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Good Job Nintendo

Sad Luigi is Sad

Most the people I know grew up with a Nintendo console in their room or living room and they all shared my concerns with the direction the company has taken over the years. As the years passed I found myself reluctantly leaving behind the gaming giant, as I felt they no longer made games and consoles that appealed to me. I wanted high-tech cutting edge products that propelled the industry forward with the hopes that stating that I a ‘gamer’ would lead to a separation from the stereotypical crap that comes with the label. I’m hoping the recent news of the financial adjustments leads to even better internal perspective for Nintendo.

Honestly, I think we saw this coming the moment the PS4 and Xbox One were officially announced. The likely-hood that the Wii U could be competitive standing next to the new shinny consoles was little to none; even the most hardcore blind-faith fans saw the writings on the wall. The same questions the Wii faced surfaced once again. How could a console that seems to shy away from industry standards like online connectivity ever hope to hold ground? Reality seems to be setting in at the Nintendo offices but I see this as a chance for them to re-focus the brand.

Permanent Time Out Status

The Wii could very well have been a fluke. A console released at the perfect time that captured mass media and casual consumers alike. I personally thought the Wii U was a safe investment on the part of Nintendo. It offered a slight upgrade at a very low manufacturing cost to them but unfortunately far too many already had their previous console collecting dust. The Wii U had the hard task of convincing consumers it was “all-new” and a significant upgrade to their previous console. The one their parents enjoyed for that entire week when Oprah told them it was cool. Messaging the value in it was critical and that was the first thing that went wrong for Nintendo.

Now as they announced the new projections for the company, I can’t help but think that this is the perfect time for them to solidify the brand. The original projections were a daydream and now it time to really listen to their core consumer. The guys that consumed all their games without much hesitation, the same ones that still argue merits of the princess being in another castle. It might mean letting the Wii U die a quick death but if ushers in a return to form for Nintendo, it’ll only be a historic note on their much-celebrated storyline. Let’s see where this takes them.

If you missed the announcement you can read about in the link below.

Good Time to be on GameSpot

The brand new GameSpot launched a couple of weeks ago and with it comes a whole new look for the community side of things. Forums got a whole new look and in the coming weeks we plan on rolling out a community spotlight tool to highlight all the great content the GameSpot community produces on a regular basis. So, please take this as motivation to crank out your best User Reviews and blog posts because my community team will be picking out the best of the best.

Pro tip: You can embed YouTube videos in blog posts and User Reviews.

Looking a bit further down the road, expect to see a weekly live show centered on all things community. I’ll be calling some of my industry friends to come by and packing with all sorts of interesting topics plus some giveaways of course. As you can tell the new site was just the beginning of our plan of world domination and I hope you guys are ready for what’s ahead.

Enjoy this random gif.

Updates: Seriously this Blog is all about Updates

Funny how quickly times flies when youre relocating from side of the country to the other, but its all been fun and a welcomed change of pace. Hopefully youve already seen some of the changes in GameSpots social feeds and around the community as a whole. Consider this the start of something much bigger in terms of audience interaction and participation. So, in an effort to keep you guys informed I wanted to run down some interesting aspects in terms of our community efforts.

First of all, you should all be familiar with the GameSpot community managers. Synthia Weires, Zorine Te, and Frances Troche are your go-to contacts when it comes to anything related to the site. They help make content you see on social media as well as oversee any contests on the various platforms. Plus, they work very closely with the moderators in enforcing our guidelines across our site. My team works really hard in coming up with new and involving ways to bring you GameSpot content on our social feeds so please feel free to send them some love on their blogs or on the official community blog.

 The GameSpot Community Blog will be the best place to stay up to date on all latest in community news including contests and giveaways. Expect to see a regular rotation of updates from all the CMs with each one offering their own perspective insights from around the office. The GameSpot office(s) are filled with cool stuff from arcade cabinets to pinball machines and cool gaming collectable of every kind. Luckily you all will have plenty to see in coming weeks courtesy of your friendly neighborhood community managers.

 We really appreciate your contribution on the site via blog posts, comments, or forum participation. We appreciate it so much that, we decided to give you guys a chance to win random prizes all month long leading up to the launch of the brand-new GameSpot. The rest of the month of September will see a new giveaway on Facebook once a week. (Free stuff will find its way to Twitter and Google + as well in the very near future) I highly recommend you follow all of GameSpots social media accounts, visit our Community Blog, and follow the GS community managers as the next few months are shaping up to be loaded with news affecting your experience on the site.


Thanks for your time, good luck in trying to win free stuff, and I hope you guys are ready for the new consoles this holiday season! 

Comic-Con War Journal

Day One: Travel Day


San Diego Comic Con is the largest entertainment convention of the year. It completely takes over downtown San Diego with people coming all over the world to take part in it, which includes press from all over. GameSpot has always done an amazing job of covering the event and this year is no different. Well it is kind of different, as it marks the first year I attend the SDCC as a member of GameSpot.

Lets get things straight, this isnt the first time I attend comic-con, Ive covered it for IGN but I can honestly tell you that this time it feels different. San Diego Comic Con 2013 marks the first time I attend as the head of the social/community lead for CBSi. What that entitles is somewhat difficult to describe. For those that dont know much in regards to social media it mainly sounds like I spend most of my day tweeting or posting on social media; that is accurate to an extent. In reality, I oversee those efforts.

Two young ladies are currently tasked with populating Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, and Vine. My job is to make sure they have all they need to succeed in the role of community management by putting into practice a approach that suites the company properly. In essence, I have to find a tone that speaks for content that engages an audience in a manner that makes them feel as if they are a part of the site as a whole. It is much easier to just tell inquiring minds that I tweet all day; truth be told.


Travel days are not ideal, when you job relies on constant connectivity to the Internet. 

Greetings and Hello

Nothing is quite as self-serving as writing your first blog on a new blog platform but that is exactly what is happening right now. Luckily, blogging isnt a new thing as Ive been leaving my thoughts all over the Internet for many years now. My need to express myself came from a desire to talk about games, which is probably the same reason most of you starting blogging as well. It all seems like a blur at this point but here I am blogging as the new head of the Social and Community for CBSi.


You can trace the start of my obsession with video games to a hot South Florida afternoon during the summer of [redacted] when one of my cousins decided to give me his Atari 2600 and all his games. The fascination with games has never really faded, although it has changed throughout the years, it never really exited my life. Consoles came and went and with them came the majority of my youth to the eventual year that I enlisted in the United States Army.


Military life isnt the easiest life to live when youre a gamer. Deployments dont schedule around big releases nor does Uncle Sam care for late night EverQuest runs when you have missions to accomplish but games still remained a big part of lifestyle. My crowning achievement came during my time in Savannah, GA where I was able to organize a massive SOCOM tournament between all the barracks on post. It was competitive and unforgiving as the players involved were all trained in different aspects of real world tactical operations. My reputation grew when I found a way to pack and set up a PS2 (via a link up with a generator) on a hardship deployment to Egypt. Needless to say I became known as the guy with the video games. I credit my preferred form of escapism as a saving grace during tough times in my military career.


Fast-forward to my separation from the Army and once again games where the one constant I could always count on in life. It didnt matter what job I had or the social status I carried with me, games were my escape; Im sure that is the case for a lot of you on this site too. While I didnt really enjoy the jobs I was working they made me feel as though I was contributing to society, until an idea miraculously entered my brain.


Why cant I make my love for video games a career?


I started blogging soon after on IGN, met some cool guys that invited me to help with their site ( and the rest is history. In a matter of months I was the Senior Community Manager for Direct2Drive and when they were sold to Gamefly, I joined IGN Editorial as a Community Manager. In another blink of an eye, I found myself signing an offer sheet to join CBSi to help develop and expand social media/community for GameSpot. Long story short, I have been very lucky in my career path.


In the coming weeks, expect to see a few changes around the site and I dont just mean in the type of features and news that you all regularly see and read. I plan on changing the fashion in which you can engage with editors via social media. Plus, I am hell-bent in kicking off a ton of great contests and giveaways. I hope you guys are following GameSpot on Twitter and Facebook because great things are in store for the future.


Expect to see office video tours soon. Oh and fear not blog/message board/forum users we havent forgotten about you. Free stuff for everyone! (TBA)


Feel free to reach to me at any time but forgive me if I dont respond right away. You can also find me on Twitter: Snakpakk (best shot at getting my attention quickly) 


Thanks for reading,


Cool Cat