmas:)!

You all said that the food in the last blog was nasty why was that they were hotdogs....I think :P Tell me! What was wrong with it? :PHere is the Picture again if you wanted to re-anylze it :roll:[spoiler]  [/spoiler]
What is wrong with it you all said it looked Disturbing and You would not eat it :lol: Tell me Why :twisted::P

Been playing Halo 3 for a while, just to take a break from Ninja Gaiden, in doing so I got the Legendary Map Pack. I have also been playing wiht a bunch of my friends:P Not to uch into halo but its fun every now and then :) Havent been playing much ranked at all, just customs :P Its been fun though! The three maps are more than I expected so I will have some fun messing with it in forge 8):P I hae also been going back to old Arcade Games like Triggerheart Excilia and whatnot and I have been having fun with it :D:P

That is all that I have to say for now nothing else to exciting has happened that was cool so I will take you to number 6 in my countdown of the top ten. This one comes from The Anime R.O.D (Read or Die) The T.V This anime was awesome. I loved the story and to tell you the truth at parts it did make me cry :P Ill admit it, I loved this show. It is the only show that I really want to go back and re-watch. I loved it. It is not a Slice of Life either It has a real story. At parts I acctuly felt sad and happy during the anime and like I said I cried at points as well :lol::P The Character from the show that I liked A LOT was Anita King

She was just incredably awesome, of the three paper sisters she was the one who would go on the offensive side. Her sister Maggie Would Mainly be support and sumon other paper creatures. Her other sister Michelle Would make stratagies and whatnot and Anita would be a main part of the plans becuase of her offensive powers. She was also one the only paper sisters who did not like to read books. She could use all the powers of the other sisters, and I forgot to say this but they can control paper and make deadly weapons out of it and whatnot. She would make paper like daggers. She also really likes Milk:P.

Anyway I will leave you some acceptable food this time :roll:
   Ice cream there is NO WAY that can look bad:P
Snipe Out 8)

ALSO THIS SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW :x:P Three Days Grace - I hate Everything About You Listen over and over and over and over again and then repeat!