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Woot, A new blog entry... hello ? anyone....

I don't know why i don't update my blog more often, guess it's either because i don't have time, or because i'm just lazy when it comes to writing... anyway, that doesn't matter at all, since there are so many news on the sonic front !

Sonic Unleashed, which is currently in development for the 360,PS3,Wii and PS2 ! man i hope they will pull this one off ! so far it seems like it's cracking up to be a reborn sonic !!!

at least if you're completely fine with the entire concept of sonic turning into a werehog... but i guess if those parts suck, i'll just bang my head into a wall until i loose my short-term memory... Fantastic.

One sonic game i'm completely sure of that it will succeed (man it felt weird writing that) is sonic chronicles... and yes, it's because bioware is the one in charge. Not much to say about this game except: Amy Rose got a boyfriend called Dexter, and rouge is gonna be talking like a street whore "i should've worn my other bra, it's so cold, my nipples are all hard and pointy"... ok, i added that last bit, but she might as well say it anyway.

And then we where recently informed of a sequel to SatSR, named "Sonic and his craptacular swo..." i mean "Sonic and the black knight", i've got nothing at all to say about this game, it could be good though, if executed properly (execute amy rose, that is).

Is it just me, or are sonic games turning into Kung Fu Action beat em up games ??? Shadow the Hedgehog = "what'cha lookin at **** take this moth***'a f****". And now, it's Sonic's turn to go around chopping people to bits... gross. Seriously, if he stabs eggman in the end or something... then sonic is dead to me... and so would eggman be.

Oh, and also, i've found a website where you can download pretty much anything Sonic-related, like; the archie comics (every issue) sonic SatAM, Sonic x etc...etc. If you want the link, PM me, because i don't dare to post it in the blog since i'm not sure if the site's legal.

Oh, and a nice little quote from my review of sonic '06: "if you're still a child, be aware that this game contains: Necrophilia, bestiality, A demon with the Slavic name for devil (iblis), brutality, death and worst of all... Amy Rose."

Just putting that in here to tell you one thing... i loathe Amy Rose. (sry, Amy Fans)

Hia Everybody !

Hia Everybody !


I totally noticed i haven´t written anythin in tha blog lately...

So ... uhm... thats´a... what im doin..... right... now... ... ...

Anyway, since i haven´t written anything in like... 6 months, you would guess i´ve played alot of games !

and i have !!, i´ve played like... Bioshock and... you know.. Bioshock and...

(Insert 5 minute break here, thinkin´bout what i´ve done the latest six months, babbling about booze and why the skies are blue.

You know, basic moron talk)

Oh yeaa, ive totally played through halo 3 ! and zelda twilight princess ! (Dont ask why i mention Zelda know, but if you do anyway...

You curios bastard, I just bought my Wii !)

And i´ve played sonic and the secret rings (Loved it dont care what ya think and yes, i am a Mega Geek !)

Metroid prime 3: corruption (hate to tell ya, but i dont like it... i was sent to the hospital after all that button mashing... and apperently (true story bythaway) there has been so many cases of ruined fingers when it comes to this game, there is now a name for it: Metroid fasciitis, more dangerous then the necrotizing thingy...

and i played through super mario galaxy and gotten luigi...twice (..... hey, who are you to judge me anyway ? gettahellouttahere!)

oh yea, and in other news, over to you tom! - Diane

Thanks diane, hope you swallow a giant turd later ! - Tom

What? - Diane

oh, nothing, i´m just saying (cought, cough) you´re a total bi(Censor beep) and should watch it later when you look up to the skies and you'll see my ass pointed at your face (wow, tom´s a fast speaker) - Tom

uhm, whatever you say tom - diane

Hope you die diane. - Tom

anyway, in other news Super sma... (Tom in the background "Mr Snatte, just becouse you'r sleepin with the bi(Censor beep) does she really have to work here at Snatte´s News ?" Snatte - "Up yours Tom... she's hot, besides, everyone can hear what your sayin right now.. including Diane" Tom - "Seriously ?" Snatte - "Well, yea... your wearing you'r mic pinhead... (quiet...)


Diane - Anyway in other news (Tom starts speaking for two sec again believing that the red light means "Off".

But diane rips of her clothes and shootes Tom to death with her machinegun Boobies (everyone should totally have does... droooling...)

so anyway what i was gonna say before all of my friends where killed by a couple'a hot Knockers, was that i´m sooo wanting to get Super Smash Bros Brawl !!! Ohmigod i want it sooo bad you guys ! like ... alot, wait... got some blood on... everywhere, sorry, anyway since i heard sonic was gonna be in it i got soo freakin mega shocked and happy i fell asleep... I SWEAR this is a true story (its not that unbelievable... just a little funny) so... i was sittin by the ooold dustcollector (that´s my computer)

and was extraordinary sleepy, when i saw that sonic was gonna be in this game, i got so happy that i either passed out, or fell asleep.. long story short, the next day my mom wakes me up, sayin ive been asleep for 15 hours, and that she found me on the floor with my chair lyin on top of me !, and i was all like "WHAT??, OHMIGOD, and that was like... funny ... ya know... with tha chair... and...everythin... he....he...bye ! .

The Snatte Has Spoken, and he is still waiting as the GoW Hulk!!!

Halo fever

Yo, this is Snatte talking.

So here i am, standing right behind a locust sniper ( noob ) with the shotgun in my hand, ready to blow his brains out any minute,

i got it aimed straight at his head, from a distance off exactly 0.001 meters..

then when i ( cournal Hoffman ) shoot, he doesn't die, he doesn't even notice im there, i keep shooting ( five more shots to be exact ) he still doesen't die... then when he finally notices, he turns around, punches me once, and im downed, he makes a head shot at me, and my team loose the match. i got furious, drove my hand through the TV, sweared some unpleasant words, killed my family, ate their brains, became a hideous monster called "The GoW Hulk" now the military is trying to keep it down to the public, but im out there, waiting... for YOU!!

See Ya on Gears of war.

P.S 50 % of this text was a joke, what happened in GoW was not, if you take the rest seriously, then you, my friend...

are an idiot.

The Snatte Has Spoken.

Played spiderman 3

While i was swinging through the city in my Black cool suit, suddenly, my spidersence started tingling, and then i was there, to take mary jane on her premiere Scare ride, after ive given that bi#%@ a heart attack, she just dumped my ass on the street, ME, Spiderman, To top it all off the next minute the bastard eddie brock steals my new awesome suit, just so he can be strong enough to kill me. then i got sick of playing when i lost my cooler tights... so i shut the game off, put a curse on Kirsten Dunst, put on my spidey PJ´s and went too bed..


P.S i dont really own spidey PJ´s, sorry.. ust trying to fit in with the Geek club.