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#3 New Preferences x3

Hey everyone another short blog! But since I said I would finish that list =P I will eventually xD Number three will be in today's entry ! =)

NOthing all that intresting has been going on for me lately. I just moved thats about it. =P I had to go to my school and check things out today as well, My new school is HUGE compared to my last one that I went to xD Its pretty cool. I like it there xD My last school was surrouned by corn o.O Now its like more city like xD

My friend also told me about another really cool band that I started to listen to since I have been on here last! =) Their name is Thousand Foot Krutch xP Im not sure how to explain what they are, But I like them a lot =P Favorite songs by them are phenomenon, I Climb, & The Art of Breaking. Check them out if your ever bored =P

Of course im still playing PSU xD Allmost have all my characters over 100 along with my PA's or skills in the game at a really decent level too =P I gave away all my items when I quit, so I had to build my way back up from next to noghitng as well xD It made the game a lot of fun =P I only have like 60 hours on my new character too! Instead of 800 >.> so Im not AS addicteed as before xD

My Characters in TWEWY are maxed now as well, however I still havent found the "Secret" in the final chapter cause I cant beat the things to get to the boss xD Its starting to tick me off =P those stupid pig noise I cant kill them xD

Character 3


Character Bio Here!

Haha To love ru made me laugh non stop xD It was an Ecchi however it was hillarious xD She was kinda funny xD It was like completly random xD It just made me laugh =P

Also in case I may have removed any of you on Xbox Live Im sorry! =P I went delte happy one day and delted a lot of people ^^;; Go ahead and add me back again if you want =)

Like I said before My New Gamertag is "Slashic" xp

Thats all for now though =D

Snipe Out 8)
Slashic out >=)

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